E-Scooter for life!

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Yes Greta Thurnberg, I’m trying my best, leave me be.

I’ve been traveling 1700km with solar power, not bad I must say.
This 1700km comes in 6 month time period.

Feels good to know that I’m not leaving Co2 when i’m visiting my friend and family.

For some years I’ve been wondering: “why we are in the situation where you must use 1000kg metallic machine for moving the 80kg person..?

Well let’s be honest, im more like 115kg but you’ll get the point.

Most of the times when I need a transportation is when i’m visiting someone, while I go to the gym or when I have to go to the work.

Sure, we have many months of the year when we don’t have any solar energy, because of the dark days and at the winter time, we have so much snow that driving is almost impossible. Then of course the freezing weather, which sucks the battery dry in a blink.

If you forget all that, it’s great way of transportation.
Mounted lunchbox
There was of course small problem..
”Where do I put my lunchbox?”
Solution was quite simple, small bag under the seat and problem solved.
Hail Megatron!
Small detail to notice!
My eScooter is Decepticon, so there is sometimes weird situations with traffic… you know…

Nothing big, but mostly one big ass red truck and yellow Camaro has been circling around.

But they go away when I’m hopping on, no hard feelings.

After nights there might be small impact injuries. (Damn you Autobots)
Driving video.
Like seen on that small clip, moving around is quite slow. (25km/h)
In Finland it’s the maximum speed.

You can drive just like the cyclists and you have mostly same law to obey.

But even it’s bit slow comparable to the electric cycles, It’s way faster than walking.

On the bright side, this version has remotely controlled anti theft system just like in cars.

Very handy If you’re visiting at store.

Battery range with my weight is around 100km/charge.

Then about 6 hours and it’s fully charged.
BohoWagen for additional moving
Sometimes you just need to go with more stuff… then solution is this.

Really fun way of moving important stuff like: guitar, cooler etc.

All kind of accessories which you need at the beach for example.
Let’s hope that this summer will be warm and joyful.

Yours. “Green feat” Jay

Oh mother, what a day to show some art!

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Battletoads 8-bit
Hard to tell, how many of you do remember the game called battletoads.
When I first time played this game with my old faithful 8-bit NES.
Sure the game was a brand new and let’s be honest, the games at that time wasn’t so stunning as they are now, but MY GOD I was stunned about the goofiness and all the funny actions related stuff with this game was filled.

I have been waiting the remake from this game, but I’m still waiting..
Iron and man
Death of the iron man was HUGE deal to me.
I just love the character and it’s really hard to understand why the directors took him away from the big screen.

Of course Russo brothers will bring the character back, not with Robert but somehow.

It would be madness to ditch character that big from the movie screen.
Good ‘Ol batsy
There is a new Flash movie where they bring back OG-Batman.
How great is that.
Sadly We have lost the one and only Adam West, but perhaps there is a sneak peek for other version of bats.

This “multiverse” trend in movies is a great way to make movies.
I love the idea where you can bring back those lost characters from the past.

Still I’m quite sure that we will see movie with joker in some point. Only thing what I’m waiting is Joker / Quinn couple.
With some twist of Peacemaker would be nice.

Yours. “OG-gamer” Jay

Booyah! Let me introduce the Punkzine!

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I would like to think that, every punkzine has something really clever, but I must say… most of the times there just ain’t.

Scrapbooking and lettering without actual plan is quite fun. You just need pop culture magazines or something equal to that.
The scissor the shit out of those magazines and start using glue stick.

When you don’t plan your punkzine more than one page a time, the results are better.

What a great way to express your creativity with small effort.
Slaves to the zines
Ink and gods
Mega alpha
Face to face
Sometimes I have thought about the zine festivals.
We don’t have those in this country, probably because not so many has this hobby.
I’ve read many blogs or stories about the zine festivals around the world.

Closest thing here is art galleries where you have to pay for the exhibition.
I think that good way of setting up the zine fest would be a free “second hand” happening, you know like yard sale but bigger.

Maybe someday I find myself at the zine fest, remembering the time when I had to write a blog about it.

Yours. “Zine addict” Jay

My favorite way of cooking is open fire BBQ.

The mysteries and the methods for open fire cooking, can’t be learned from books.
With my experience, I can tell you that there ain’t no shortcut for mastering this method.
There are no buttons which you can turn and make heat go down or up.
I have failed so many times in the outdoor kitchen that I have lost count. If you have ever thought about the open fire cooking, I highly recommend it, but beware!
This method takes time.

I have one dear friend who has a reindeer farm some kind and he is also hunting many kind of animals for food.

Time to times when he visits me, he brings me that pure and perfect reindeer meat.

It’s absolutely fat free and the taste, oh the taste..
Game meat is something else than normal veal or pig.

Especially when you mix mushrooms in the stew.
Reindeer stew and potatoes
The smoke and open fire gives also the perfect crisp, but also the flavor.

I’ve heard weird word called: UMAMI on many cooking shows and I’m quite sure that’s what you taste when you are cooking and seasoning well.
Mushrooms for the stew
Sure the timing of the year is quite crucial, because the best of mushrooms are ready to collect at the autumn time.

I like to dry mushrooms with veggie dryer.
This method gives me the ability to use all those delicious mushrooms around the year.
Sometimes I even use mushrooms with fish.

Next picture shows the regular catch from the home beach, close to my home.

This specific fish I like to cook with smoker.

I’m using branches of the juniper tree.

Juniper gives just perfect amount of smoke when cooked at open fire.
European perch
I’m so excited at this time of the year, I’m just waiting the moment when rest of the snow melts away and I can start cooking outdoors.

Normally at summertime, I won’t use indoor stove, or oven at all. Everything will be barbecued outside.

Only bummer with summer here is those damn mosquitoes, but they don’t bother if there is enough of smoke around.

Trust me on this, there will be enough smoke.

Yours. “Outdoor-chef” Jay

Spring collection of the wooden necklaces.

crafting, diy
My necklace collection is always made from recycled items.
Mostly items are found froom yard sale, recycling centers or second hand stores.

Favorite place to find items for jewelry is “scrap loot”
In recycling center, there is lots of stuff that you can collect and buy.
Scrap is spelled by the weight.
Normal price is 4€/kg

Local recycling center used to have many workers who take donations from the people.
Usually people donate stuff they don’t need.
Old curtains, belts, broken watches and stuff which you can’t sell.

The workers take everything what looks like it could be used in DIY-crafting and sell away.

Money they earned, went straight to the charity and those refugees in need of help.

Then Artists like myself buy those and turn it in to the art.

Here is few examples of necklaces I’ve made from the scrap items.
Wooden cherry
Wooden cherry-sand
Wooden ring
Wooden with pearls
Wooden with skull
Wooden sand-red
Transforming old scrap in to the something new and beautiful has always been one of my passions.
Making of the jewelry is interesting because you have to use what you have.
I don’t buy anything new for my jewelry or necklaces.

I just use what’s available at the moment.

Second hand stores has lost the purpose and they have turned in to the stores where everyone is selling crap in hope of making money.
That’s the main reason why crafters like me, don’t buy anymore from the secondhand stores.

Back in the day recycling was more ideal and people used secondhand stores to sell stuff they don’t need anymore, no one tried to get rich while doing it.
Perhaps economic situation these days has gone so bad, that everyone is just trying to make money out of everything.

Recently I had bad news at recycling center, they don’t have that DIY-table anymore and they just throw everything in to the garbage.

Sadly crafters like myself don’t have many places left where to find these “unwanted” items.

There ain’t no more those people who needs so called recovery work, which recycling center offered before for all those people who don’t have anyplace to work.

This is wrong way where we are going, if we want to save the planet.

Yours. ”DIY-Crafter” Jay

DIY Project: “Drifting PS4-Controller”

There was a surprisingly common problem with my PS4 DualShock controller.
Left stick (L3) was drifting up all the time. Quick search from the YouTube and I did found “how to” video.

It’s great how many ch people do these instruction videos for the dummies like myself.
Timelapse of action

Just follow the instructions and it’s done, right?

Oh my sweet Jesus how much tiny parts controller has!
I had no idea how many things can go wrong in the process.

Tools used:
- Tiny Screwdriver
- Alcohol for cleaning (and for the cleaner)
- few cotton swabs
- device with YouTube app
- paper towels

“Just follow the steps”

Okay, that’s not true in my case.
I mean, I really tried hard. I did my best, but like everything in life, it’s not so easy as it looks.
Timelapse before mental breakdown
After three epic failure I was ready to give up.
I had ruined the whole controller, it’s not working at all.

Perhaps the strength that I used after the second attempt was too much.

I’m quite sure that in some point I was even using my teeth in anger.

Smashing the controller in to the corner of the table didn’t help at all.

Note to myself:
If you get aggravated in the process, it would be good idea to breathe and calm down. You know, do Yoga or something nerve calming.

Normally smashing objects during the fixing operation rarely helps, sure the remote control of TV is an exception. Smashing the shit out of remote always helps.
In the end of the video, there was missing the part where you have to walk in to your local game dealer and buy a new controller.
Don’t you worry, I did recycle the old controller, or what was left of it.

After a time when game dealer clerk stopped laughing hysterically, he sold me the new DualShock and gave me an advice:


Great advice, perhaps this controller stays in shape for a while and I can enjoy my gaming sessions.

Here is my “protip” for all you little DIY-project lovers out there:

“If you suck-ass in projects like this, don’t do it!”

Looks like I have a thumb in the middle of my hand in fixing like these.
Next time I will happily pay the game dealer, so his actual controller mechanic can fix my controller.

It ain’t cheap, it’s 19.90€ but that WAY cheaper than my way.

Yours. “Controller freak” Jay

Minicomics Zine short-shorts!

cartoon, zines

Storytelling in miniature size is quite challenging job to do. When you just don’t have the pages or time, you’ll have to think short and wide at the same time.

Short movies have always made big impact to me.
I’m using same kind of system when I’m creating short stories/mini comics.

You just don’t have time to introduce big dialogues or story lines. Once I’ve read short horror stories which were only few sentences. Weird huh? But if you are clever those short stories might be horrifying.

“I found my daughters favorite necklace from the neighbors yard sale. She went missing five years ago, without a trace”

It’s a short story where your imagination creates the story and everything around it.

Check this mini comic zine I created.
Page 1
Page 2.
Page 3.
Flip book page/book
You get the point, right? Does this make any sense?
These stories won’t have to be filled with information, few tiny things and our brains have the ability to fill all those empty caps.

Great example about your brain is colors.
I can draw for you a Roadrunner from that old cartoon, you know the one where that furry twat Wile E. Coyote is desperately trying to eat that lightning fast bird. Then I could color the picture with almost every shade of blue or purple and your brains would give you the information about how accurate the drawing is. Colors of the picture might be off, but if the drawing matches to your brains memory bank, you won’t question it.

Only afterwards when you would see the original, you might notice that it’s not in the right colors.

If I would use any other colors, like red or green your brains would notice the difference.

Yours. “Brainwasher” Jay