Rock ‘n’ roll, all night Long…!


Everyone has at least that one favorite band, only few of ’em has so easy to recognise stuff than… Stray Cats! My first touch to this band was when I was doing my “Army time” in the middle of nowhere. One guy from my unit was rockabilly in blood and I mean he literally talked about it all day long. Stray cats, Nekromantix, Demented Are Go, Tiger Army, Mad Sin… Just couple to mention, I didn’t know anything about this lifestyle because I’ve always been heavy metal dude… Of course I played my Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Pirates but all this Rockabilly stuff was kinda new thing… Guy who came for this is again my “test-human” and he told me that Stray cats had big influence in his life, so we had one mission to complete! 


He had picture about Stray cats And it was taken from the painting which is hanging on his wall.. Very simple lines and old school colours, hard part was that greasy hair and place where we put it. Old pics were in that area and this has to fit to them, style and colour you know…


Let’s beat that skin…!

Idea was the make it look like that painting. (7Round shader) for outlines (9Round shader) to tight spots, (13Flat shader) did the rest. Couldn’t change original too much but small things with good taste. Colours had to match pic next to it and upcoming background…

What I learned from this piece?

Definitely rock ‘n’ roll ain’t dead and rockabilly attitude still goes on Shading and greywash for the hair I would do bit differently next time but I’m quite happy of this one… Some tight turns made me thing that maybe I should give a change to those “magnums” in some point and “Vortex-Grip” that I tried very first time today was absolutely the best I’ve hold by far… Going to use stainless steel grips at future because “Vortex-Grips” are way too expensive…

Boom-Chakka-Wah-Wah! Keep on rocking people! 

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