Airbrushing, Paint

finally bought that airbrush, there was probably cheapest version of the world and that suit well for my purposes.  $83 kit and there was: pencil airbrush, some piece of shit paint, plugs, adapters, two hoses, airgun, and of course that compressor. Next I payed a visit to local paint store and bough white and black metallic airbrushing paint $19 for can.. That’s it, now I’ve got the whole thing!


No manual of course, googling and checking Youtube videos to see how this thing works. Paint thinner and paint to the mug and let’s go. First reaction was “wow!!” Works like a dream and compressor was quiet. Shading was natural and airbrush felt sharp and easy to use, cutting somekind flame stencil and helmet to the table. I wanted to do smoky ghost flames and had no idea what to do… Let’s find out!

Making of. . .


It turned pretty good and for the first time ever job I was satisfied. First white layers then black and it was ready. Approximately few hours to make this, not bad I think…


About airbrush? Well sure I know now that this thing is pretty sharp to use, gotta start training to use it. Paint is very important, water based color was first try and pretty soon I realized that it won’t work with this.. It had to be different kinda stuff. I love this airbrushing already and just can’t wait next project…

To the next time. . . Ta Ta!

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