Viking runes tattoo day!

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"Finns have the power of darkness, Finns are wizards"
This was the cry of the Viking warriors who feared nothing...
nothing but the power of the Finns in their dark forests.
-Unknown warrior

Korpiklaani - Album🎵

I just love everything related with Scandinavian mythology and Norse Mythology.

I have born and lived on the north side of Arctic Circle my whole life and this is my heritage.

I’m a north man, living in those dark forests.

I have no sea close to me, but I have forest and thousands of lakes.

This next tattoo has many runes from Norse Mythology and there is also a little twist, which I will explain later on.

First you must watch the picture number 1.
Picture number 1.
There is lots of Runes in this tattoo, eight to be precise.

Some of the runes are in “mirror image” for a reason, which I will reveal in the end of this blog.

List of runes used:

• “Haglaz” or “Hagalaz”
• “Raido” or “Raidho”
• “Othila” or “othala”
• “Berkana” or “Berkano”

• “Eihwaz” or “Ihwaz”
• “Inguz” or “Ingwaz”
• “Wunjo”
• “Ansuz”

I have studied from books and many several places for the meaning for these specific runes and you can do the same from the internet or some place you favor.

Library is a good place to start

This was not so painful place to tattoo. Only the pinky area hurts.
9Round shader was used in the process and 7round shader for the tight spots.

This idea came some time ago, sketched on my notebook while I was on the lecture of history.

This tattoo idea changed many times before the final form.

I’m happy with this and hopefully it will heal well and fast.


This was the hardest part of the picture.
I wanted a writing:
1982 BORN

You have to look upside down to see how we done it.

Check the picture 2.
Picture 2.
There you have it. 

1 9 8 2

Damn it was so hard to make those runes look like writing.

There is also meaning in that “Othala” rune.

If you watch only that rune, you’ll see the head of the deer, which is my spiritual animal and one part of my family heritage name.

There you have it, have a great day!

Yours. “Forest people” Jay

Question of the day..?

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How do you unwind after a demanding day?

Hear me hear me!!! I have a method!!

Unwinding the day needs many steps.
I have noticed that every day might be different, but unwind method won’t have to be.

Running and going toy the gym works sometimes, but the best way is going to the secret place.

I have my “hiding spot” plain sight, in the corner of the room.

It’s called the “activity corner”

Yup, it’s not so secret and hidden yet, but after I buy my first “Wayne-Mansion” I’m definitely building book shelf with a secret entrance..
Activity corner
In the corner, there is many things to concentrate.

Here is few for example:

• Guitars (electric and acoustic)
• Jew harp
• Rythm egg/ cacixi
• PlayStation controller
• pencils and notebooks
• lots of paper (for drawing)
• music headphones
• knitting equipment
• many different scissors
• glue and stuff for scrapbooking
• Camera and action camera
• magazines

Activity corner must be ready for every kind of situation.

You never know what you want to do when trying to unwind the day.

Of course music has big part of my process and I couldn’t even imagine unwinding the day without music.

Singing helps too, but I think my vocals are so bad that everyone around me need unwind method after hearing me sing.

Have to admit, my corner looks like a place where serial killer is lurking and planning the next horrible act of violence.

After all, it’s my corner and my method so who cares?

I know I won’t.

Try it, give it a chance.

Perhaps you’ll find your own lurking little psycho… but be careful, you might like it.

Yours. “Ghoul of the corner” Jay

Once Upon a time, in a galaxy blah blah blah..

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”Backround song” ——> Star Wars  Theme

Feels like thousand life, when I first time saw Chewbacca
action figure and found out the thing called :“Star Wars”

As adult movie enthusiasts, I have few legendary moments in films, which have made HUGE impact while watching the movie.
One of the biggest is the phrase: “LUKE, I’M YOUR FATHER”

That movie franchise has spread like virus after that moment.

Last summer I realized how insanely big that franchise is, when I was watching everything in chronological order with my son.

All the movies and series… It took summer, but we managed to get in the point where we were watching Mandalorian finale yesterday.

Ashoka is coming and probably new movies also.
Welder of the damned
In this point you probably are thinking what does the drawings of this post has common with that franchise?
Well nothing, those are just sketches from the time I was watching the movies.

Moving on.

I never thought that those independent spin-off series could take me back into that feeling which I felt back in the days, but boy I was wrong.

Kenobi, Solo, Mandalorian, Andor, force awakens game and many more has kept me wanting more.

Mandalorian is a great example for the spin-off what I will watch, no matter how many seasons they decide to make.

There is a bounty hunter roaming trough the galaxy and having the great adventure of his life.

That’s enough, really!

Same thing with Spider-Man or Batman.
I can watch their adventures without big plot, you just have to make them fight crimes and it’s enough.

I’m entertained easily, with the Star Wars universe.
Some point, someone asked: “why you still get excited about Jason?”
I don’t know, there ain’t no great story or plot twist.
He is just killing everyone, until he gets killed… then he comes back.

It bugs me not, they can direct tem sequels or reboots, I just don’t care, I still watch ‘em all.

Star Wars is great franchise.
There is absolutely hundreds ways and possibilities how to do these movies and spin-off series, even Spin-off movies.

Rogue 1 is one great example.
Just make an epic war movie, somewhere around the galaxy and you get great stuff.

Could be just my way of looking everything behind the “Star Wars”-glasses, but I don’t care if I’m enjoying it and so far, I see myself entertained.

Good for you Lucasfilm, keep up the good work.

Yours. “Galaxy digger” Jay


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Catch the pencils, scissors and start running..

Okay, don’t run, all them grandmas has told you not to run with scissors.

Playlist of the day —->TimeCop1983

Oh these 80’s vibes got me thrilled.

Great way of scrapbooking is to find instrumental playlist, which boost your brains.

I don’t like to listen music with lyrics when I’m creating something.

Music with lyrics makes me think about the song and the story of the song.
This band has few lyrics, but mostly just instrumental music with cool 80’s tones.

This next zine is quite a normal way to get my thoughts to the paper.
There ain’t no great stories included, but that’s the whole point of making small comics.

Check it out.
From pencil to the paper
Having a blast
The moment
Point of no return
Time flies when you’re creating zines.

On the other hand, you have so many pages to fill and on the other hand, you only have few.

The main idea of zine making like this, is the limited amount of pages and space.

Imagination has to be used, several ways.
If your story don’t have beginning or end, it gets interesting.

First thing I do is numbers of pages.
With this method, you know the way how to start.

Do I need “heading”..?
Is there a “cover”..?
Can I use pictures or words..?
Will there be a story or something weird..?
Should I use dialogue or not?

After first hour I have answered to these questions and start creating the zine.

Using A4-paper is bit easier, because the size of course is way bigger than the small A3-papers, which I like to use when creating stories like these.

Sometimes I don’t even start from the first page.

Middle of the story is way more funnier to create and the the challenge is to create the beginning and the end.

Just like Mr. Tarantino does in some films.
He creates great dialogue to the some random character, which has absolutely no meaning in the film and it just keeps you questioning: “Why?”

What a great way to scramble the mind of the viewer.

Creating the beginning of the story afterwards, is funnier way to create the story.

Sometimes when I’m writing a lyrics for a song, the middle section and chorus comes first.
After the middle part and chorus the beginning molds without hesitation.

That’s my way of making, you find yours.. spread your wings and let the wind take over.

Great example of working like this, is my way of using the notebook.

I have pages like 1-100 but I’m not using them in chronological order.

I do have a directory on the first page, but I can start from the middle of the notebook.

It’s a mess and looks tangled, but it’s way more funnier way to fill your notebook.

Little bit like bullet journal method (Author Ryder Carrol), but with the twist.

That’s one of the latest books I have read, highly recommended!

Yours “Zinemaker” Jay

(No Co2) Save the planet!!

Driving to work
Finally we have reached the point where I can travel to work and back, without using petrol/gasoline.

My eScooter needs electricity to the battery and that electricity comes from the solar energy plant, which I have on the roof of my house.

Whole summer is free driving with this Heritage Custom.

Maximum speed is 25km/h and range is about 60-70km.

Best side about this eScooter is that how unbelievable quiet it is.

Mornings are of course big frosty, because weather is way under the 0°C, but it actually matters so little.

You just have to wear warm clothes and there is no problem.
At the daytime it’s so much warmer.
Today weather was quite nice, +11°C and sunshine, no wind at all. Perfect weather for driving.

I have to drive 30km (15km+15km) daily to my work place.
With car it’s fast, only like 15 minutes, if the traffic is mellow.

With my eScooter it takes 50 minutes, but I’m listening podcasts and music while driving.

Actually it’s great way of empty your head after the workday.
On the road..
This might look like winter to you, but it’s actually so close to summer.

Of course there will be on step back, because at every year there will be the infamous RETURN OF THE WINTER!

Snow blizzard will take over and freezing wind will make you feel sorry.

Normally it takes day or two and we are back in the spring.

We even have saying from the old people:
“New snow will kill the old snow..”

True dat!
Can’t argue with it, everyone is preparing for summer and springtime will bitch slap everyone to the nuts.

Check the next video and you will realize what it looks like here.
Winter vs Summer

Moving from the snowmobile route, to the bike route… Oh WHOAH! Sounds like summer to me!

No matter, I’m saving the planet and I’m saving my money.

I even bought equal eScooter for my kiddo few days back.

Now she can travel across the city with her friends and return home to “fill up” the tank without money.

Makes me wonder, what else I could do to make this world better..?

This is a good start I think.

Now you do your part and move around without CO2

Yours. “Hippie-Driver” Jay

Daily Question…

daily question, desenho

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow.

There was a moment in my life where I realized how my brains work.

Sounds kooky right?

I noticed something weird about my behavior when I was at school.

Everyone had to learn by staring the book, or teacher in the eye.

I noticed that when I’m not sketching or lettering, it’s almost impossible to learn or memorize anything.

There we had a quite dilemma.

At the time when I was at school, there was NO WAY of learning with alternative methods, teachers said: “MY WAY OR THE HIGWAY”

Guess which was my option?

I was a school dropout and had to finish my school after the army service.

After service, I’ve learned one crucial thing.

If I’m sketching or lettering while learning, my brain goes to the “turbo-mode” and I REMEMBER EVERYTHING I HEAR!

Think about that, learning turned quite easy after that.

I’ve been using that method and I’ve graduated from many schools, I even learned new language.

Of course these days when I’m educating myself, the first thing what I tell to the professor or teacher is my weird way of learning.

Today I teach at work and I’m helping everyone to achieve their own way of learning.

More you know, I still haven’t got myself in trouble, or jail like all those wise old teachers said.

Hah! In your face!

Yours, “Smart worker” Jay

Summer is so close, I can feel it already…

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We are literally so close.

Winter at here on the north side of Arctic circle, is too long. In the middle of winter, you’ve get frustrated many times, before spring.

Now we are at the point where summer is going to rumble across the winter.

Spring time is magical and mystical time.

Summer is bursting from the freezing ground.

Winter is holding tight and it’s not ready to give it up.

Snow and sun are having the ancient battle of times.
The eye.
Now it’s time when you can get your bike and E-scoooter on the road.
Asphalt has already warmed so much by the warm of the sun.

There is still lots of snow everywhere and rivers are filled with stiff ice.
Birds have started returning from the southern sides of the world.

I actually saw one house fly… I’m not the fan of those little bugs, but hey… it’s all good if we have summer.
Summer is my favorite time of the year because after the long winter you almost have forgotten all the joy.

Sound horrible, but after freezing time spring is like grand price.

Sun is shining more and more every day, darkness of the winter really gets under your skin.

It almost feels like some weird phenomenon when you see the sun coming up on the horizon.

I have born in the dark time of the year and I love darkness, but midnight sun is coming and I’m ready to welcome it.

Yours. “Summer lover” Jay