”The Way Of Graffitti” illegal artform.

art, streetart
Street art is hated and loved art form which you can see every where.

I have always loved to photograph those.

In my opinion, every place should be filled with art.
If there is a wall, just do it!

Sure I do understand those who don’t like tags or dirty words written everywhere, but when those artists have time and tools, mostly the work is stunning and clever.
Still every city is filled with tags and graffiti paintings, no matter where you are.

I think that city without tags or paintings looks boring.
I’m also one of those who starts laughing hysterically if I see something really clever and funny.

Best backstages of clubs have restrooms filled with all kind of meaningless written words, but like I said earlier, I love it.
Some places have huge tags for few day and then it disappears under the new one and to the artists, it’s okay.
Most of them are fine with the idea.

It’s not meant to last.

Often I find myself searching and looking tags under the bridges or in the streets.
Mostly tags in the underground are just a boring mess, but sometimes you’ll get surprised with the clever idea or place.

Like in this picture, there is only boring mess, but in time when the walls will be filled, it turns pretty cool.

Just like I always say:
“ugly is ugly, but if you add it enough, it turns gorgeous..”
There was one wooden house, really old and filled with tags.

When old wooden building is tagged from every side, it turned quite awesome.

Never I have seen anything like this before.

This old building was close to city called Oulu.

City itself is very old and scenery is quite astonishing.

Tags like this, of course are illegal vandalism, but to me they are just perfect weird mixed art form what I love to photograph.
This last picture is from the docks or some kind dam.
Close to sea anyhow.

There was jogging routes at the park and these granite tables has been canvas for some tag artists.

Lovely way of making streets more dope!

Yours. “Tag lover” Jay

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