When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

__Educational__NINJA___for hire___

5 years old me was sure that Ninja, is a great occupation for future.

In a short term, I wanted to be some sort of adventure seeker… Ninja..

I’ve had many great adventures in my life, mostly in home country and it has been one wild ride!

Most of kiddos wanted to be Police, or firefighters but not me.

Getting lost somewhere wondering the miracles of life has always been my cup of tea.

Surely I wanted to travel around the world, but I never had the privilege to enjoy things where you need money.

Although I have enjoyed music festivals and gigs where the atmosphere is like you’re in some other country.

Few things have bugged me..

Unbelievable little I have struggled with quicksand on my journey.

As a kid I was hundred percent sure that I must learn the ways how to escape from the quicksand, although I was also completely sure that there is big scorpions everywhere and that you’ll have to fight evil Ninja clans all day long.

Sadly, I have not mastered the way of Ninja and I have never encountered a scorpion.

I’m still sure that some day, I need to use a whip for crossing the canyon.

(This only happens, if there is Ninjas on the other side)

Yours. “Festival junkie” Jay

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