Viking runes tattoo day!

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"Finns have the power of darkness, Finns are wizards"
This was the cry of the Viking warriors who feared nothing...
nothing but the power of the Finns in their dark forests.
-Unknown warrior

Korpiklaani - Album🎵

I just love everything related with Scandinavian mythology and Norse Mythology.

I have born and lived on the north side of Arctic Circle my whole life and this is my heritage.

I’m a north man, living in those dark forests.

I have no sea close to me, but I have forest and thousands of lakes.

This next tattoo has many runes from Norse Mythology and there is also a little twist, which I will explain later on.

First you must watch the picture number 1.
Picture number 1.
There is lots of Runes in this tattoo, eight to be precise.

Some of the runes are in “mirror image” for a reason, which I will reveal in the end of this blog.

List of runes used:

• “Haglaz” or “Hagalaz”
• “Raido” or “Raidho”
• “Othila” or “othala”
• “Berkana” or “Berkano”

• “Eihwaz” or “Ihwaz”
• “Inguz” or “Ingwaz”
• “Wunjo”
• “Ansuz”

I have studied from books and many several places for the meaning for these specific runes and you can do the same from the internet or some place you favor.

Library is a good place to start

This was not so painful place to tattoo. Only the pinky area hurts.
9Round shader was used in the process and 7round shader for the tight spots.

This idea came some time ago, sketched on my notebook while I was on the lecture of history.

This tattoo idea changed many times before the final form.

I’m happy with this and hopefully it will heal well and fast.


This was the hardest part of the picture.
I wanted a writing:
1982 BORN

You have to look upside down to see how we done it.

Check the picture 2.
Picture 2.
There you have it. 

1 9 8 2

Damn it was so hard to make those runes look like writing.

There is also meaning in that “Othala” rune.

If you watch only that rune, you’ll see the head of the deer, which is my spiritual animal and one part of my family heritage name.

There you have it, have a great day!

Yours. “Forest people” Jay

Black like a butthole of the black bull in the moonless night…

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Oh the black work.

For beginning I must say this.
Only the black is my work. IDK the artist of that woman and those small missiles, I do know that picture has something to do with the violent history of Finland.
And the text was something like: “The name is omen”

My brother wants the whole hand inked black.
There is another artist who do the scarification to this hand when it’s ready and by ready, I mean whole black.

There is quite job to do when your objective is to get inked black.
Backgrounds black.
Brother loved this lady in his hand and wanted to keep her untouched.
I say it again, only the black are my work.

Had to use SO big needle in this.
13 magnum were the smallest and the 30 was biggest.
I even had to change my power unit for the “oldie” version, which allows enough power to the tattoo gun.

Power unit what I normally use, works just fine with needles as big as 13, but 30 is too much.
It’s even visually painful to make this big blackwork.

Customer really needs some attitude for sitting out session like this.
Of course the wrist area is painful, but after this much work, everything hurts like hell… Even the sound of the machine hurts, believe it or not.

Keep yourself hydrated in the progress…

Bombs away
When you’re moving to the armpit area, it’s even worse than the wrist area.
Been there, done them both and didn’t like it.

Still I have to say from my experience, neck and chest are the worst for big coloring work.

Moving around the bombs, I had to change 13 round shader.
Especially this needle is so fine to use in those tight turns, I love to use it!
Another side of the wrist
In this point, my brother was exhausted from hours of work…
Can’t blame him, there was so much tattooing behind already.
I could continued longer but pain was growing too much to handle in this point.

We finished in the wrist and must say, that was brave thing to do in one session.

Yes there will be still few sessions before we are done, but this is a great start.

Scarification to be completely done, your “canvas” needs to be whole black and healed well.

After healing those black areas will be cut and the cuts will heal as new scars, or something like that.

I’m not sure, I have never seen scarification in my life.

This kind of body modifications are not my cup of tea, I’m staying in tattoos ad piercings.

Stay cool people.

Yours. “Blackworker” Jay

Gone tattooing…


This was shouted when I was a kid and
We were playing one of the most iconic board game.

Actually, I still do.. play this game and shout.

Even the cover of the game looks good.
Check it out.
Star of the Africa

“You had to be the first adventurer, who will find the big-ass diamond called: “African Star”…”

Sure… took some time to make this work, but we finally found the way to make this calf tattoo to look perfect.

We had to keep 2 hour long brainstorm involved with the board game itself.
We copied the map, bandit, fly routes and tribal people.

Tattoo turned out so beautiful and only brain twisting thing was those green shades from the playing board.
There were so many shades of green.

My skilled tattoo mentor did this piece and I’m so happy about it.

Let’s move on to my latest black work oldies.
Diskey Mouse”
First it was only goofy idea which turned to the  tattoo flash.

Diskey Mouse is so stupid idea that it works.

Everyone ever has thought about this in some point, right?

…or… is it really… only me…?

Used only the 9round shader for this work.

Okay, let’s move to the next one.
Let me play you a song of my people. *uumpabuumba*
This little trumpeter idea came from some old art piece.

I still haven’t seen the original, but I sure want to see it.

If all the band members looks like this… I can’t wait.

I used 7round liner for those outlines and 9round shader for fill up.

Shading was made with black/water mixture.
Different shades of grey.
Pure black, 50%, 25%, 10%… and so on.

Grey wash is important part of pants like this, boots are all black.

Let’s check another one.
Smiley face, PunkRock!
Friend brought this flash because he got Nirvana vibes out of it.
I’m also getting those weird Ledger vibes.

This funny punk rock tattoo I made only using 14round liner.

It’s really fun to make oldie outlines with 14round liner or 9round shader.

Both giver good strong lines.
It’s also really effective, when you try to make lines look like ripped.

To the next piece.
Reaper of the bears
This Reaper has deeper darker secret.
It’s already second time when we added more details.

My friend is a legendary bear hunter and every cross is for fallen monster.

He has 6th sense about bears and I’m quite sure that all those mama bears tell horror stories about the reaper of the woods.

Don’t get me wrong, he hunts ‘em only when ordered.
It’s some sort of predator patrol.

Jump ahead..
Ghost of something..

“Tattoo making is really intense art form”

We checked a big pile of tattoo flashes and found this demon head.

7round liner and 9round shader was used for this.

First test with these new “EU approved Inks” probably good thing, dunno… but it works nicely.
Mixes well with water and looks good.

Totally worth of money.

That’s all for now folks, catch you later.

Yours. Jay

Perhaps the weirdest year so far…

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It has been ages inside, not seeing anyone.

On the bright side i must say, havent watched so much movies or played PlayStation than last year.

Okay, yeah I know… back to the point, tattoos that was made inside the lockdown.

Here we go. Text is big hard to translate to English but long story short… it’s something about how you make your bed if you’ll use too much methamphetamine, hard to explain because it’s a joke in Finnish language. Trust me it’s fun.

Old school bed

Needles that I used in this on was only 14R liner and 9R shader.

Tribal ink black was used for color. Really neat piece to do, some of the spots were so tight for that big fat liner.

Letters I free handed with sharpies. It’s much easier to add place for writing if your picture is set ready.

This next piece was super fast to do. Used only 14R liner and tribal black ink.


Idea was to have cartoon stylish black barbed wire. Not much to tell about this one, it was finished pretty fast.

Good looking piece, I remember the time when Pamela Andersson made tattoos like these, very famous.. oh the times..

Okay, next one is some sort of “coat of arms” – of birthplace.. or something.

Coat of arms of some place around Ostrobothnia

Needles for the job: 9R shader. Nothing else needed.

These small piece was so darn hard to do, stiff lines and tight spots.

Sometimes it feels that, easier looking picture, harder the job.. I sweated on this, must say..

Like said, really hard year because haven’t seen people and not been able to go anywhere.. Now we have situation so good that we can gather around on the rock festivals again… perhaps it’s also time to start put some ink under the skin.. stay safe and positive people, we are close to normal in some places.. peace..✌️

Tattoos “Old Skool” and broken bones…


Great weekend for y’all!

🎶(Background madness track)🎶 
Frozen bear on the featured image has nothing to do with anything, I’m just gave high five to him.. It’s like the new song from Dante, story tells about homeless guy from Bogotá who stole the dump truck, high respect from the idea. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything but it was meant to happen because ROCK ‘N’ ROLL never dies..!

(Dante Official Video)          

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Story of the broken leg.

Friend of my dropped by to my house, “coffee I seek..” he said. Well the door is always open for my friends. He also brought his kiddo who had broken leg and she was unhappy I must say. “Can you draw something to my leg cast?” She asked… Hell yeah, I could draw up something.. After one hour sketching with sharpies it was ready. Smile on her face was like an trophy..

Few days later things got cool twist…

Dad showed up…

Could you tattoo that skull from leg cast..?”       

 After ten minutes we were already starting the stencil. Awesome idea for reminding about unlucky summer of his daughter..

Making of:

Stencil on and red shades freehanded. 7Round Liner for outlines and few different shaders: 13Magnum Shader, 9Flat shader and 9 Round shader for those tight spots. It’s always tricky to shade tight places, I prefer to use 9 Round Shader, but also 13Magnum shader is great on tight spots.. Sounds crazy but curvy needle goes easily in tights spots…

Many different blue shades and about three different shades of green, hippies would say: “Greenpeace colors” Right..

I started from outlines and colored after that this piece was colored from black to grey, huge amount of blue and that really covers stencil more than black, don’t ask me why…

It turned out pretty damn fine. So epic work to do and this I will remember long time.. what’s the odds for that you first draw it to the leg cast of kiddo, then tattoo shoulder for the dad.. LOL! 

Thanks for reading and remember:             

 If someone don’t like your tattoos… you can always say: “My tattoos don’t like you neither”      

 Stay sharp people and never forget to ROCK!

Music by @Vauhti

Amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Special thanks to Bogotá’s Hellhounds Dante, check ’em out (YouTube)


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Back in the days I watched lot’s of cartoons. Teenage years I was drawing many sheets from the comic books, later on I started to draw caricature pictures about my surroundings. This was also the time when I lost my passion to the art and sketching. I’ve got it back in time but several years it took time.

One my dear friend from Catalonia told me, that Cookie Monster was one of those joyful moments of his childhood. Next logical step as an adult is of course taking tattoo to your shoulder.. Really easy to understand, been there done that!

Making of:

This spectacular piece I’ve started with very accurate stencil, I marked all the black spots and outlines. Normally I would started by making the outlines but this time was different. My mentor always says about shading techniques and going from grey to black. Huge change for my shading technique, because I’ve done it always from black to grey. Maybe the reason for all this is this caricature drawing history of me. 

I have noticed that strong lines and shades what I use in those, works so much better with old school pictures.

In the beginning I marked all the black spots with grey wash, using 13MAGNUM Shader and around 5% ink/water mixture. Next I changed needles and machine to the 7ROUND LINER and made all those outlines. In this point I already had a problem with stencil rub off. Hardest thing was to stay in those outlines. Coloring was also a hand full, but because l the dark spots were marked it was easier to apply. Four different kind shades of blue and it’s finish. In those really tight spots I were using 7FLAT Shader and 9ROUND Shader.

Very Interesting and tough piece to do, and he took it well..

I’m really happy with this piece and saw it healed just few days ago. Intenze colors were used again. Definitely going to use this technique on my future work. 

Next time, more work.. thanks for your time. 

Yours: Jay

Audio masterpiece from the one and only @vauhti and amusement from monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Making of few tattoos..

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So the year has changed, and break for this writing thing is over again..
Lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with my study process that I haven’t wrote anything. (Apologizes for that)
Break from tattooing also has taken few months. Of course something has come to the table, can’t stop doing what you love…

Next piece we’re interesting because many reasons, first of all… AMBIGRAM…! You just have to love those..  These always reminds me about the beauty of the horror movies, writing seems to be something way different purpose.

She had crazy “near death experience” and her life were saved by Her bff.. She wanted the scar and tattoo combination in her stomach, to remind her about that, the rest of her life.. (Scar was already there, only tattoo I made)

Making of:

Beginning and stencil was easy to apply because she had ready pic with her.. She is one of my regulars and so much fun to work with..

7Round liner and 9Round Shader was my choice today. Before starting to do those lines I knew that the hardest part about this was the place.. It’s really complicated place to keep skin tight all the time..

Lines done and only the filling up more to go… In this point AGAIN I realize how to improve my work in near future. This happens so often, but I think it’s good for me. This tattoo could look much softer if I had made from the beginning just using that 9Shader, and for the client it would be easier to handle.. Less time you use to break skin, less time it takes to heal..

Black and white from Intenze I used and those are really smooth mixing inks to use.

It turned out pretty damn fine, so much fun to work small tattoos like this.
This next one were small also, Star Wars HC-fan of course..

Star Wars symbols

This was especially hard piece to do, not because of the symbols but the forces of the nature.. FAKIN HUGE Thunderstorm in the making of outlines, coloring had to do next time.. These were the selected symbols and that red line was freehanded for giving colors.

Making of:

First time I used 7Round liner and second time 14round liner, 9flat shader for coloring parts. Especially hard one to make stencil straight. Definately learned the hard lesson about forces of nature, if the weather gives you chills and keeps cutting lights off, don’t start.

Afterward thinking I would wait for better weather, also I would use liner only in those tight spots. I really have to start using more shaders so my tattoos get more…softer? I mean the influence of the contrast.. 

Both tattoos were so much fun to do.. thanks for reading!
Music by the one and only @vauhti (SoundCloud) and amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)