finally bought that airbrush, there was probably cheapest version of the world and that suit well for my purposes.  $83 kit and there was: pencil airbrush, some piece of shit paint, plugs, adapters, two hoses, airgun, and of course that compressor. Next I payed a visit to local paint store and bough white and black metallic airbrushing paint $19 for can.. That’s it, now I’ve got the whole thing!


No manual of course, googling and checking Youtube videos to see how this thing works. Paint thinner and paint to the mug and let’s go. First reaction was “wow!!” Works like a dream and compressor was quiet. Shading was natural and airbrush felt sharp and easy to use, cutting somekind flame stencil and helmet to the table. I wanted to do smoky ghost flames and had no idea what to do… Let’s find out!

Making of. . .


It turned pretty good and for the first time ever job I was satisfied. First white layers then black and it was ready. Approximately few hours to make this, not bad I think…


About airbrush? Well sure I know now that this thing is pretty sharp to use, gotta start training to use it. Paint is very important, water based color was first try and pretty soon I realized that it won’t work with this.. It had to be different kinda stuff. I love this airbrushing already and just can’t wait next project…

To the next time. . . Ta Ta!

Side projects…

Skateboard deck and painting.

When you do creative work you’ll see that everything turns to something inside your wicked brains. I saw a skateboard at second hand store and it was cheap, I mean REALLY cheap, few dimes and it was a totally wreck. Long time I’ve been thinking: “what it would be like painting a sketeboard deck?”  Lets find out!

“Well heck, let’s give a try. . .”

I’ve done this kinda grinding/polishing some times somewhere so why not..? Old paint of and let’s get started. First problem was to find paint that don’t shine, blackboard paint was perfect and just the tone I was looking for…

“Okay, that actually worked… More you know!”

Next primer paint has to be “Bling Bling”… And in my garage I have found just perfect metal-silver spray can. Wait! I have to do some kind tape lines or it just looks stupid.. Couple lines here and there, random letter and triangle. Who actually cares, it’s just that primer. Let’s give a shot..

“Looks rad!!!”

Okay, primer looks solid, next it needs something big and good looking. Gunna go to shop now and buy airbrush… Never tried those before.. I’ll keep yall posted.

Side project two. . . Wood carving. . .

My grandmother brought this wood carving tool because she didn’t got any profer use for it. Well I sure do, old wooden cigar box where I keep my smokes and matches.. Let’s try that one for change.

“Buzz, buzz the machine goes. . .”

Hah, maybe this is not my thing… But hey, i’ve got some lines there tho. This carving stuff will have to wait for now, i’m going to buy that god damn airbrush!

I’ll keep you posted. . . 


New Life by VladiMir

This definitely is an epic piece.. I just love that old school way to do tattoos…

Summer Trends – Metallic Tattoos

Cool trend, I must say…

Olive & Lile - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

We will be launching a range of metallic tattoo’s onto our website on Saturday the  25th of April! Here’s some snaps for inspiration of how you can wear them… FullSizeRender 36FullSizeRender 37

Match them with a tan and some gypsy style jewellery this summer. IMG_4112FullSizeRender 34

Teaming them with jewellery gives you the chance to wear the tattoos to look like jewellery as well.

FullSizeRender 35

They can be worn anywhere on your body! You are free to be as creative as you want with them…


Rock the tattoos with our overlays – you can shop this overlay here >


We are sure you are all gonna love the metallic tattoos as much as we do! Send us your snaps showing us how you’re rocking them this summer – just tag @oliveandlile on Instagram or @oliveandlile_ on Twitter Lots of love…. The Olive & Lile styling team XO

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Her back a canvas

Couldn’t say it better. . .

l'homme terrible


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Erin Jayne

Tattoo models…

Zodiac signs. . .

Tattoos and horoscope! 

Almost everyone has thought idea of your own sign inked to your body and why not? It’s good idea, c’mon admit it..! Myself? Nah… I’ve got so boring zodiac sign that i don’t even bother. This dude was bringing me this idea and i’m not saying it was bad but it could be better… From the world wide web came this pic, but in the end he changed it to way different one and it worked so much better! Small changes and i was thinking: “This could work”…  Let’s do it.. In the end there is no need to do bad picture if you can do better right..? it stays in skin forever! Dark mystic picture with small details I was so ready for this.
Stencil. . .

Really easy one to make this stencil, outlines, shading points, “memory” places and we’re ready to givea try.. Under shoulder he wanted so that’s were we are going, stencil-stuff under and placing in the middle of shoulder. First try and it was perfect he says… 15min to dry and in this point I will set up my place and guns, thank you very much… *Clapping*

Making of. . .

(7Round liner) for outlines, (7Flat mg shader) for shading… Colours (Ruby red), (Snow white) and (Tribal black) in this special piece I also tried first time so called: “Outline black-ink” I started from the bottom and moved up. Shading and outlining was made at the same time, just changed tattoo-gun when needed. In shading I was using (Maori black) and water mug where I dipped needle to get the perfect grey wash and different tones. Place was shoulder and that’s one of my favorite places to tattoo, again because it’s so easy to stretch and almost painless area to tattoo.. He was taking it well and he was not a “bleeder” this picture was ready at the first shot.

It looks awesome, red was the final touch and of course all those white details. He was very happy to this tattoo and why not, it looks cool. Dark and mystical creature, right place and right person… Fits well and attitude is awesome!

What I learned. . ?

Making of that stencil, every single time I make more memory lines and stuff but more is needed. When using my “home-made” stencil-stuff I have to remember to shake it well…
And also when using this “Stencil-stuff” less is more.. It needs only small amount of stuff and it works, if too much it goes blurry and… Well big mess. Outlining and shading at the same time works perfectly in this kinda works because if you only do outlines. there is a danger to rub stencil of when shading and that I don’t like! 

Inked person position. . .

I have to say it depends so much of that what you are doing. If there is lots of things to do it’s maybe nicer to lay down than sit.. I like both, doesn’t matter at all. Perhaps littlebit easier to stretch is inked one in sitting down.
Thanks again and I’ll keep y’all posted.. BOOM!

For the name of Gotham…


Some people loves masked heros, this one had old Bat-logo in her arm. She absolutely adores Batman and told me story about her dad. Dad is her hero and they share the “Batman-Love”… That’s how these stories are born. “Father is my hero” she said and wanted to tattoo that using some cool font and only black. I did take this little bit to the “hero-factor”… What if we do sound blast what they were using in 60’s Batman and write that “hero” part inside of it..? She loved the idea and we are ready to go, let’s see what’s coming next… (Old Batman theme)


The only thing where stencil were used was font and outlines of that cloud… Rest were free handed.

Dad is my hero” translation “Isi on mun sankari”

Making of…

Simple little thing to do, (7Round liner and 9Round shader) no need to do shading.. Outlines and colours simple so it looks like in cartoons.


For sure I can say that cool idea from someone, and story matching ’em together can easily be something small like this. Usually I’m saying that bigger is better but not in this case. Funny part about this one was the dads reaction when he heard that story and saw this tattoo.. Those kind reactions are those what makes me happy.

To the next time people, C-YA..!