Hunters life…


So here we go again, hunter came by and gave me these pawns flash version. Wolf he said and reason because he likes to hunt. Walking in the forest hunting those furry animals sounds reasonable thing to do so why not. I’m not so much hunter if you don’t count hunting discounts and juicy burgers.. I still think it’s cool to have pawns in your arm. Wolf, cat, tiger, lion or what ever suits for your persona.


No changes had to do because flash was perfect he said…



(9Flat shader) and (7Round liner) was choice for this one. Area was again nice because it’s so easy to stretch. Hint of white to those highlighted areas and we’re done. 

What I learned???

Most of all that even small pawns looks good. It don’t have to be size “ENORMOUS” to make it look cool. In future if some hunter asks about idea, I’m definitely going to throw this idea around.

Hunt or be hunted… To the next time!”

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