Blocks after blocks… then few blocks more and line!

There was a time when I was standing on the squiggly line before in front yard of the shopping mall.

First change to test 8bit NES.
It was stand alone demo machine, where you could test the game about 5 minutes.

Those 5 minutes after hours of waiting, was totally worth it.
I thought that gaming of my lifetime will begin now, on this day!

If entertainment systems at home can be so beautiful and easy to use as the NES, we should never again have to eat lunch between C64 game cassette loading screen. (Go ask you dad)

This is literally “GAME CHANGER”… for a life !

I was blown away, when I was aiming with that orange light pistol and those ducks were dropping from the air.

Humans have evolved to the level, that anything is possible now!

Well poor kid from poor family of drunks, sure didn’t get the console, but I was using that demo version at the shopping mall, every single day after school.

Because of the time limit, you had to get better and faster on the progress and I did.

My god, I was fast after month, but then I reached some kind of end of demo and got tossed around all the way to the beginning.

King of shopping mall was born!

It took time when I actually had a chance to play the game, but I already knew something bout the game.

Enough of that, back to the topic.

Bought Minecraft game for kiddo, because every friend of his was gaming it.

Kiddo started to play it, I started to draw it…
What the Fox say?
There was something hypnotic in this open world game, those blocks around blocks looks familiar…
That’s a fox, that’s a pig”, I’m shouting and pointing to the screen while drawing this block inspired fox.

Although I have already played the games which are visually stunning, movie like masterpieces…

Getting so inspired from game like this is not an option for me anymore, sure I do remember that kid from the mall who was blown away, but “water has floated in the river” after that.

Twist coming up?!?
Zombies? Well, zombies are always the next logical step in movie business, but this one I did not expect.
First you were walking in the woods, cutting wood and rocks.. Oh there’s a bunny rabbit, cow, pig and Zombie?
What’s next, walking skeleton army? Haw haw!!!

*Arrow hits to the target*
Skeleton, because why not?
Oh come on, did you just got shot by a skeleton?
This is getting so ridiculous that it amuses me.

Still it’s hard to understand why to do game where is only blocks after blocks…? Is this really that interesting?
Hard to tell, because I have played early games, where you was the left/right moving block shooting tiny blocks against the big square blocks, which exploded after the successful hit to a smaller blocks..

Also there was no open world or levels, everything just moved faster until you eventually DIED!

This is why, I’m not interested about block games anymore.
It’s visual and filled with stuff but nah…

Hold on, what’s that?
Black block stealing what so ever…
This goofy fellow had a name, but I don’t remember it anymore.
Let’s call him: “Black block stealing what so ever”

You can dug holes and find something or not, then you can go fishing, but must aware the water-zombie.
Best way to get some wish is to wait in somewhere…

Sorry lad, you lost me there.
I have born in Finland and this country LIVES on standing in the line.
I want absolutely ZERO waiting in games, sorry.

Weird thing is that we are always waiting in line here Finland.

In kindergarten they teach kids to stand in the line, when you are going out to play.
Also you stand in line, when you are waiting for food.

Same thing continues at the school.
You are only good person if you can stand in line without goofing around.

At army, marching in straight line, waiting food in line etc, etc…

It’s literally everywhere in our lives, shops, banks, you name it.

Modern people like me, needs also information where to stand.
Sure you have seen it? (STAND HERE) (WAIT HERE) (KEEP 1m DISTANCE) or those painted foot prints that n the floor.

“Oh there is new iPhone on sale” let’s all get in the line!

Guilty! I was standing in the line waiting to play shopping mall demo NES.

I’m still trying my best not to go in lines.

Morning traffic is one stupid example. Everyone wants to start working at 7am, meaning must leave from home, little bit before that LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Then standing in the line with car, letting the road rage spoil your morning.
Funny thing, looks like everyone is doing this.

I found solution to this problem, my work day starts 7.15am and trust me not, there ain’t no traffic at all.
I do not have to stand in line at once.

Groceries store has found a great way to help people like me.
Those wonderful self checkout machines which you can you without standing in line.

Ordering robots in burger joints, where you can order and pay without line standing.

Internet/apps so you can order food or you can make an appointment.

After all that, I found myself standing in line waiting my turn to get my turn in voting booth.

Have a great day and don’t forget to shut your mouth when standing in line next time.

Yours Jay.