Yo it’s me… Jay…*Booyah*

Tattoo apprentice writing a blog around it and other stuff.

In the year 2015 I’ve got my very first tattoo gun and other supplies…

Photographer wannabe like everyone these days. I adore everything beautiful… nature, people, animals, objects, you name it.

Cook is one of my passions, but I do it mainly at summertime, with open flame of course.

Style is pretty unique and it’s weird mixture of old school with new school and caricature cartoon vibes.

DIY projects have fresh post apocalyptic vibes.

Jewelry leather carving, earrings, necklaces and all kinda weird useless pirate stuff.

Studio It’s smaller than average man-cave, but it’ll do just fine. Everything from fabrics to leather and tools, are handmade or recycled somehow. I just don’t have money to pay for stuff.

Everything looks awful, but if you ad awfulness enough, it turns to awesomeness.

My spiritual animal must be a Rhino thinking he is a deer after adrenaline shot, wearing joggers while getting hammered with a pack of hummingbirds…makes sense right?

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