Learning to skin art… (Polynesian)

Skin Art, Tattoos

Polynesian eh..?

First time I made this kinda tattoo.. So called Polynesian style. Place was calf behind, again easy to stretch and operate.. Best part about Polynesian style is that freedom what it gives to artist. Just like tribal and Maori stylish pics it`s good to use in coverups and tricky places.. I can already imagine this kinda tattoo from chest to elbow… don’t ya? Going to study this Polynesian way

Go and find  Dmitry Babakhin great artist in Polynesian tattoos.. 


Sketchy thing to do and I needed my better drawing-pad. Lots of small details but I made it.. behind of the calf was perfect place and it fitted to the centre so easily.


Mad Sin – Psyclops Carnival (epic backround song)

Got this pic straight from flash collection but it was all black. Small changes in colour, this time red makes a HUGE difference i see. (9Round shader) and (7Round liner) were used when I made this one. Only tribal black and Ruby red was my choice… little drop of water to the ink cup so it won’t dry.

What I learned..?

Definitly going to do this kind of tattoos. Maybe little more (9Round shader) will be used at next time. (7Round liner was good to use in those small tight places where shader was to clumsy… This style need more “skin area” so BIGGER IS BETTER dudes in this case..

Thanks for reading my nonsense..  

The Doors – The End (fade away with this song)

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