The perfect cup of coffee!

Hear me out coffee lovers out there.
I’m coffee enthusiast and proud about it…

I started drinking coffee very young, probably too young and the doctor has told recently: “You drink too much”

These days, I’ve changed my coffee sipping habit few steps to the more reasonably way.

Still I’m drinking around seven cups a day, which is minimum amount for me if I don’t want terrible headache.

Morning coffee is the most crucial moment of my day, had to imagine situation where I wouldn’t drink it.

At the daytime my habits have changed and I’m drinking more tea than I did earlier.

Have to be honest, it’s not the same but it keeps me away from drinking liters of that black golden liquid.

I’ve tried to move straight to the tea drinking, but the headache always takes me back to coffee pan.

Let’s dug in the perfect up of coffee.

You need one espresso/mocha pan.

Step one.
Perfect coffee beans for your taste isn’t easy task to find, I had to taste many different beans before I found the perfect for my taste.

There is absolutely no easy shortcut for this and it takes time, but when you find the perfect… My god it’s perfect.

My advice to you is: “USE TIME AND EFFORT”
I could point you to the right direction, but it would be my perfection and it would probably not work for your taste.

Luckily normal grocery store, even the small ones have hundreds of options available.

Go out and check out what you’ll find.
Results may impress you.
Coffee grinder
Finding a coffee grinder is also tricky.
I’ve tried few before finding the perfect one for me.

I like to grind manually, this system takes bit time and effort, but it’s fun part of coffee making.

Grinding your beans takes somewhere around 10 minutes.
You can smell the aroma of coffee when doing this.
Also you can adjust the grinder in the process.

Here is one very important step.
Don’t stomp it too tight!
Fresh water from the kettle
This is also important if you don’t want you coffee bitter.

Always use kettle for preheating the water, before using the mocha pan.

Using this method gives the smoothest taste and aroma your coffee.

I’m using stove in low heat, because pushing the pressure out of the pan too fast, makes it bitter again.

It takes little bit time but results are so much better.

Making coffee like this means, you’ll have to watch every second from the beginning to the end.

Don’t do anything else at this point!
Golden liquid
Now you’re almost done.

When pan starts to make sound, pressure makes big gurgling sound, you’ll have to move pan under the running cold water before your coffee gets bitter.

Trust me, if you keep it too long on the stove, the heat ruins your coffee.


This is the really important part of the coffee making.

You’ll have to clean the pan and all those parts and rinse them well.

There can be absolutely no stains from coffee making.

If you don’t clean it good, your next coffee will be bitter again.

If you like to use milk in your coffee (ugh..) remember to warm it and make it foam... and yeah, use milk that has fat.

Then if you know how to make those visually beautiful foam heart whatsoever, good for you.

This is the way of making the perfect cup of coffee, enjoy it without rush and take your time enjoying it.
Read a book or just don’t do anything.

Your. “Coffee narc” Jay

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