Football fans…Huh?


So Football it is! (song for background)

This piece was for surprise Manchester United fan. I just love that enthusiastic what those stirred people have… If your team wins you go and dance in the streets, if your team loses beat the crap out of your rival fans.



Logo itself was almost original so there was no need for changes. Font is somekind British like:..ish I think. Two different stencils were made and only problem was targeting whole thing in the centre of shoulder. Big guy like this one needs big tattoo for shoulder so it was clear that we don’t make a small one. (fans here this out)


Lots of blacks and tight places where (7Round liner) and (9Round Shader) also (7Flat Shader) was handy… Shady outlines with “Snow white” colour was giving the final touch and glow..

What I learned..?

Sure I did hear the whole Manchester story from beginning to this day. About tattoo? I´m starting to think that this sort of tattoos needs background, something shady or flags, balls banderolls etc.. Letters would need more grey wash to  be more “alive” Maybe (Bigger is better) again would be good idea. After all, Football fans are crazy and there is no “too big” if the plan is about team you S/O for… Myself? Football?..Nah I`m more into boxing! (Finishing song)

Thanks again for reading my mambo-jambo…Hooya!

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