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Once Upon a time, north side of the Arctic Circle. . .

https://m.soundcloud.com/vauhti/vauhti-seinasta-seinaan (Backround track of the day)

When you’re having a “Bom Dia” with your brothers of madness, it can’t get any better. Crazy cool and sunny winter day, last day of holiday and over 60miles to home. Many kind of delicious meal, like open flame toasted cow’s heart, Homemade Naan-bread and many more. Can’t forget the greatest Coffee flavored Vodka Laplandia from Tyrnävä of the Finland..

I have always thought that there is only potatoes in Tyrnävä but how wrong I have been, looks like there’s also potato based Vodka.. how convenient I must say.

Some people don’t like masks?!? I can’t relate because I have always been addicted to all kind masks. Maybe my fixation to the masks has started in my early childhood years. In the age of nine to ten I found masked massacres in movie plots.. Jason, Myers, Maniac cop and B-class horror/splatters took me away, I’m still on that round I think.

Sometimes I even do tattoos with some kind mask on, don’t ask why.. My reason to use masks are same when I use shades. “Image is nothing, style is everything”  add says in somewhere, can’t remember where.

Back to this great day, snowboarding, skiing and having just old school fun in the snow. After cold day outside the cabin the aint no better thing to do than go to sauna.. Few beer and random music, singing, dancing with friends. Evening dish is simple: Sausages, roasted pork and chips.

I ain’t no adrenaline junkie but I enjoy days that are different than normal. Need for speed is definitely built into me. People who I call friends are similar with me, they like to have good time and have no plans on their free time. One reason why I don’t always take trips to Arctic hills etc, is because I live to spend my time at home… playing video games with my friends or on the public sessions worldwide. 80’s kid like me is living the time of our life.

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve got time to all this: Family, kids, friends, good times, training, getting tattoos, making tattoos, writing, studying, playing games, watching movies and working daily..? Well, maybe the magic behind all this is that I really don’t plan anything, living day by day..

Mornings after the days like this deserves good breakfast. Strong coffee (non-vodka based) bread, meat and eggs. Next day after is also called: “soda-day” candy, chips, sausages, huge amounts of Coca Cola and of course, time with your dear friends.

I highly recommend to all wear mask or shades some beautiful day and having a good time with friends.

Thanks for reading, to the next time…

Background music from the awesome @vauhti (SoundCloud) https://m.soundcloud.com/vauhti

Amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube) https://youtu.be/8CZcmYTIEQw

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