FC Liverpool!


Football, Football aye brothers football!

Fanatic fans, I love those mates. Every idea is good idea for tattoo if you’re brave enough…  “slogan” inside the ball and kiddos birthdates next to it.  Awesome idea and sketch was ready. Font was from somewhere, I don’t even know where but it works. Last time  football-head was Manchester fan, and this time Liverpool… Here is the Twist: THOSE GUYS ARE BROTHERS! Hah, I understand “braw” situation but this is so much fun. Think about those two watching game together?!?


Letters and numbers were ready to go and only thing to do was making it fit to shoulder. Round “Ball” was freehanded.


Making of..

(7Round shader) and (7Flat shader) was my choose and this one was really sharp one to make. Many tiny things and colours came from FC Liverpool… Couple of white details on shades and it was done.

What I learned..?

Next time i´m going to use also (9Round shader) to make tougher lines in letters, looks more alive and texture maybe needs that.

We`ll see what team will show up next time.. HAH!

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