Tattoo studio backround soundtrack..


30h of pure awesomeness!! This is what i play and update all the time… When i find cool song it goes straight to this epic soundtrack…

Tattoo studio Part.1

There is tons of great heavy, rock, punk, metal rap and alternate mixup music, more of `em is pure rock `n`roll because thats what i like most. Music helps me to keep focused when making tattoos.

When i`m sketching i have to use WAY different kind music to keep my inspiration floating.. one of my favourite playlist is this..

Have a Great Day!

…It´s still quite short list but hell!!! who cares if it helps you to create something cool.

Part.2 is maybe coming up someday but I’m still quite happy with this one… Go on and ENJOY!

Cheers for all and lets enjoy these… to the next time!

Skulls and flames… what more you need?


Todays project was skull and flames to hand… sketch was ready printed from thing called: world wide web but I change it a bit. person who got it was cool with changes.


Tough one to made cos there was many tiny details around. First stencil was epic failure, had to scrub of and make again..


I liked to do this and place again was very easy to stretch. (7MG Liner), (7Round liner)  and (9Flat shader) was used in this one. Grey wash ink was something like 10% ink and rest H2O… Not sure about that because i make `em “on the roll”… White details were added last, just before I was ready. Closer the elbow we go… more painful it feels i see.. This person will take whole sleeve so I think he will take it.


What i learned..?

Well Magnums don’t work on me, don’t know why and one artist fiend of mine is using only mag`s.. I´m using rounds because it feels better in my hand. Too much lines again, after this i would make that whole flame part without liner, only shading and i´m sure it would look more alive… Shades needs maybe more blacks and greys to outside of the pic. White part did work well but needs maybe few white lines to make picture to wake alive. Still more is more with white I see… I´m happy with this one!

Thanks for reading again, will be back soon with new project…