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Adults can be a bummer sometimes, that what my kids probably thinks many time a week.
“Can’t watch this Simpsons episode, its [Pegi 13]…

I remember the time when all splatter horror movies were nearly impossible to get.

Film censorship was SO TIGHT in Finland, that even movie Cobra was censored… yes, that one with Sly.

Here is one of the best background music list
—————-> Horror list <————-
•L I S T e N T H i S
An movies was cutted so poorly, for example:
“Bad guy lifts gun and CUT! -7minutes…”
It was horrible times for movies and especially horror lover like myself.

Film censorship carried out by the government agency Finnish Board of Film Classification was abolished in 2001.

However, the agency still rates all movies sold in Finland.

If I do remember right, Ren and Stimpy had to relocate after the pilot.

Original showtime was between prime time shows, but after few episodes it was moved closer to midnight.
The Simpsons
One small show pushed trough the system.

The Simpsons didn’t get in the teeth of the agency.

On the other hand, Family Guy did got “toothed” so bad.

The yellow family I started to watch constantly, but the Griffins never aired.

There is certain episodes in Family Guy… well the most of them and The Simpsons Halloween specials, which I don’t allow the youngest of the family to watch.

Mostly because they get nightmares.
Mayor west
So makes you wonder?
“How did he get all those splatter horror movies?”

Well, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Found out system called “sky channel” all those rich bastards had one at home and those movie channels did not have any kind of censorship at all.

I created a massive plan and trading system.
(Remember, I was like 10-12 years old)
First I found a magazine, which had buy and sell section.

Then I payed the postal and small amount of cash to get my writing in to the topic.

Then magazine went to the publishing with my announcement:
“Need a VCR-tape recorded movie next Monday, time, channel, tittle, I will pay in cash..”

You get the point, right?

Then at the next week’s magazine, someone answered with the address.
Afterwards I sended the cash in a letter and hope for the best, that I actually received a VCR, with the movie I wanted.

Just like drug trafficking but with movies.

Normally I got what I wanted, few times got hustled tho.
Sounds stupid thing to do and these days I don’t send my money to the Nigerian Princes.

Maybe I just was a kid, but quite relentless… same effort if I only had used in studying..

But nope.
Monday comes, are you ready?
Todays world is different.

If I open TV at noon, there is MD-something stay alive shows going on, where they actually make open surgery for real patients.
At evening news, you can watch how people gets beheaded or killed in warzones.

All the prime time is bloody murder bloodbaths.

Only one thing to ask:
“Are we finally in the point where we need to censor the prime time and the news?”

Why not? I need my fantasy horror from movies, but in the real life, not so much.

Sure, news are very crucial in our daily life, but do we really need that visually horrible blood and gore?

Try to keep hidden, it’s Monday!

Yours. “Horror enthusiasts” Jay

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