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Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In the middle of the nowhere!

Yes, that’s my plan.
I’m also quite sure that I have got my “breakthrough” in my artistic career.

Not quite sure how, but mark my words.. I want it!

Why in the middle of the nowhere you might ask?

Well I have dreamt about the cabin where I could do my art and enjoy the silence.

Maybe sitting on the dock playing my guitar and dreaming for upcoming challenges.

After ten years my kids have probably gone to seek their own paths and I have to think something to entertain myself.

I’m not sure, am I working anymore at that point, because I want to believe that I don’t have to anymore.

Yours. “Forest enthusiasts” Jay

Sunday funday!

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Sunny sunday like currently makes me happy.
There is so many ways of spending lazy days and I’m sticking with arts today.
Started my day with good healthy breakfast and playing guitar.

As writing this blog, I’m listening morning playlist from Apple music. Morning playlist

Day is turning slowly towards the Monday and I must get back to work.

Working between your art and inspiration is quite bummer, but there is this crisis going on global.

Every household item prices and food prices has gone high like a rocket.
Can’t left mentioned electricity price or petrol, which by the way are so high right now.

Pretty much everything I managed to earn from work, goes to staying alive.

Would be fun to have even small amount of money for something extra, but no.
Political superheroes has done their duty, there is absolutely zero money to spend.

It’s really weird because not so long ago, you could earn extra and after paying dues, you had money for hobbies and even spare for culture.

Damn, you could even buy a t-shirt now and then, or pair of new sneakers.
These days, working is not reasonable thing to do.

In Finland there is so many people who are called: “Working class poor”
It means you are living with so low payment that you can barely survive.

Me myself, I’m one of those people.
The point where it’s not reasonable to work anymore is so close.
Without working you could have so much more opportunities, which in my opinion is dumb.

I have worked my whole life, never it has crossed my mind that I would stopped working.
Politics has driven our country in the position where you are punished for working… strange huh?

Mostly I survive because I have bought two freezers.
When salary comes, I go and buy protein for the month from evening sale.

Evening sale in grocery store means, that product like meat and chicken which are closing the “best before” date are sold -60%
It’s really nice system and you don’t have to starve.

I do have solar power system on the roof of my house, so next six months I’m able to survive with the electricity.

In the time of this six months I have to prepare for the upcoming dark winter time.

Everything extra will be used at the winter time, so there is no chance to make something extra.

Capoeira Taz
So many good workers in this country are at the same loophole.
One woman told story how she had three jobs, but she had to stop the third job because she had not enough money to work.

That’s so wrong, in so many levels.
We are slowly slipping in to the dystopia where no one is working, because you just don’t get paid enough.

This can’t be good for the small shops and owners.

For example:
If me or my kids needs a barber, it’s me doing it.
I have no skills, but I have a scissors and machine.
Clothes are from donations and second hand stores.
Every sports equipment are bough used.
If you want restaurant food, I’m making it at home, same with the burgers and fries.
Movie theater is “no go” and we watch movies at home.

Not by a long shot, we have a chance to go and listen live music. Same thing with museum and culture.

This must touch those hard working shop owners.
Heart of skulls
I was talking recently with my friend who owns a gallery for arts.
He has reduced his gallery by half.
Rent for the gallery is quite much and working area has gone smaller.

I asked why?

He told me that “if working class don’t have money to buy food, what do you think?.. are they gonna buy artifacts, or paintings hanging to the walls..?”

Well no, it’s quite opposite of that.

Time has changed, we just have to adapt.

Maybe some day I have enough money to use, but at the moment, I’m truly trying to enjoy the life as it is.

You just have to believe that better days are coming.

Yours. “Happily poor” Jay

Saturday sketching for fun!

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Suddenly it’s again Saturday.
What a fun day, bought myself new strings for guitar and ate at restaurant.

Sun is shining and at the moment I’m sipping red wine, while listening new album from the one and only Metallica.

(New album) Metallica - 72 seasons

What a kick ass album this is.

I love this new fast Metallica.

When I was teen, almost every at my school listened Metallica.

Not me, my favorite bands at the time was Slayer, Anhrax, Megadeth, Manowar and Sepultura.

Sure I did listen also Metallica but not quite much.
After Battery album I started to listen more.

These days I just love Metallica.

Younger me spend much time at the library music section, mostly because I wanted to copy those album covers.

Halloween and Manowar both had so cool cover art at the time.
There was many bands that I did never listened, but few of those not so mainstream bands got my attention with the cover art.

I did have only cassette player at home and the cover art of those were not so cool as the LP covers were.

I still remember the first CD that I bought, it was Pantera - Vulgar display of power.

Main reason was the blue skull on the cover.
When I played it first time, I was blown away.
It’s still one of my favorites these days and every time I hear something from Pantera, no matter where I salute with my horns up.
Copy of the clown
I’m pretty sure that younger me would be SO INSPIRED about the modern bands like Slipknot.

This new Metallica album is one to check.
It’s like weird adaptation of country rock with the speed metal twist.

Drumming on this album is something special, I don’t know why I love it, but it gets me on the headbangers feeling.
This album will be on my party list, no doubt about it.

I have few books from Metallica, but those are made by some rock reporters and I like to read autobiography of the persons of themselves.

I have been waiting a book from James Hedfield himself, but maybe he is not ready yet.

Yours. “Headbanger” Jay


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Have you ever waited weekend anxiously…?

My working hours are always from Monday to Friday.

After long week when Friday finally arrives, you can just kick your boots in the corner and start doing things you love.

At weekends I have time to do art, play music, watch movies and spend time with fam and friends.

Sure I do these things at week days, but mainly after the hobbies and exercises.

Sleeping is really important part of life, but I have always been nocturnal being.

I don’t even remember when I have started to sleep before midnight.
Every day to me is a day with art.
I’m creating all kind art, mostly drawings.

Night time is perfect time for creativity.
My inspiration kicks in around 22pm.

In some cases I have to “kill” inspiration before I can sleep.

It’s really hard thing to do, but necessary when you’ll have to wake up early.

In perfect world, I would let my inspiration guide me trough the day.
R.F Donald
One of my favorite things to create is, R.F styled drawings for all those hot rod lovers out there.

(Rat Fink is one of several hot rod characters created by artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, one of the originators of Kustom Kulture of automobile enthusiasts. Roth conceived Rat Fink as an anti-hero to Mickey Mouse.)

Funny style to draw and it’s so close to my own style.
”Big Daddy” has always been so big influence at my work.
Back to the original idea.

I love holidays and weekends.

“Mini-holidays” has been my kind of way to survive in this chaotic world surrounding us.

To me, it takes only few hours and absolutely non jet lag when I’m turning my weekday clock to the holiday clock.
At first day, no matter if the holiday is one day or month.

I’m immediately at turn around point.

It takes zero effort to be on the other time zone.

In a blink of an eye, I can toss myself in to the road of inspiration.

If you haven’t never try it, do it!

Yours. “Inspiration junkie” Jay

Ice ice fishing baby!

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One of the most favorit activities in this freezing country, at winter time is: ice fishing.

Sounds silly right?

When spring starts on the north side of the Arctic Circle, it’s finally time to enjoy those fun activities.

Why now? Well, because sun starts to shine and below the zero weather turns on the warmer side.

Mornings and nights are still cold (-15C°) but on the bright side, days are getting warmer. (+5C°) because of the sun.
Ice drill
There is one pretty important tool, in this operation and it’s the ice drill.
In Finland it’s called “kaira” don’t know why.

There is a Finnish word for drill “pora” but for some reason “kaira” is the word used.

There was about 1 meter of ice, before it’s trough the ice.

Under the ice water is not so deep, about 1 meter if you are close to the beach.

Fishing like this is quite interesting.
House fly maggots
Mainly as a bait, I use normal house fly maggots.

Earthworms are also good, but more expensive and you can’t go digging because of the frozen ground.

Looks like fishes didn’t like these red worms today, but I had fun trying.
Cold drinks
Remember to hydrate when having outdoor activities.

My choice has always been red wine, but if you like to drink your wine cold, you have to think something else.

No need to explain myself when I’m fishing like this.
Wine needs something on the side.

My choice is salted meat.
Salted and air dried
There is traditional way of making this dried meat in here Lapland.
My recipe is different, but method is same.

First I buy cows hearts about 40 kilos and clean them.
Then traditional way of salting.
There is two different styles to do it, saltwater and dry salted.

I’m using the old faithful saltwater method.

40 kg cows heart
0.8% saltwater
23 hours

After this I’m sinking everything in the spice sauce.

Last step is to cut the pieces smaller, installing the hanging ropes and leave the meats outside hanging for a 3-4 weeks.

It’s hard to describe how it tastes, but if you like beef jerky, this tastes little bit like that.

I have secret recipe for the spicy sauce and it has been hard to adjust, because you can try it once a year.

Took something like 6 years to adjust the sauce in to the perfectly balanced.

This dried cows heart and red wine are perfect match.

Works well also with beer, but this meat is not a meal because it’s so salty.
Mainly I use this snack when I want to get thirsty.

Like said, this time I did not have any catch, but suntanning on my face reminds me for the perfect afternoon.

Yours. “Fisherman’s friend” Jay


This video is for you brother!
(Finnish audio)
(BroCam) -introduce version


fanzines, lettering, zines

(How to understand younger generations)

Folding instructions
Yes I’m old, I know.. but so are many of you, in someday at least.

*Shouting angry
“Back in the my days, we didn’t have red onions..”

- grandpa Simpson
Next zine eases your struggle in this “emoji-abbreviation-filled” planet called: “Earth”

It’s like easy version of understanding the surroundings.

I feel like modern day Bear Grylls, showing this magic to you.

Cover of the magazine
Page 2.
Here is few easy ones, you’ve might even know them.

I’m using these myself because, everyone knows the meaning.

Well almost everyone, but after this zine, we all know!
Page 3.
Page 4.
Now we have little bit less used ones.
Sure that one I got from the machine, but quite many uses word A/C..

Maybe our languages has changed so much in time, or maybe we have gotten more lazy.

Although, laziness and genius Has alway walked side to side.

IDK and IDC..
Page 5
Page 6.
Page 7.
Big beautiful woman?

I must confess, I have absolutely zero idea where this can be used…

In my POV this is bit offensive even that we are living on this body positive world.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned in the way.

“Shaking my head” was also new to me, but now when I know it, I’m definitely starting to use it as daily phrases.

Language all around the world is changing constantly, no matter where you live.

Maybe old native languages stay untouched. IDK…

English has changed so much from the days I started to learn it.

Many of you probably laugh my “English” and definitely for the grammar, but it doesn’t matter at all.
Everyone understands my writings and words that I use.

I’m using it every day and I’m learning new words and phrases daily.
Same thing with Brazilian Portuguese.
Every day I find new ways of saying things.

My native language is Finnish and it has also changed along the years.

There is so many things which has been adapted from Swedish and English to the modern Finnish language.
We also have weird way of saying some of those English words in Finnish and some of them in English.

No one knows why, but it’s a thing.

For example:
Word Apple is pronounced “aple” not like in English, even when people means you know, the Steve Jobs Apple.

Word “Show” on the other hand is pronounced just like in English.

This I think is the most hardest thing in learning the Finnish language…

No one really know why we do it, we just do it.

Yours. “Language detective” Jay

There will be a mimic fighter!

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If you have not seen the movie BLACK WIDOW, go and do it now..

——-> Black Widow IMDb <———

In Marvel Studios' action-packed spy thriller "Black Widow," Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

The movie itself is great, storyline is clever and characters work like a charm.

Natasha and her sister Yelena, they are just perfect couple together kicking ass of the bad guys.

Of course movie with Scarlet Johansson is already one to watch, but wait!!!

There is even more!

The Taskmaster brought into the MCU, oh my god!
Taskmaster has been one of my favorites since the day I saw him in the cartoons.

In the game Spider man game, if you’ve managed to fight with the Taskmaster, you had to change your fighting techniques every time, because mimic fighting skills he has.

”Taskmaster watches everything and can do it. Taskmaster is a perfect mimic. And will fights just like all of your friends.”

What an EPIC villain in MCU.
I just hope that they will give more movie time to the Taskmaster.
Harley Quinn

Next stop… DC-universe!

I am waiting this next movie of the Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga.

First standalone Joker film from 2019 ——-> Joker IMDb was SO GOOD!

I just hope that the plot of the movie takes us to the madness of this anarchism couple, just like in cartoons.

Maybe it will be more like the earlier, but i have my fingers crossed for Lady Gaga.

Have to admit, there is quite big boots to fill, if you’re going to be better than phenomenal Margot Robbie.

These “sidekick character villains” are getting more and more interesting in the big movies.

Just like the the Peacemaker.

I never thought that goofy character like him would be so awesome!

He was portrayed by the one and only John Cena.

If uou want to watch wacky action comedy, this is your number one series.

9 episode in HBO Max.

Picking up where The Suicide Squad: Suicide Mission (2021) left off, Peacemaker returns home after recovering from his encounter with Bloodsport - only to discover that his freedom comes at a price.

——-> Peacemaker IMDb

Check it out, it’s totally worth of your precious time.
Like I told on earlier blog, I’ve watched the horror version of Winnie The Pooh and it was quite something.

That movie got me thinking:

“What if Frozen, would be a movie version”

Sure Sam Raimi had to direct it, I love that guy and he’s wicked way of thinking and directing movies.

But why not?

There is already many of those fairytales turned on the big screen.

Here is few for example:

Gretel and Hansel IMDb

Snow White and the Huntsman

Maleficent IMDb

I think that Frozen would be so awesome cruel horror story…

Just saying.

Yours. “Fairytale lover” Jay