Knots and tribals…


Here We go again…

Celtic cross, knots, tribals etc. For some reason place is always behind of you, neck or upper back right..? I have no idea why everybody wants that. 


I’m not saying that it looks bad but why not to the arm or leg? Does it really have to be behind of you for Everyone? Apperently yes..


Simple one to make, drawing was from some flash collection and no shadings needed.

Lets get started!

(7Round liner) did these outlines and (9Round shader) colours. Only problem I crashed was stencil what was literally running out from skin. That is problem in pictures like this… Many tough turns and no way I would let this stencil to slip away from my hands. Finished finally and every outline was in right place!

Learning section

I did have precious lesson about stencil and how important is to keep your hands away from the area you’re going with needle. Wipe off with green soap and make rest of the stencil go away…Ugh never again.

Celtic knot with letters

 First letters from siblings names inside the knot, why not…? Behind, upper back? Sure, let’s do it! 


Knot and letters were ready and size decided… No time wasted, let’s go!


What I learned?

Definitely that choosing place is very important and size does matter. If I would do this pic right away again it would be “WAY” bigger… Letters would be also bigger and when you got more space, you can do more details..

Fades away. . . C-Ya!

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