Bad to the bone..!


Fixing the old piece? Sometimes you just have to do your best on the top of the worst.. Surprisingly many have these bad and even worst tattoos. Looks good and awesome for while, then after moment you just don’t like it anymore. Many person shares this equal problem and i don’t blame them.. “Been there done that” I can say with smile on my face. back in the 90`s when body art was kicking in so heavily all ideas were probably so great and now the time has come to either remove it or coverup.. I prefer coverup! Still tricky to do when you don’t have clean “canvas” in front of you…

201-media “From dolphin look-alike to the rose…”

Making of

This was hard thing to cover, first idea was to make it sharper and make some shades. Very fast i came to conclusion about bigger coverup with lots of colours. (9Round shader), (7Round liner) and (13Flat shader) were used to this one. Hard part was shading, every place you wanted to cover makes black and greys to go in wrong places. Colours I used is very simple and maybe in this case… “Keep it simple” Is the main though…

What i learned?

Some cases you just have to forget about fixing the old i think. More white ink would be good and background needs grey shades.


200-media “Fixing the Mjölnir”

Maybe idea was good in some level but all small things were missing and there was no Wow-factor”

Making of

Many needles, 4 tattoo guns and maybe ten different colour tones. Thor`s hammer was stencil and rest of background was “Freehanded”.. You just can’t make this kind of things on stencil.

What I learned..?

First of all, sometimes you just can’t make everything ready on stencil. freehand shading makes a nice effort to the area you want to jump out. Dark colour works on this kind picture and It´s really not a disaster if you have made mistakes, there is always a way to do something about it.

Thanks and “TA-TA..” to you all…

Sketches, Sketches and… Sketches!


My grandma draws real icons, religion style you know. My style is bit more new school or some sort of “crazy person style”. Not even close to religion ones but like I tend to say: “take that beautiful idea and destroy it your way” Well that sure is my way… Sketching without any idea is the best and most proactive I think. When your mind is empty and you just drop a pencil to the paper, inspiration does the rest.


Feel the flow!

Music always helps me and I can’t even imagine to create anything without it. Only problem is the time, and not having it. We live in busy world and everything you do goes by schedules and clock timing… Wake up, go to sleep, do this and do that.  Blaa blah blah… (track for that snappy moment)

Aye, it`s summertime!!! twist those clocks…

No!… I mean yes, wait what?!? This is totally messing my head, just because I´m son of winter this stirred my life again. Cant wake at morning without feeling tired, my inside clock stops working for five months AGAIN… But on the bright side, summer is coming too… Nice warm weather and nature raises after long winter like Phoenix from the ashes…



Yeah, only more cooler than zombie version of Jebu the man is two of èm…Right? That epic moment when you realize that your drawing has no sense at all. Yup, It`s epic, and you even don’t no what`s going on in your mind and inspiration is just throwing you around. Who cares, buckle up and enjoy the ride baby!


Welcome to my madness!

Sometimes at half way of the sketch you just have to lose it” there is no better way to enjoy your evening than drawing nothing…and everything! My drawing makes no sense, no sense at all but why should it? I haven’t seen a rule book for drawing and maybe all those crazy art people has found the reason of living… Inspiration can be so little and so big!

To the next time, thanks for wasting your time, all those precious minutes!

Football fans…Huh?

So Football it is! (song for background)

This piece was for surprise Manchester United fan. I just love that enthusiastic what those stirred people have… If your team wins you go and dance in the streets, if your team loses beat the crap out of your rival fans.



Logo itself was almost original so there was no need for changes. Font is somekind British like:..ish I think. Two different stencils were made and only problem was targeting whole thing in the centre of shoulder. Big guy like this one needs big tattoo for shoulder so it was clear that we don’t make a small one. (fans here this out)


Lots of blacks and tight places where (7Round liner) and (9Round Shader) also (7Flat Shader) was handy… Shady outlines with “Snow white” colour was giving the final touch and glow..

What I learned..?

Sure I did hear the whole Manchester story from beginning to this day. About tattoo? I´m starting to think that this sort of tattoos needs background, something shady or flags, balls banderolls etc.. Letters would need more grey wash to  be more “alive” Maybe (Bigger is better) again would be good idea. After all, Football fans are crazy and there is no “too big” if the plan is about team you S/O for… Myself? Football?..Nah I`m more into boxing! (Finishing song)

Thanks again for reading my mambo-jambo…Hooya!

Learning to skin art… (Polynesian)

Polynesian eh..?

First time I made this kinda tattoo.. So called Polynesian style. Place was calf behind, again easy to stretch and operate.. Best part about Polynesian style is that freedom what it gives to artist. Just like tribal and Maori stylish pics it`s good to use in coverups and tricky places.. I can already imagine this kinda tattoo from chest to elbow… don’t ya? Going to study this Polynesian way

Go and find  Dmitry Babakhin great artist in Polynesian tattoos.. 


Sketchy thing to do and I needed my better drawing-pad. Lots of small details but I made it.. behind of the calf was perfect place and it fitted to the centre so easily.


Mad Sin – Psyclops Carnival (epic backround song)

Got this pic straight from flash collection but it was all black. Small changes in colour, this time red makes a HUGE difference i see. (9Round shader) and (7Round liner) were used when I made this one. Only tribal black and Ruby red was my choice… little drop of water to the ink cup so it won’t dry.

What I learned..?

Definitly going to do this kind of tattoos. Maybe little more (9Round shader) will be used at next time. (7Round liner was good to use in those small tight places where shader was to clumsy… This style need more “skin area” so BIGGER IS BETTER dudes in this case..

Thanks for reading my nonsense..  

The Doors – The End (fade away with this song)

Tattoo studio backround soundtrack..


30h of pure awesomeness!! This is what i play and update all the time… When i find cool song it goes straight to this epic soundtrack…

Tattoo studio Part.1

There is tons of great heavy, rock, punk, metal rap and alternate mixup music, more of `em is pure rock `n`roll because thats what i like most. Music helps me to keep focused when making tattoos.

When i`m sketching i have to use WAY different kind music to keep my inspiration floating.. one of my favourite playlist is this..

Have a Great Day!

…It´s still quite short list but hell!!! who cares if it helps you to create something cool.

Part.2 is maybe coming up someday but I’m still quite happy with this one… Go on and ENJOY!

Cheers for all and lets enjoy these… to the next time!

Skulls and flames… what more you need?


Todays project was skull and flames to hand… sketch was ready printed from thing called: world wide web but I change it a bit. person who got it was cool with changes.


Tough one to made cos there was many tiny details around. First stencil was epic failure, had to scrub of and make again..


I liked to do this and place again was very easy to stretch. (7MG Liner), (7Round liner)  and (9Flat shader) was used in this one. Grey wash ink was something like 10% ink and rest H2O… Not sure about that because i make `em “on the roll”… White details were added last, just before I was ready. Closer the elbow we go… more painful it feels i see.. This person will take whole sleeve so I think he will take it.


What i learned..?

Well Magnums don’t work on me, don’t know why and one artist fiend of mine is using only mag`s.. I´m using rounds because it feels better in my hand. Too much lines again, after this i would make that whole flame part without liner, only shading and i´m sure it would look more alive… Shades needs maybe more blacks and greys to outside of the pic. White part did work well but needs maybe few white lines to make picture to wake alive. Still more is more with white I see… I´m happy with this one!

Thanks for reading again, will be back soon with new project…

Journey begins…

Texture name: LEO

First of all… this piece was very tricky to made and I used only (7Round liner) and (7Flat shader) Loved to do this and I was pretty sure that the stencil will swoop away before I’m done, but no.73-media


All those ink marks were freehanded (7Round liner) and it looks good. Next time when ill make pic like this I won’t use so much liner and to create more ink splatter kinda, I will probably choose (9Round shader)

What I learned..?

Well, place was great to tattoo… stretching was very easy to do and person who got it, was in good position all the time. Next one will need more shaders.

To the next project… C-Ya!