My favorite way of cooking is open fire BBQ.

The mysteries and the methods for open fire cooking, can’t be learned from books.
With my experience, I can tell you that there ain’t no shortcut for mastering this method.
There are no buttons which you can turn and make heat go down or up.
I have failed so many times in the outdoor kitchen that I have lost count. If you have ever thought about the open fire cooking, I highly recommend it, but beware!
This method takes time.

I have one dear friend who has a reindeer farm some kind and he is also hunting many kind of animals for food.

Time to times when he visits me, he brings me that pure and perfect reindeer meat.

It’s absolutely fat free and the taste, oh the taste..
Game meat is something else than normal veal or pig.

Especially when you mix mushrooms in the stew.
Reindeer stew and potatoes
The smoke and open fire gives also the perfect crisp, but also the flavor.

I’ve heard weird word called: UMAMI on many cooking shows and I’m quite sure that’s what you taste when you are cooking and seasoning well.
Mushrooms for the stew
Sure the timing of the year is quite crucial, because the best of mushrooms are ready to collect at the autumn time.

I like to dry mushrooms with veggie dryer.
This method gives me the ability to use all those delicious mushrooms around the year.
Sometimes I even use mushrooms with fish.

Next picture shows the regular catch from the home beach, close to my home.

This specific fish I like to cook with smoker.

I’m using branches of the juniper tree.

Juniper gives just perfect amount of smoke when cooked at open fire.
European perch
I’m so excited at this time of the year, I’m just waiting the moment when rest of the snow melts away and I can start cooking outdoors.

Normally at summertime, I won’t use indoor stove, or oven at all. Everything will be barbecued outside.

Only bummer with summer here is those damn mosquitoes, but they don’t bother if there is enough of smoke around.

Trust me on this, there will be enough smoke.

Yours. “Outdoor-chef” Jay