Butterfly or something else…

Skin Art, Tattoos


For change you have to hide something in front of everything. She came to me and told: “No flower but also no butterfly, something between those you know?”  Well I sure do. This kinda pics are perfect for the leg of a women, it’s not massive and it looks nice… 


What a great place to work, streching was easy to do and setting up was easy to do.. Also it’s not painful area for to tattoo and almost everyone can handle it. Colors were green white mixing and also yellow. Stencil was simple to do, only outlines and right size… (9round Shader) and (7flat shader) for colors/shades. (7round liner) for outlines and I was ready to go. 

What I learned. . ?

Well for the next time I’ll maybe use little more less outlines. This kind piece also needs some different colors to outline and there it’s easier to shade back to other colors. Maybe also shades outside this pic would work nicely. It’s enough for now…
To the next learning process he goes. . .

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