A.K.A “StickerPorn”


God damn! They say that when you’re kid everything circles around stickers. Well it’s true, perhaps even hidden truth.

When you’ll be brave enough in MD’s office or dentist you’ve get sticker to take home. Sometimes parents buy small sheets for kiddos and they even don’t realize that this will be part of us whole of our lives.

Dunno, maybe I’m only weird “adult” that likes stickers and tuning stuff with ’em.. When you did use stickers last time? I’m ordering huge mix/lot from Malysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Why from Asian countries? Simple answer: “IT’S CHEAP” well yeah, and stickers are still big thing back there..

MacBook cover sticker tuning…

Everything must be full of sticker so it feels cosy and like home. Yeah, that’s my mental problem but hey, we all have problems.

Installing stickers, so called “StickerPorn” is really REALLY therapeutic thing to do, I highly recommend it to every one.

Kiddo started skateboarding and kick boarding this summer and of course first thing we did were sticker tuning to both equipments.. Like I tend to say: “You Can’t do the backflip, if your Skate don’t have any stickers..”

Stickers can be used literally everything, helmets, car bumpers, boards, laptops, phones… Fuck even whole walls if you have enough passion. Although I’m pretty sure that this whole thing has started from luggage tuning but who knew…

My skateboard helmet, my passion…

I was buying new helmet for this summer and right after shopping I had to drive home SO FAST… Stickers were waiting this new helmet and I couldn’t wait to get ’em on..


Stickers are cheap and can be used so many ways. Older the sticker, more nostalgic look right? Hype around this is quite minimal but we underground people love shit like it!

“If there is free space, you can shove sticker on it..!”
Yours: Jay “The mad sticker tuner”

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