Why should we judge people for what’s on their skin?


Amen to that..


I absolutely despise the way our society has completely shunned the idea of being different. Expressing yourself, or your opinion has been set aside as “weird”. I have seen this evident in my very household. All of a sudden dying your hair, getting another ear piercing, or even the suggestion of getting a tattoo has become a huge NO. Now I will admit that I’ve been putting wild colors in my hair since middle school, and they’ve said okay with an eye-roll. But I have had people at church come up to me and practically (without literally verbalizing it) tell me that I was going to Hell because of the blue streaks in my hair. And I’ve read the Bible, and I’m a Christian, and I’m pretty sure that nowhere in there does it say that blue hair=damnation. I understand the point about the body being a temple for Christ, but…

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