(No Co2) Save the planet!!

Driving to work
Finally we have reached the point where I can travel to work and back, without using petrol/gasoline.

My eScooter needs electricity to the battery and that electricity comes from the solar energy plant, which I have on the roof of my house.

Whole summer is free driving with this Heritage Custom.

Maximum speed is 25km/h and range is about 60-70km.

Best side about this eScooter is that how unbelievable quiet it is.

Mornings are of course big frosty, because weather is way under the 0°C, but it actually matters so little.

You just have to wear warm clothes and there is no problem.
At the daytime it’s so much warmer.
Today weather was quite nice, +11°C and sunshine, no wind at all. Perfect weather for driving.

I have to drive 30km (15km+15km) daily to my work place.
With car it’s fast, only like 15 minutes, if the traffic is mellow.

With my eScooter it takes 50 minutes, but I’m listening podcasts and music while driving.

Actually it’s great way of empty your head after the workday.
On the road..
This might look like winter to you, but it’s actually so close to summer.

Of course there will be on step back, because at every year there will be the infamous RETURN OF THE WINTER!

Snow blizzard will take over and freezing wind will make you feel sorry.

Normally it takes day or two and we are back in the spring.

We even have saying from the old people:
“New snow will kill the old snow..”

True dat!
Can’t argue with it, everyone is preparing for summer and springtime will bitch slap everyone to the nuts.

Check the next video and you will realize what it looks like here.
Winter vs Summer

Moving from the snowmobile route, to the bike route… Oh WHOAH! Sounds like summer to me!

No matter, I’m saving the planet and I’m saving my money.

I even bought equal eScooter for my kiddo few days back.

Now she can travel across the city with her friends and return home to “fill up” the tank without money.

Makes me wonder, what else I could do to make this world better..?

This is a good start I think.

Now you do your part and move around without CO2

Yours. “Hippie-Driver” Jay

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