“Para bom entendedor, meia palavra basta.”

Drawing, desenho
Bom dia!

Agora é um dia perfeito, blogue mim tens muito desenho e tatuagem ideia.

Eu falo pouco Português mas palavras mim e não bem, muito erro… desculpe para professores.

Eu aprender história de Brasileiros e português ao Duolingo.
Muitos palavras ao cabasa kkkkkkk!

Tens muitos amigos brasileiros.
Gosto de música e instrumentos tradicionais.

Eu toca berimbau e atabaque. Eu sei poucos canções de Capoeira.

Principal língua de blogue e inglês, mas talvez um dia eu escrevo Brasil.

E primeiro vez agora.

Desculpe para errado! Kkkkk!

Humor negro
Comédia e humor negro e meu ideologia.
Sou e artista de tatuagem também, sou usa máquina elétrica em meu tatuagem.

Trabalho de mim e instructor educational para grupo de doze alunas especial.

Tens um fazenda ao Lapônia Finlândia, não animais.
Gosto muito de neve e sol.

Eu tenho três crianças, dois lindas meninas e um menino.
Pessoas de Finlândia normalmente não fala português, pessoas usa Inglês e Suécia.

Eu espero muito de verão, preciso de sol.
Esperança um dia, eu visita ao Brasil.
Tens irmãos de rua em Recife.

Abraços todos, com vai Deus.

O seu Jay

Life is a lesson, you’ll learn it when you’re trough..


Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

This one got me thinking and I wanted to answer something corny like, Mom, Grandma etc.. but when we talk about a teacher who is most influential, must say the brother who has shown me the way of making tattoos.

When I started tattooing, I’ve already had a lot of tattoos in my skin, so I was quite good of taking care of the tattoos.

I remember well the first things that I had to learn before even first tattoo.

He showed me the ways how to build machine and how to fix them, changing part and tuning techniques.
Simply how to change parts and what is the purpose of every small part.
I was struggling first, but mechanical stuff is something that I understand quite easily.

Sure, it took few months and some money to get in the point where you actually have a machine that works nicely for you.

Next step was to using different needles and tips..

After all this I started to learn what kind of medical things you have to know, when you’re working with blood and “open wounds”..
Cleaning and sterilization of the equipment was crucial in the process.

After these steps we moved into stencils and how to use those in tattooing.

I had to watch many hours tattooing videos and many times I sat behind listening and taking notes, when my teacher was making tattoos to clients.

After all this, I finally got to the point where I could test tattooing.

Many steps in the learning process and I’m still learning, no matter how small, simple or familiar the work is… I find myself learning a lot.

So this teacher has been the most influential teacher by mile.

Tattoos have changed my life for good and I’m so happy that our roads crossed years back.

All my love to my teacher and brother!

Yours. Jay



In Finland we don’t hug trees, we tackle them..

(former Scrum player nr.1) aka “meat head”

WOWZA!! I did found one cartoon zine from the time, when we just had Covid-19 madness getting started.

There was the toilet paper hoarding going on, and we almost run out of it…NOT!

People around this country panicked super fast and that’s the reason for this zine.

Check it out!
Page 1.
Page 2.
Page 3.
Page 4
Page 5.
This was the point for no return.. 
“NO BACKSIES” like we tend to say.

I was so surprised when grocery store was swarming with people in panic, buying toilet paper.

Hard to understand because there were absolutely zero change that we would run out of toilet paper.

Nearly two-thirds of Finland is blanketed by thick woodlands, making it the most densely forested country in Europe.

And we make toilet paper, so yeah..
I did not hoard paper and still got my ass wiped.

Moving on..
Page 6.
Page 7.
Page 8.
It’s weird thing what we Homo Sapiens react like citizens of Springfield. 
(The Simpsons)
Someone just says something and in no time, you have the WHOLE city walking with wooden sticks and torches in hand, ready to act.

Media has unbelievable influence for masses, must say.

What a fun piece to find, when quarantine time is just old memory back in my head.

Felt like I found some old diary, because it’s easy to ride by the memory lane, using art as your imagination tool.

I think that digging in these drawers, is new fun thing to do.. perhaps next time I will check old diaries.

Stay safe!

Yours. Jay


Drawing, comics
Long time ago… in a cabin far away.

My enthusiasm to the cartoon stories and heroes, has always been really intense.

I’ve been drawing from the cartoons using magazines as drawing model.

Spider-man has always been one of my favorite characters to draw.
Probably turning from ninjas to Spider-man was logical step.
All those cool poses which Spider-man had when swinging around the pages.

Sure I did draw tons of pages from Donald the duck and Garfield, but MCU… I loved since I was kid.

Spawn and Hellboy came to my drawing table, when I found first magazines from library.

DC-universe also was fun to draw, especially Batman and Joker. Superman and Aquaman wasn’t my choice.
Weird thing about Gwen and Spider verse is that, I started to draw those after the movie and game on PlayStation.

I just admire the idea of mixing all the different universes together.
After multiverse, I have noticed myself drawing Spider-Ham and other goofy characters.

All those fans along the times, who have make drawings where they mix different heroes are so dope.
World is filled with all those talented artists, who think outside the box.

Like seen on the first picture, also Star Wars heroes and villains have been on my sketch table for so long time.

I’ve been drawing Luke, Chewie, and stormtroopers since I first time saw the movies.
Never I have seen magazines about the Star Wars, but it has not stopped me.

Sure, when you talk about Star Wars, you have to mention Darth Vader and all those badass Sith Lords.

Usually when I was drawing Sith Lords, they had red faces and lots of biomechanical parts.

Talking about the robots… Terminator and Robocop have been my favorites since I was starting my life at sketching artist.
Here comes the heroes
Spider-man vs Shang-chi drawing came after the Shang-chi movie. 

He did look WAY different in the movie that I remembered.
Cartoon version of him was more tougher looking than in the big screen version.

Still, I have seen only one cartoon with this team.

Learning to draw is always copying characters from the pages.

Read, watch and learn…

Yours Jay

Snow sculptures making of!


There is two about 2 meter long logs inside this sculpture.

This slingshot will be used for shooting, so it needs to take a lot of pressure from pulling the rubber band.

Snow is one of my favorite building material.

There is many ways to make sculptures from snow, but I think the most effective way of building is to fill up a mold.

These plywood molds are so fast and fun way of making the sculptures.

Sure you must wait few days before engraving and shaping these snow blocks, but if you have time about an week, the results will amaze you.
Depression adjustment tool
Snow blocks has to be quite compact because shaping them with blades and saw, can cause collapsing and EPIC failure.
Ready for dismantling


As a sculpting material, snow has really different attribute than clay.

There is way of making unbelievable art from snow, but you have to be really careful.

There is no shortcut for happiness in snow sculpting.

If you are too greedy with cutting, collapse is the only result what you have.
Block to go
Living on the north side of the Arctic circle gives an advance in this hobby, because weather stays below the zero, so yeah, it’s cold…

Those blocks from the pictures are made for sculpting.

Rest is up to sculptors imagination.
When snow freezes, it turns quite tough.

But tougher it is, easier to work with.
Snowman aka Working man
When you are working outdoors in freezing weather, you need to be prepared well.

At the daytime sun is giving a nice warm touch to your cheeks, but facial hair will get frozen at the progress.

Still it’s really fun activity to do.
I think we have about 50 centimeters of snow right at the moment, so building material you have more than enough.

Every winter I’m building a snow castle for kiddos.
Sure there is a room where to make outdoor barbecue, for adults you know.
Then I carry my barbecue fireplace inside and its done.

On the bright side, if you like the cold drinks, you don’t have to make an effort to cool ‘em down.
Ready for sculptors
If you ever have an opportunity to try this art form, I really, really recommend it.

“Snow therapy” is the best kind of therapy at the winter time.

Every clay sculptor out there, GO FOR SNOW!

At the moment there is about -20C° and bit windy, so these blocks and slingshot will toughen pretty fast.

Stay warm people and cuddle yourselves.

Yours. Jay

What is one word that describes you?

—— W E I R D O ——


That’s the one I have been described countless times.
I have magical talent to change everything looking like I own it.

Notebooks, clothes, tattoos, laptops, instruments, colorful scarfs, stamps, skulls, chains, stickers, decals.
Just about everything I own is filled with all colorful kooky things.

You can describe me as: Hippie-Boho-Punk-Rocker.

My love to shining jewelry and clothes, hopefully never fades away.

I have always carried my unique style and just love it!

Many things I do, ain’t no mainstream and sometimes even eye catching.
Believe me or not, but mainly elderly people approaches for a chat and I have always time for stories.

Me being myself has carried me over difficult times, so many times.

Always I have been living the way what suits me the best way possible.

Never I wanted to be in situations, where I have to say myself: “I should done that…”
Entering the conferess.

Always remember to life as you are, don’t try to be something else.

And don’t care about others saying if you feel good.

Let the haters hate and be proudly yourself!

Hold your head high people!

Yours. Jay
(Artist of fakin everything)

Did the music change, or us..?

There is quite few new songs which I’ve heard lately.
Funny thing about those songs is that I’ve heard them before many years ago.

There is weird trend going on in music industry at the moment.
Many hit songs are ripped together with the old songs. (Awkward)
Feels like song makers has lost their mojo and inspiration.

Might be and probably is truth that I’m wrong, but think about it.

There was a time when these songs were hits, why would them work in modern world?
Sure, music today has to keep youths only interest approximately 30 seconds and that’s it.
Maybe this has the big influence in music.

Next zine tells the story of the “how-to” make hitlist song and enjoy at the progress..
Number 1.

Decade of decisions

Number 2.

Find the mixtape…

Number 3.

Be active!

Number 4.

Find your audience… or get lost in the process…

Number 5.


Number 6.


That’s my thoughts about this trending style of making music, come on people. It’s okay to do it once in a while, but every artist doing it all the time just for trend..?! 

This could be just me being that old fart, but I am on to something, I must be…

Yours. Jay