Drawing “Oldies…”

Yeah, my biggest favorit thing these day is drawing Old school sketches. Don’t know where the main idea came from but I just realize my hidden talent with these. I’ve been always drawing caricature pictures of people and this “oldie” style is quite like it. 

This eagle is different than the original but it didn’t change too much, deep colors and lots of attitude.. Stencil making was simple, I just marked the outlines and everything else were colored.. Needles were 14round liner and 7flat shader. Oh, yeah and 7round liner I did use on the head area… Turned out radical eh?


Muttley the dog
from wacky racers.. Hah, this was so much fun to do. Only thing I remembered about that cartoon was the laugh of Muttley. If I’m not wrong he was good dog even that he was working for that evil dude.. To the picture yeah, stencil work was tricky and had to use my sharpest pencil. Crazy twist of this sketch was Catalonia’s flag that I hide to the Muttley’s “clothes. Needles I used: 9round shader, 7round liner, 13magnum shader. 

Next one was starter plug for guy who is… Surprise! a mechanic. Fun idea, one plug for every kiddo. Stencil making was fast, only few outlines and we’re ready to go. Needles for this session choosed to be 14round liner, 9flat shader, and 13 magnum shader…


Coat of arms
. This epic dude has ordered this for his family…family coat of arms you could say. Of course fanatic football fans will love this MUFC tribute right..?

To the next time, thanks for reading…

Hashtag: “Amdrawing”

Hah hah haa…

Me doing tattoos  and also drawing..(Big surprise) Many of my sketches will be tatted but mostly ’em just go to the “drawbox” away from nosy people…

 Old school Coat Of Arms

This was for one dude who wanted to change his family coat of arms to tattoo. Not quite simple thing to do but im quite happy with the results… STRONG Outlines and simple colors, original was stuffed with details and it was hard job to make it look like old school picture..


Valentines day maddness!

Sure, this is the newest because i’m sitting in a bus right now and it came out. First it was going to be deer, it turned to Devil and woman… Who knows anymore! “Romance isn’t dead” Yeah, all you nerds out there know that it is Trevor’s mission in GTA5.. Drop dead Rockstar industry!



Lion and Skulls ALL BLACK!

Umm… I know, Rugby team of New Zeland is called all blacks, this sketch has nothing to do with it. Black lion for someone, this could be my new “training pic” one victim has already raised her hand and will be happy to take this. Gunna train whole new style to me. This is done like printer machine does from down to up and left to right without any outlines. Yeah, you heard me… I will be using only shaders and training my technique with this… Maybe it will be epic!


Flower Power bitches!!!!

Oh my god, like my daughter likes to say. Wooden coloring and few sharpies. This was meant to be for someone but it ended into the “Drawbox” watercolor stuff eh..? Perhaps but Nooo (says Consuela from Family Guy)… Tried to create Newschool/Oldschool crossing picture with that water color style, too much I say. Victim got different kinda rose and this ended to the PIT.. (Not Brad tho) No homo. Fun thing to draw anyway..



Weird small thing, sometimes it’s on and sometimes off. Have you ever thought about inspiration? If you are those ppl who says: “I Can’t draw shit” I have a newsflash. There is also different inspiration in the universe, have you ever wondered why is it that today was the day when I cleaned that closet from the bedroom? Same fucking closet you haven’t touched in years… Nor suddenly in Saturday morning you have that feeling: “I must clean my car..” Inspiration is always around us.. Artist like me or novelist has it… But also that soccer mom from Leeds.

That’s all for now, going to keep traveling and thinking this shit that keeps me awake at night.. 


Break off…

So, I’m back from the writing pause.. 

 This coverUp i started with coloring. REALLY Pain in the ass to hide because of those strong Outlines of earlier artist..

Stencil was simple to do, marked all tho tight spots for outline and rest must be colored using that old tat..

7Round liner, 9Round shader, 7Flat shader and 13flatM1 were used to do this Irish stylish oldschool/Newschool tattoo..


Here we go!

Perhaps the hardest part was the eye area ‘cos it had to color so strange ways.. Shades and colors was made to top points of early pic..

Outlines and shades had to mark at the same time and colors later..

Coloring were hard thing to do and all those places where earlier pic we’re available to notice, was really a handful. For the first round it became pretty awesome, photo of course don’t look the same but this is how we go… Tattoo is still In progress but I have faith in this one!

This one I started for one guy who has the worlds worst pain limit… Two hours tattooing to this lad is impossible, he’s almost dead after that.. That’s also bit weird, normally ppl takes three to four hours without any problem but this one is something else. Anyhow, guy wants to get tatted and here we are…

Stencil of the Tiger

Simple stencil with outlines, nothing fancy because there is lots of coloring and shading action.

Making of

Truly hard customer like I said, 7Round liner and 7Flat shader are only things needed. I know this mate will give up after few hour, and surprise! That’s exactly what happens. Well even if you won’t stand the pain you have right to get ink like the rest of us… In his case it just takes way more time…

Outline and few shades, yup! He’s done, to the next time. Still this will be very fun thing to do and the area (lower leg) is really good place to keep tight. 


Perhaps in the future he will come back so we can finish this piece, but with that pain tolerance it takes two or three times.

He also asked would some kind “pain lotion” help? We’ll probably it would but I ain’t doing tattoos if you are using it… Why you ask. Once I tatted a person who used some kind shit like that and it made the healing process week longer… Don’t know why but I don’t wanna do it anymore. Healing is the key after all right?

To the next session creeps..!


Here we go again people…!

Buddy showed up to my crip and told me he’s pissed of with this tribal he had back in the 90’s Ready “flash-pic” and were down for that…


This time I tried new “silk-paper” which was SOOO good to use in this kind tricky area. Easy startup because picture was ready, only thing was found the right size. Needles for this session were: 7round liner, 7flat shader and ink was Tribal outlining Ink and tribal black ink for coloring.

Stencil done and started to work. Shading and bloodline first and last step was outlines and whites.

After few hours to work tattoo is ready.. Didn’t do much to that old tribal because it was in great position, next time perhaps something small, shades stuff etc..

I’m happy with the result… Keep you posted soon C-ya!

Zombie Walk 

Going to lose my “zombie virginity” today when I’m joining to my very first Zombie walk… Not so much people but everyone looks ready for this.  

 My outfit will be fisherman zombie, you never know when you’ve get bitten I think. Strawberry and other berries so it looks like BLOOD! Makeup people will be here soon and we’re getting started.

30 minutes to start and people are starting to pile up, so far so good… It’s good sign when room is getting full. Fake blood, guts, brains and all kind gore stuff. I though that zombie walks are not so mainstream and it’s truth. 

Zombies are chilling around and talking about eating brains, this is backstage material for sure.. *Laughs* by the way, kids in zombie outfit looks REALLY disturbing and moaning fills every place around…  

 Kids are scary, no doubt about it. I have never ever been in place where you talk about eating brains and how to walk scary enough.. “DOES ANYONE NEED BLOOD?” Most disturbing and funniest thing i’ve heard in long time at meeting.

Zombie walk is underground coulture but still all zombie related people finds way inside. Pro makeup people are making lots of cool stuff.

Walk was long and people were giving everything they got, one zombie even crashed to the wall and he had to start crawl.. EPIC!

People watching and photo shooting around the  walk, some brave ones even came too close and got stuck middle of zombie horde!

Lots of fun, next year even bigger..!

Tigers & Seagulls


Summer and vacation. . .

If you are on holiday apparently you must draw a lot. Only things I’ve been doing this summer vacation is: Tattoos, Drawings, Paintings, playing Playstation, sketching and watching horror movies… Of course you’ve had to hit the gym everyday and BBQ outside, don’t judge me.. MANS GOTTA EAT… Back to those drawings. I’ll introduce you couple of my “INK-Bottle” style..

“Bill’s yellow”


 Surprise, surprise… I was watching Kill Bill movie and just had to draw this one.. http://open.spotify.com/track/1s2I9Q7zAE78m7aVZOq3ug

“Ha Ha Blue”

  Dark knight! Because Ledger’s joker is so anarchistic that you just have to love it… When I was kid, Batman was my hero, now when I’m older it’s weird to see that Joker makes more sense, more you know… http://open.spotify.com/track/1G4VFKAV5bFupGsQWcCfxS

  “Chrystal red”

 Friday the 13th.. Old classic but I watched the new version, not bad at all.. Camp crystal lake had it coming! http://open.spotify.com/track/5O6JuXxnhwG3W5YClY2mEb

 “Red room”

 Probably the 60th time when I watched this again, can’t help myself.. http://open.spotify.com/track/3hAiAcGPny76mfX1hB0VRn

That’s all folks… I’m still on holiday, KEEP ROCKING!!!

Black Bird Tattoo by Cody Eich @codyeichtattoo

Tattoos, Writing and the Cleansing Power of Pain

Kile the WonderBoy!!

I like tattoos.

Strike that. I love tattoos.

I am pretty sure I first wanted a tattoo when I was eight or nine. I always thought they were the pinnacle of bad-ass. Remember the temporary tattoos that you could get from the quarter prize machines that they have in front of grocery stores? I loved those. I’d plaster myself with those whenever I could get them, always feeling kind of bummed out when they eventually faded, leaving nothing but my pale, scrawny arms behind.

See, I am what you’d call a slight man. Slender, if you’re nasty. I’ve never been very muscular. Sort-of athletic, but not really. Enough to slightly embarass myself, you know? Smart? Please, who do you think you are talking to? I wrote a story about a man having sex with a table. You think any Johnny Dumbass can do that?

Old Man Kile is bitching again. Old Man Kile is bitching…

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Never judge a book by its tattoos and piercings

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Tattoos Does the tattoo make the person, or does the person give the tattoo meaning?

It’s time to talk stigmas again! I hope you are as excited as I am. I plan to keep this brief, but I hope you can recognize the importance of what I’m saying regardless. Currently, I lack the funds and the mindset required to get myself a tattoo. Trust me, though, if that changes, it’ll happen. I have been told not to get a tattoo, though, by a variety of people and for a variety of reasons. One of the most common ones, and my personal favorite, is that people will judge me if I have or do not have a tattoo.

This leads me to beg a very important question: Who the hell is anybody to judge me for my tattoo? As a matter of fact, who is anybody to judge anybody for anything?

Now, I’m…

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