E-Scooter for life!

activities, traveling
Yes Greta Thurnberg, I’m trying my best, leave me be.

I’ve been traveling 1700km with solar power, not bad I must say.
This 1700km comes in 6 month time period.

Feels good to know that I’m not leaving Co2 when i’m visiting my friend and family.

For some years I’ve been wondering: “why we are in the situation where you must use 1000kg metallic machine for moving the 80kg person..?

Well let’s be honest, im more like 115kg but you’ll get the point.

Most of the times when I need a transportation is when i’m visiting someone, while I go to the gym or when I have to go to the work.

Sure, we have many months of the year when we don’t have any solar energy, because of the dark days and at the winter time, we have so much snow that driving is almost impossible. Then of course the freezing weather, which sucks the battery dry in a blink.

If you forget all that, it’s great way of transportation.
Mounted lunchbox
There was of course small problem..
”Where do I put my lunchbox?”
Solution was quite simple, small bag under the seat and problem solved.
Hail Megatron!
Small detail to notice!
My eScooter is Decepticon, so there is sometimes weird situations with traffic… you know…

Nothing big, but mostly one big ass red truck and yellow Camaro has been circling around.

But they go away when I’m hopping on, no hard feelings.

After nights there might be small impact injuries. (Damn you Autobots)
Driving video.
Like seen on that small clip, moving around is quite slow. (25km/h)
In Finland it’s the maximum speed.

You can drive just like the cyclists and you have mostly same law to obey.

But even it’s bit slow comparable to the electric cycles, It’s way faster than walking.

On the bright side, this version has remotely controlled anti theft system just like in cars.

Very handy If you’re visiting at store.

Battery range with my weight is around 100km/charge.

Then about 6 hours and it’s fully charged.
BohoWagen for additional moving
Sometimes you just need to go with more stuff… then solution is this.

Really fun way of moving important stuff like: guitar, cooler etc.

All kind of accessories which you need at the beach for example.
Let’s hope that this summer will be warm and joyful.

Yours. “Green feat” Jay

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