Perhaps the weirdest year so far…

It has been ages inside, not seeing anyone.

On the bright side i must say, havent watched so much movies or played PlayStation than last year.

Okay, yeah I know… back to the point, tattoos that was made inside the lockdown.

Here we go. Text is big hard to translate to English but long story short… it’s something about how you make your bed if you’ll use too much methamphetamine, hard to explain because it’s a joke in Finnish language. Trust me it’s fun.

Old school bed

Needles that I used in this on was only 14R liner and 9R shader.

Tribal ink black was used for color. Really neat piece to do, some of the spots were so tight for that big fat liner.

Letters I free handed with sharpies. It’s much easier to add place for writing if your picture is set ready.

This next piece was super fast to do. Used only 14R liner and tribal black ink.


Idea was to have cartoon stylish black barbed wire. Not much to tell about this one, it was finished pretty fast.

Good looking piece, I remember the time when Pamela Andersson made tattoos like these, very famous.. oh the times..

Okay, next one is some sort of “coat of arms” – of birthplace.. or something.

Coat of arms of some place around Ostrobothnia

Needles for the job: 9R shader. Nothing else needed.

These small piece was so darn hard to do, stiff lines and tight spots.

Sometimes it feels that, easier looking picture, harder the job.. I sweated on this, must say..

Like said, really hard year because haven’t seen people and not been able to go anywhere.. Now we have situation so good that we can gather around on the rock festivals again… perhaps it’s also time to start put some ink under the skin.. stay safe and positive people, we are close to normal in some places.. peace..✌️

Handmade artwork and carving

“Ho ho ho, I’ve got a……swivel knife..”

Image on the front is statue called: “Seppo” back in the days when my kids were young, I scared them with “Seppo” all the time.. “If you don’t eat your meal Seppo will come, if you don’t play nice Seppo will appear under the bed..” I told them that when boogieman goes to sleep, he checks under the bed for Seppo… precious memories!

To the point, I have done lots of stuff from leather, kinda fun… take a look.

Here is few “souvenirs” everything related with something dark and wicked, Wicca stuff you could say.. I live on the north side of the Arctic Circle and everything I created has own special curse. If someone wanted a curse bones I can make it, but beware.. it really works. Cursed myself in the past by accident and I have suffered years.. but it works.

Here is few drums that I made for jamming sessions. Mostly for kids but works well with adults too. Sound is really authentic and raw.

Our jamming session with friends includes many kind of instruments. Guitar, Pandeiro, drums, buckets (yeah buckets) singers, ukulele, and berimbau.. music style is mostly reggae and rap, but sometimes you just have to rock.

This hand bracelet and belt is made from old handbag, recycling you know. So much fun with these two, haven’t found “carriers” for these but maybe someday.

Totally cruel free jewelry..These cosplay knifes I also made from recycled materials, other one from old boots and other from old scrap leather.. working methods are still pretty raw but I’m upgrading my studio all the time.

Leather carving like I promised on the first sentence. Upgrading like I said, bought a swivel knife and tested on this piece of leather, turned out pretty fine… So many things to learn with this carving stuff but I got high hopes with this path.

Last but not least is this post apocalyptic cosplay knife and sheet. Steampunk has always been style that I love most.

Idea for this knife came from the new Mad Max movie and Fallout games. I have salvage all kind old rusty pieces of jewelry that online to use on these. Rusty look after all is neat. Leather for this project I found from second hand store, old handbag again… Sewing is handmade because I still haven’t mastered my sewing machine. I got it from grandma who got it from her mom, so it’s quite old.. needs some time to get used to it, probably some maintenance too. Maybe some of these future post will be about studio and tools that I use.. who knows.

have a good week people and keep suffering while you listen some Halloween tunes..

@vauhti – Satumaahappo

Back in the business…

”After the mental break he comes back..”

My inspiration has worn off almost one year ago. I’ve been photographing so much lately and trying to feed my inspiration but I’m still on the starting point.

(Background music from my dear friend)

One good friend of mine told me that it comes back in time, and so it did. Summer was definitely the time when my inspiration was on the big gear. Although the years I’ve been searching my feelings and inspiration, without taking the notes I have noticed that my inspiration takes me sometimes to the “dark side” and by that I mean the state where I don’t realize time.

I have taking photos with crystal glass ball in the nature, this has been really good way to find interesting reflections from the spots..

This is definitely the best way for finding great reflections. Even though the photos are so good, no inspiration to me.

Paper and pen is still on the table waiting for me to start. Few people has asked for the sketch but no… I just cannot draw without my precious fuel.. Again new week after summer and I find myself taking pictures, here is a few take a look.

reflections are nice right? Sometimes you just need a new point of angle to see. This photo taking sessions are helping me to clear my head. Clearly I’m not finding inspiration this way but there is many others ways.

These sessions helps me to find it some day. Visiting my grandma was good idea and of course I had my camera with me.

Old sauna building near to lake has been quiet for so long… after my grandpa passed away few years ago, it has been unused.

So many things to paint and draw but only thing in my hand is camera. The man who I am is the painter and artist but still not doing anything about it.

Clearly my eyes sill is working because these photos are easy to paint/draw.

If you have ever thought about writers, musicians, artists etc, I can tell you secret. It’s not easy to find a lost inspiration, especially when you can’t just “go nuts”

That’s all for this time, maybe next time we have some sketches from the table.

Positive vibes..

Once Upon a time, north side of the Arctic Circle. . . (Backround track of the day)

When you’re having a “Bom Dia” with your brothers of madness, it can’t get any better. Crazy cool and sunny winter day, last day of holiday and over 60miles to home. Many kind of delicious meal, like open flame toasted cow’s heart, Homemade Naan-bread and many more. Can’t forget the greatest Coffee flavored Vodka Laplandia from Tyrnävä of the Finland..

I have always thought that there is only potatoes in Tyrnävä but how wrong I have been, looks like there’s also potato based Vodka.. how convenient I must say.

Some people don’t like masks?!? I can’t relate because I have always been addicted to all kind masks. Maybe my fixation to the masks has started in my early childhood years. In the age of nine to ten I found masked massacres in movie plots.. Jason, Myers, Maniac cop and B-class horror/splatters took me away, I’m still on that round I think.

Sometimes I even do tattoos with some kind mask on, don’t ask why.. My reason to use masks are same when I use shades. “Image is nothing, style is everything”  add says in somewhere, can’t remember where.

Back to this great day, snowboarding, skiing and having just old school fun in the snow. After cold day outside the cabin the aint no better thing to do than go to sauna.. Few beer and random music, singing, dancing with friends. Evening dish is simple: Sausages, roasted pork and chips.

I ain’t no adrenaline junkie but I enjoy days that are different than normal. Need for speed is definitely built into me. People who I call friends are similar with me, they like to have good time and have no plans on their free time. One reason why I don’t always take trips to Arctic hills etc, is because I live to spend my time at home… playing video games with my friends or on the public sessions worldwide. 80’s kid like me is living the time of our life.

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve got time to all this: Family, kids, friends, good times, training, getting tattoos, making tattoos, writing, studying, playing games, watching movies and working daily..? Well, maybe the magic behind all this is that I really don’t plan anything, living day by day..

Mornings after the days like this deserves good breakfast. Strong coffee (non-vodka based) bread, meat and eggs. Next day after is also called: “soda-day” candy, chips, sausages, huge amounts of Coca Cola and of course, time with your dear friends.

I highly recommend to all wear mask or shades some beautiful day and having a good time with friends.

Thanks for reading, to the next time…

Background music from the awesome @vauhti (SoundCloud)

Amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Tattoos “Old Skool” and broken bones…

Great weekend for y’all!

🎶(Background madness track)🎶 
Frozen bear on the featured image has nothing to do with anything, I’m just gave high five to him.. It’s like the new song from Dante, story tells about homeless guy from Bogotá who stole the dump truck, high respect from the idea. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything but it was meant to happen because ROCK ‘N’ ROLL never dies..!

(Dante Official Video)          

(Click it)

Story of the broken leg.

Friend of my dropped by to my house, “coffee I seek..” he said. Well the door is always open for my friends. He also brought his kiddo who had broken leg and she was unhappy I must say. “Can you draw something to my leg cast?” She asked… Hell yeah, I could draw up something.. After one hour sketching with sharpies it was ready. Smile on her face was like an trophy..

Few days later things got cool twist…

Dad showed up…

Could you tattoo that skull from leg cast..?”       

 After ten minutes we were already starting the stencil. Awesome idea for reminding about unlucky summer of his daughter..

Making of:

Stencil on and red shades freehanded. 7Round Liner for outlines and few different shaders: 13Magnum Shader, 9Flat shader and 9 Round shader for those tight spots. It’s always tricky to shade tight places, I prefer to use 9 Round Shader, but also 13Magnum shader is great on tight spots.. Sounds crazy but curvy needle goes easily in tights spots…

Many different blue shades and about three different shades of green, hippies would say: “Greenpeace colors” Right..

I started from outlines and colored after that this piece was colored from black to grey, huge amount of blue and that really covers stencil more than black, don’t ask me why…

It turned out pretty damn fine. So epic work to do and this I will remember long time.. what’s the odds for that you first draw it to the leg cast of kiddo, then tattoo shoulder for the dad.. LOL! 

Thanks for reading and remember:             

 If someone don’t like your tattoos… you can always say: “My tattoos don’t like you neither”      

 Stay sharp people and never forget to ROCK!

Music by @Vauhti

Amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Special thanks to Bogotá’s Hellhounds Dante, check ’em out (YouTube)


(Recommended audio track)

Back in the days I watched lot’s of cartoons. Teenage years I was drawing many sheets from the comic books, later on I started to draw caricature pictures about my surroundings. This was also the time when I lost my passion to the art and sketching. I’ve got it back in time but several years it took time.

One my dear friend from Catalonia told me, that Cookie Monster was one of those joyful moments of his childhood. Next logical step as an adult is of course taking tattoo to your shoulder.. Really easy to understand, been there done that!

Making of:

This spectacular piece I’ve started with very accurate stencil, I marked all the black spots and outlines. Normally I would started by making the outlines but this time was different. My mentor always says about shading techniques and going from grey to black. Huge change for my shading technique, because I’ve done it always from black to grey. Maybe the reason for all this is this caricature drawing history of me. 

I have noticed that strong lines and shades what I use in those, works so much better with old school pictures.

In the beginning I marked all the black spots with grey wash, using 13MAGNUM Shader and around 5% ink/water mixture. Next I changed needles and machine to the 7ROUND LINER and made all those outlines. In this point I already had a problem with stencil rub off. Hardest thing was to stay in those outlines. Coloring was also a hand full, but because l the dark spots were marked it was easier to apply. Four different kind shades of blue and it’s finish. In those really tight spots I were using 7FLAT Shader and 9ROUND Shader.

Very Interesting and tough piece to do, and he took it well..

I’m really happy with this piece and saw it healed just few days ago. Intenze colors were used again. Definitely going to use this technique on my future work. 

Next time, more work.. thanks for your time. 

Yours: Jay

Audio masterpiece from the one and only @vauhti and amusement from monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Making of few tattoos..

So the year has changed, and break for this writing thing is over again..
Lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with my study process that I haven’t wrote anything. (Apologizes for that)
Break from tattooing also has taken few months. Of course something has come to the table, can’t stop doing what you love…

Next piece we’re interesting because many reasons, first of all… AMBIGRAM…! You just have to love those..  These always reminds me about the beauty of the horror movies, writing seems to be something way different purpose.

She had crazy “near death experience” and her life were saved by Her bff.. She wanted the scar and tattoo combination in her stomach, to remind her about that, the rest of her life.. (Scar was already there, only tattoo I made)

Making of:

Beginning and stencil was easy to apply because she had ready pic with her.. She is one of my regulars and so much fun to work with..

7Round liner and 9Round Shader was my choice today. Before starting to do those lines I knew that the hardest part about this was the place.. It’s really complicated place to keep skin tight all the time..

Lines done and only the filling up more to go… In this point AGAIN I realize how to improve my work in near future. This happens so often, but I think it’s good for me. This tattoo could look much softer if I had made from the beginning just using that 9Shader, and for the client it would be easier to handle.. Less time you use to break skin, less time it takes to heal..

Black and white from Intenze I used and those are really smooth mixing inks to use.

It turned out pretty damn fine, so much fun to work small tattoos like this.
This next one were small also, Star Wars HC-fan of course..

Star Wars symbols

This was especially hard piece to do, not because of the symbols but the forces of the nature.. FAKIN HUGE Thunderstorm in the making of outlines, coloring had to do next time.. These were the selected symbols and that red line was freehanded for giving colors.

Making of:

First time I used 7Round liner and second time 14round liner, 9flat shader for coloring parts. Especially hard one to make stencil straight. Definately learned the hard lesson about forces of nature, if the weather gives you chills and keeps cutting lights off, don’t start.

Afterward thinking I would wait for better weather, also I would use liner only in those tight spots. I really have to start using more shaders so my tattoos get more…softer? I mean the influence of the contrast.. 

Both tattoos were so much fun to do.. thanks for reading!
Music by the one and only @vauhti (SoundCloud) and amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Tattoo globe flower

“Ta-Ta” twisted way like Hannibal Lecter says.

Sat down with my machines and did some trimming. 

Can’t believe how fast time goes and you notice it’s way over midnight, all of tattoo guns are in small pieces at your table..

Well I can’t be the only one who loves to mix and tune those beautiful tools, or am I..?

– Globe flower coverup –

“I want Globe flower” for hiding this old spider-tattoo. That’s what she said…

Time for research, in to the field were I could find these beautiful flowers. Shitloads of pictures were taken in every shape and angles…

 back to the studio table.

This spectacular yellow flower was a mouthful because, hiding black tattoo with yellow flower was not quite simple as it sounds..

– Stencil –

Picture had to be so big, and the spider was gone. Easy to apply because shoulder blade is so nice area to do my magic..

– Making of –

7Round liner 14round liner and 13MG Shader was used in this piece..

Tried to make outlines bit more soft and left some spots “open” … 

Bit “oldie” -style but not too much, flower looks right and colors match, black/grey areas are for hiding the old tattoo…

Huge area to color but she took it well, nice job!

– What I learned..? –

First of all, the biggest mistake were leaving those outlines open. 

After making outlines I realized that it won’t work and I had to close ’em with my shader..

My mentor also told that biggest faulse was those lines and that style fits better to black/grey tattoos… Can’t argue, I’m wiser now.

Next time when I’m making work like this I’m going to stick up in strong outlines… 

Maybe for future I would use way more different kind picture, more leafs and I would stamp those leafs straight to the top of  spider.. 

Doing so, spider would be covered for less work and flower would have more brightness.

I did tune up my machines for this session and one of my liner machines didn’t work like I wanted. The tube was not giving Ink and needle felt just wrong.. I’m twisting angle to my needles usually before using but angle was like others, probably armature bar problem what must be investigated…

Looks like every session teaches me so many things… I used Intenze colors for this piece and I’m thrilled to test something new next time.

That’s the end for this one, to the next step and next session… Oh and that featured picture is my new hand tattoo made by my awesome and talented mentor.

To the next time bye!

Small and pretty, like me..!

Time has gone by and I can almost taste the end of summer. I’ve been doing many small tats lately and have to say, it’s challenging every time. 

Names and birthstones

This dame got one spectacular idea: “Names and birthstones” Hell, I havent even heard about birthstones before and had to do some epic investigation stuff before could start even sketching…


Stencil were easy to apply because the place was flat, no need for silkpaper. 

“Stones” was only few straight lines and I made ’em with my shader.

Making of…

I was using 7Round liner and 9MgShader. Colors had to mix like she wanted.

What I learned…?

First of all, stencil for pictures like this should always make with “sharpies” and freehand style. 

Decorating lines could also be much bigger giving the smoothness for the whole pic.

Perhaps next time I would even use a smaller needle for some special turns, 3Round liner could be nice, and tattoo would have more deep illusion.

Don’t forget to do “bloodline” like my mentor always says!

Big feather

She wanted a blue feather to the hand. Really specific about what kind and what color. 


Had to use silkpaper so I could turn this right way from inside out. 

Normal paper won’t work and stencil goes blurry easily, trust me..

Making of…

Stencil placed and ready to go. 7Round liner, 13Mg shader and 9Flat shader for tight spots. This time I made whole picture “bloodline” and blacks using (10% Black 90%H2O) mix.

It was really much more easier to start adding blacks and contrast when bloodline were down under.

Colors that I used were from Intenze this time. Outline black, peach, green and different tones of blue. Mixed up all colors with water and white.

Of course all the trimming and details I made with white using 7Round shader.

What I learned…?

The greatness of the bloodline! 

No need to say how important it is to do shades and lines with enough light mixture and add the darker shades after.

Sure I knew this earlier but now I’m starting to realize what my teacher/mentor has always meant…


Enough for this time, thanks for reading…

Sincerely yours: Jay

Ink life! Can’t get better…

Hooya whores and hounds..!

Time has gone by and I’ve been at studio most of my time.. [INK LIFE] for me it means doing and takin tats, hell that’s pretty much all I do…

D.O.N & Daisies… Pretty idea eh?

Brought this one to the table when she told the meaning of the word “DON” and that she loved Daisies… That’s where this idea got wings.

She absolutely loved it and so did I. Stencil although didn’t went like I was planning but no matter, sharpie did the rest.

Making of…

7Round liner & 7Mg shader was all needed in this one. Colors of course simple and the whole pic simple as possible…

Hypnotic “oldie” snake..

This epic piece was for my trusted mechanic who brought me an idea of the oldie cobra. After tons of changes, I’ve got the illusion in this snake eyes that if you stare it you’ve got your eyes crossing really fast. So much fun doing this, enjoyed every minute of it..

Making of…

7Round liner, 9Flat shader, 14Round liner, and 7Flat shader were used in this one and colors are from very special “Oldie-color” set.

Brazilian snowman in Arctic Circle..?

Well this is story to tell… Kiddo’s Capoeira instructor/professor wanted to have an angry snowmen on his arm with the Finland & Brazilian twist. That’s what he said, and got. Idea went for the sideways multiple times but got it together in time. Wonderful piece still missing blacks but epic already, finish this soon.

Making of…

7Round liner, 9Round shader, 13Mg shader were used when I made this beauty. Pain was bit too much for finishing this but hey, there is always next time…

Skull and flames coverup…

Coverup tattoo is always tricky thing to do but this spectacular sharpie piece was totally worth it. So much lines and flames so I could hide the 90’s tribal from the beginning of this skull and I nailed it good time.

Making of….
Few hours of Sharpie action first and then we are ready to start. 7round liner and 13Mg shader were only thing that I needed in this one.

Tattoo life…?

Of course you have to chill and relax sometimes… 

Like my bro has teach me… Simple Man from YouTube, smoke Cuban and drink Scotch.

We are all good now right, C-Ya people…! (Fades away with Lynyrd Skynyrd)…

A.K.A “StickerPorn”

God damn! They say that when you’re kid everything circles around stickers. Well it’s true, perhaps even hidden truth.

When you’ll be brave enough in MD’s office or dentist you’ve get sticker to take home. Sometimes parents buy small sheets for kiddos and they even don’t realize that this will be part of us whole of our lives.

Dunno, maybe I’m only weird “adult” that likes stickers and tuning stuff with ’em.. When you did use stickers last time? I’m ordering huge mix/lot from Malysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Why from Asian countries? Simple answer: “IT’S CHEAP” well yeah, and stickers are still big thing back there..

MacBook cover sticker tuning…

Everything must be full of sticker so it feels cosy and like home. Yeah, that’s my mental problem but hey, we all have problems.

Installing stickers, so called “StickerPorn” is really REALLY therapeutic thing to do, I highly recommend it to every one.

Kiddo started skateboarding and kick boarding this summer and of course first thing we did were sticker tuning to both equipments.. Like I tend to say: “You Can’t do the backflip, if your Skate don’t have any stickers..”

Stickers can be used literally everything, helmets, car bumpers, boards, laptops, phones… Fuck even whole walls if you have enough passion. Although I’m pretty sure that this whole thing has started from luggage tuning but who knew…

My skateboard helmet, my passion…

I was buying new helmet for this summer and right after shopping I had to drive home SO FAST… Stickers were waiting this new helmet and I couldn’t wait to get ’em on..


Stickers are cheap and can be used so many ways. Older the sticker, more nostalgic look right? Hype around this is quite minimal but we underground people love shit like it!

“If there is free space, you can shove sticker on it..!”
Yours: Jay “The mad sticker tuner”