Handmade artwork and carving

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“Ho ho ho, I’ve got a……swivel knife..”

Image on the front is statue called: “Seppo” back in the days when my kids were young, I scared them with “Seppo” all the time.. “If you don’t eat your meal Seppo will come, if you don’t play nice Seppo will appear under the bed..” I told them that when boogieman goes to sleep, he checks under the bed for Seppo… precious memories!

To the point, I have done lots of stuff from leather, kinda fun… take a look.

Here is few “souvenirs” everything related with something dark and wicked, Wicca stuff you could say.. I live on the north side of the Arctic Circle and everything I created has own special curse. If someone wanted a curse bones I can make it, but beware.. it really works. Cursed myself in the past by accident and I have suffered years.. but it works.

Here is few drums that I made for jamming sessions. Mostly for kids but works well with adults too. Sound is really authentic and raw.

Our jamming session with friends includes many kind of instruments. Guitar, Pandeiro, drums, buckets (yeah buckets) singers, ukulele, and berimbau.. music style is mostly reggae and rap, but sometimes you just have to rock.

This hand bracelet and belt is made from old handbag, recycling you know. So much fun with these two, haven’t found “carriers” for these but maybe someday.

Totally cruel free jewelry..These cosplay knifes I also made from recycled materials, other one from old boots and other from old scrap leather.. working methods are still pretty raw but I’m upgrading my studio all the time.

Leather carving like I promised on the first sentence. Upgrading like I said, bought a swivel knife and tested on this piece of leather, turned out pretty fine… So many things to learn with this carving stuff but I got high hopes with this path.

Last but not least is this post apocalyptic cosplay knife and sheet. Steampunk has always been style that I love most.

Idea for this knife came from the new Mad Max movie and Fallout games. I have salvage all kind old rusty pieces of jewelry that online to use on these. Rusty look after all is neat. Leather for this project I found from second hand store, old handbag again… Sewing is handmade because I still haven’t mastered my sewing machine. I got it from grandma who got it from her mom, so it’s quite old.. needs some time to get used to it, probably some maintenance too. Maybe some of these future post will be about studio and tools that I use.. who knows.

have a good week people and keep suffering while you listen some Halloween tunes..

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