Fresh ink for myself…

I was definitely waiting for this epic piece, it will tell the story from Finnish mythology… Long story short, only left hands because old saying says:

“Left hand takes, right hand gives…”

So those left hands are coming from hell to take my soul kinda thing what is called “itse” in Finnish mythology.. it`s part of your soul and this spiritual creature lives inside or next to you and me… Reflection of yourself someone would say, shadow of your soul. Sometimes this shadow soul can live beside you or even front of you and it can make you feel like: “Phone is going to ring or someone is at the door” Reflections from the future. You can also loose your “itse” example person who has lost their “Itse” is pale and unhappy very sick or dying, even devil can take your “itse” to the deep levels of hell in case you break your oath before your death… Also alcoholism can take your “itse” away and you can became depressed and unhappy..


There is also coming text upside of this picture but i have to wait this one to heal and after that i tell you more… It will be from the same “itse” story and can’t wait the pain.

Making of tattoo begins…  Slayer – Here Comes The Pain

First hour was pretty okay because last time when we made outlines was painful like hell AND SKIN REMEMBERS… After first hour i wasn’t able to make clear thought, it felt like someone stabbed me to chest with rusty kitchen knife. Colouring and shading at chest area was even worse that i could imagine. Last hour was closing by and every touch made me scream!!! Even that soft paper and vaseline was feeling like someone burned me wit matches. Suddenly, it was over 3hours behind and i was exhausted…

Now when i watch this picture from the mirror it makes me forget… Pain is so distant memory by now and i can’t wait for the next session.

Thanks for reading, now to the next level!

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