S U M M E R memories and more..


Yes! Like seen, my mobile-traveling-loitering-energy-saving- camp, is whole new level of awesomeness!!! I’ll get some food and wine in the cooler, guitar to go and adventure is everywhere I want. This bicycle child carrier whatsoever thing almost went to the dumpster. When I saw it, immediately THE FUTURE flashed in front of my eyes AND I DIVED THERE TO SAVE IT!!! Must say: “other man’s garbage, is another man’s treasure.

There I was finding my peace..

Sure, even how much you’ll spend your time in the woods… you can bring the noise and a skateboard.

Nothing last forever man! Yup, I know… sadly the summertime in the Arctic Circle won’t last. If you blinked, you’ve lost it for good. When summertime passes SO FAST, you learn to love every aspect of it. There ain’t absolutely no time to waste. If there is a heatwave, better go to the beach, it won’t last long I promise you that.

River moving equipment

Moving around the river with my trusty old electric engine. Of course there is opinion, if you don’t want to use the engine, but I’ve got the solar Power in my house, so who’s counting.

First we don’t see sun in few months, only darkness… but THEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS!

After summer vibes

I can’t describe it well, but we all go LOCO!!! After long time when we finally get sun back, it’s so rewarding. Just like seeing old friend. Sure we still have ridiculously lot snow and freezing weather, but no one cares… BBQ outside and wine!!! Bonus in this is that it’s ecological way to freeze your drinks when ‘‘em freezes to your hand. Hopefully this gives the joy in your day, summer is still far away, but it’s still coming… yours Jay


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