Daily prompt


What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

How many tattoos you have?

Must say, this question pops up almost daily.
Well I’m colorful with my skin and always offering the same answer:
[I have one]
Being tattooed all the time is like going on the masseuse table, who’s counting?

Normally, when I hit the table, I don’t have anything specific in my mind, maybe style or colour.
I’m just thinking about the next fill up or free space.

My tattoo artist has always some awesome ideas what he likes to try and I’m always open for suggestions..

“This is the way”

Yours. Jay

Political satire or else..?

WW3 is closer than ever, my thoughs only.
But Over the ages, there has been artists who ease the pain in difficult times.

Political satire ain’t easy breezy, cos there’s always some wise personalities, who says: “Don’t do it”
Well, I have always been that dude who likes to mock authorities.

“Great power comes with great responsibility..” [Ben Parker mcu]

If I disappear after this blog post, you know why..
Men in black or painting sellers have found me.

“Nursing home judgement”
Yup, there is easy way to judge without looking back.
I’m surprised why this war in Europe ain’t going nowhere, maybe we don’t have enough restrictions or actions.
Why it is so hard to live in peace, without suffering..?
This earth SCREAMS for help and humans keep destroying it.

“Peace sells, but who’s buying?”
[Dave Mustaine -Megadeth]
“Puppeteer of destruction”
This piece aswers the question: 
“Why Erdogan is holding back..?”
Believe it or not, there is zero reasons why would he accept Finland or Sweden to NATO.
Might be that I’m just wild with my imaginary, but think about it.
What kind of thing is NATO, if they can’t make crystal clear solution without Mr… you know who…
Just saying, makes no sense to me.
It should be simple YES or NO…right?
“White wash”
Okay, this might be little bit off, but who really cares?
Every politician ever has done something that makes to the headlines and someone said once: “there ain’t no bad publicity, only publicity..” or something like that.
I just love to make straight lines from headlines and do my own suppositions.
Life is tough, you suffer a lot then you die.
“Savior of the people”
Oh my lord, not again…
Like building a wall and violating the congress building wasn’t enough.
Well think about it, there is always people who is cheering for the change, I’m one of those.
So why not? Why should we accept only the boring solutions?

“Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair!"
[Joker - Dark Knight]

Anywhoo, satire is simple.
“My way or the highway”
Finland has probably the best EVER prime minister.
There, I said it.
She is doing things what person in her age does… can’t judge.
I’m so proud of her style and unique way to handle things.
Maybe after some time, people will say: “she was on to something.”
There is WAY more worse political influencers going nuts.
She ain’t at least blocking some good countries… for joining NATO for example.

I will keep up the bad work, try to keep up with me.
To the next time people, be save and stay in drugs, eat your school, don’t do vegetables.

Yours. Jay