Little bit fixing…


Fixing the ‘Ol piece…

Sometimes people just don’t want coverUp tattoo no matter how hard you try. Only reasonable thing to do is fixing it.  Not so easy as it sounds… If first “artist” has been totally useless amateur without any kind idea, it’s not easy way to start. Hearing the ideas what this tattoo should be at the first place makes me to think… What if I go darker and bigger?


Okay, first of all… Only thing what I could do ready is that hammer, rest of the pic I have to just pull out from my hat! Skulls he wants to save as they are so details, shades and colours will be choice of this piece.


       Before…                                      After…

Here we go..!

All four tattoo guns are ready to go, tuning up and (7Round liner), (9Round shader), (7Flat shader) and (13Flat shader) will be used… All I want to do is cover those skulls but that’s not an option this time, so details and more details… Soft outlines and lots of shading. Black to grey and from greywash to colours, mixing up with water to get all different tones of those colours. “Devil is in the details”

What i learned, or did i learn anything..?

It sure was a mess, on the bright side I must say that artist before me didn’t apperently knew what is black or he/she was using some bad ink. I was using tribal black and Intenze colours so… Not so hard to hide all those mistakes. Definitly hard part was that I had to “freehand” the whole area with Sharpies and just get into it. Can’t say what I do differently next time because i’m sure this kind “tattoos” just need epic “brainstorm” before it could look cool. Still I’m quite happy to this one.

C-ya at next time… More challenges coming up! 

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