Zombie Walk 

Going to lose my “zombie virginity” today when I’m joining to my very first Zombie walk… Not so much people but everyone looks ready for this.  

 My outfit will be fisherman zombie, you never know when you’ve get bitten I think. Strawberry and other berries so it looks like BLOOD! Makeup people will be here soon and we’re getting started.

30 minutes to start and people are starting to pile up, so far so good… It’s good sign when room is getting full. Fake blood, guts, brains and all kind gore stuff. I though that zombie walks are not so mainstream and it’s truth. 

Zombies are chilling around and talking about eating brains, this is backstage material for sure.. *Laughs* by the way, kids in zombie outfit looks REALLY disturbing and moaning fills every place around…  

 Kids are scary, no doubt about it. I have never ever been in place where you talk about eating brains and how to walk scary enough.. “DOES ANYONE NEED BLOOD?” Most disturbing and funniest thing i’ve heard in long time at meeting.

Zombie walk is underground coulture but still all zombie related people finds way inside. Pro makeup people are making lots of cool stuff.

Walk was long and people were giving everything they got, one zombie even crashed to the wall and he had to start crawl.. EPIC!

People watching and photo shooting around the  walk, some brave ones even came too close and got stuck middle of zombie horde!

Lots of fun, next year even bigger..!

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