Educational ways of cartoons

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Have you been in situation where you quote cartoons?

I have, so many times.
Political satire in The Simpsons, Family guy and South Park is quite clever sometimes and those pressings matters are just spot on.

Many shows have their civil war episodes, political debates, even the slavery episodes.

Maybe this is the way how we teach the younger generations to understand how the world works.

It’s quite educational way of showing the old world.

Many times I’ve been saying the phrase: “I’ve learned everything about that in the episode of South Park.

Sure, have to admit that sometimes satire gets bit far out, but it’s very effective way of saying horrible things.

Even in the middle of the WW2 there were cartoons fighting among the “good guys”

To send Superman “where I’m needed most” may sound like a familiar mission, but this time it’s not the typical fighting against evil aliens or villains to protect humanity. The world renowned hero Superman is involved with the Holocaust in confrontation with the Nazis.

This of course has been only in comics but still.

Artists among the times has shown us the way how to handle hard times and horrible things.
All them toons
Maybe the cartoons are easier way to handle than for example acted play.

Sure there has been funny musical acts, where winners are kicking the ass of the bad guys and movies like The Great Dictator or The Dictator but it’s not the same, cartoons and comics are easier way of saying those things.

Underwater world
Have you ever watched this SpongeBob SquarePants?
To me this cartoon has the same problem that many new cartoons have.

It’s filled with everything moving fast and characters yelling and screaming.

There is nothing more than happening inside the utopia under the bottom of the sea.

Cartoons like this is different and I’m sure the writers are not even trying to tell you a story.

There is absolutely nothing from the media surrounding us, except the movie version where The Hoff was helping Bob and Patric.

That was clever because we all remember The Hoff from the Baywatch.
The aliens
Because cartoons and animation has so big influence on TV and movies, it makes me wondering…

Why there is so little amount of alien related animation?

There is few characters in The Simpsons, American Dad and Toy Story, but why not Predator or Aliens?
Who remembers E.T or Alf? *lifts arm

Paul was great example how easily goofy looking alien can be used in movie.
Perhaps the animation version wouldn’t be so effective.

Aliens vs Predator animation horror TV-show would be great idea!

There is so many ways to direct cartoons and animation.

Special effects and animation technology has gone so far that I can only gasp my breath.

I just watched the Avatar Way of Water, sure James made the most expensive movie of all time, but it’s great example what you can do these days.

Why not to make new Aliens movie with this technology?


I have watched many cartoons/animations and learned so many great things while doing it.
I love cartoons and I’m proud of it.

Yours. “Animation lover” Jay

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