Snow sculptures making of!


There is two about 2 meter long logs inside this sculpture.

This slingshot will be used for shooting, so it needs to take a lot of pressure from pulling the rubber band.

Snow is one of my favorite building material.

There is many ways to make sculptures from snow, but I think the most effective way of building is to fill up a mold.

These plywood molds are so fast and fun way of making the sculptures.

Sure you must wait few days before engraving and shaping these snow blocks, but if you have time about an week, the results will amaze you.
Depression adjustment tool
Snow blocks has to be quite compact because shaping them with blades and saw, can cause collapsing and EPIC failure.
Ready for dismantling


As a sculpting material, snow has really different attribute than clay.

There is way of making unbelievable art from snow, but you have to be really careful.

There is no shortcut for happiness in snow sculpting.

If you are too greedy with cutting, collapse is the only result what you have.
Block to go
Living on the north side of the Arctic circle gives an advance in this hobby, because weather stays below the zero, so yeah, it’s cold…

Those blocks from the pictures are made for sculpting.

Rest is up to sculptors imagination.
When snow freezes, it turns quite tough.

But tougher it is, easier to work with.
Snowman aka Working man
When you are working outdoors in freezing weather, you need to be prepared well.

At the daytime sun is giving a nice warm touch to your cheeks, but facial hair will get frozen at the progress.

Still it’s really fun activity to do.
I think we have about 50 centimeters of snow right at the moment, so building material you have more than enough.

Every winter I’m building a snow castle for kiddos.
Sure there is a room where to make outdoor barbecue, for adults you know.
Then I carry my barbecue fireplace inside and its done.

On the bright side, if you like the cold drinks, you don’t have to make an effort to cool ‘em down.
Ready for sculptors
If you ever have an opportunity to try this art form, I really, really recommend it.

“Snow therapy” is the best kind of therapy at the winter time.

Every clay sculptor out there, GO FOR SNOW!

At the moment there is about -20C° and bit windy, so these blocks and slingshot will toughen pretty fast.

Stay warm people and cuddle yourselves.

Yours. Jay

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Mushroom hunting and fishing!

Both of these activities are perfect for adventure seeker.

If you first enjoy fishing under the midnight sun.

Then when the days go shorter and autumn arrives, it’s time to fill your basket with some delicious mushrooms.

Nature floor has taken so much of my time..
Perfect place to find yourself

I can spend hours, without a catch..

Sunny day at the hidden paradise

Just moment before the rain.
Actually rainy days at summer time are great for fishing.

Sure you’ll have to have some sort of clothes to keep you warm or bonfire.

Mainly fish are scared about sound and movement you make, but with small rain they are easier to catch.

I don’t know, this might be just me babbling..

Mushroom hunting

Organic healthy food is there to collect..

Sure you’ll have to know what you are taking, because most of mushrooms are poisonous.
There is also those “copier-clone-mimic-mushrooms” which make this forest flooring activity, bit dangerous..

Just stay sharp and be careful.
Like asked, these two activities takes so much of my time.

Later peeps.

Yours. Jay

What is the last thing you learned?

Oh dear, I have learned how to boil perfect eggs.
There was some YouTube video about it.

Here it comes:
1. Put eggs in cold water
2. Start counting when water boils
3. Let ‘em boil 8 minutes
4. Pour the water away and let ‘‘em dry for a moment.
5. Sink eggs to the cold water

Perfect eggs every time.

Funny thing about YouTube, I sure was not looking for egg recipe.
At the beginning I was looking for a trailer to one old movie…

After a while, I found myself watching a video, where some random dude was showing a magic trick to an orangutan at Zoo and of course next logical step is to find out how to boil perfect egg.

Great example about YouTube or any other social media scrambles our brains.

Back in the days we were not in slavery of the machines.
IDK the artis, but damn that’s accurate!

Daily prompt


What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

How many tattoos you have?

Must say, this question pops up almost daily.
Well I’m colorful with my skin and always offering the same answer:
[I have one]
Being tattooed all the time is like going on the masseuse table, who’s counting?

Normally, when I hit the table, I don’t have anything specific in my mind, maybe style or colour.
I’m just thinking about the next fill up or free space.

My tattoo artist has always some awesome ideas what he likes to try and I’m always open for suggestions..

“This is the way”

Yours. Jay

Making of few tattoos..

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So the year has changed, and break for this writing thing is over again..
Lately I’ve been so overwhelmed with my study process that I haven’t wrote anything. (Apologizes for that)
Break from tattooing also has taken few months. Of course something has come to the table, can’t stop doing what you love…

Next piece we’re interesting because many reasons, first of all… AMBIGRAM…! You just have to love those..  These always reminds me about the beauty of the horror movies, writing seems to be something way different purpose.

She had crazy “near death experience” and her life were saved by Her bff.. She wanted the scar and tattoo combination in her stomach, to remind her about that, the rest of her life.. (Scar was already there, only tattoo I made)

Making of:

Beginning and stencil was easy to apply because she had ready pic with her.. She is one of my regulars and so much fun to work with..

7Round liner and 9Round Shader was my choice today. Before starting to do those lines I knew that the hardest part about this was the place.. It’s really complicated place to keep skin tight all the time..

Lines done and only the filling up more to go… In this point AGAIN I realize how to improve my work in near future. This happens so often, but I think it’s good for me. This tattoo could look much softer if I had made from the beginning just using that 9Shader, and for the client it would be easier to handle.. Less time you use to break skin, less time it takes to heal..

Black and white from Intenze I used and those are really smooth mixing inks to use.

It turned out pretty damn fine, so much fun to work small tattoos like this.
This next one were small also, Star Wars HC-fan of course..

Star Wars symbols

This was especially hard piece to do, not because of the symbols but the forces of the nature.. FAKIN HUGE Thunderstorm in the making of outlines, coloring had to do next time.. These were the selected symbols and that red line was freehanded for giving colors.

Making of:

First time I used 7Round liner and second time 14round liner, 9flat shader for coloring parts. Especially hard one to make stencil straight. Definately learned the hard lesson about forces of nature, if the weather gives you chills and keeps cutting lights off, don’t start.

Afterward thinking I would wait for better weather, also I would use liner only in those tight spots. I really have to start using more shaders so my tattoos get more…softer? I mean the influence of the contrast.. 

Both tattoos were so much fun to do.. thanks for reading!
Music by the one and only @vauhti (SoundCloud) and amusement by monkey pussycat (YouTube)

Break off…


So, I’m back from the writing pause.. 

 This coverUp i started with coloring. REALLY Pain in the ass to hide because of those strong Outlines of earlier artist..

Stencil was simple to do, marked all tho tight spots for outline and rest must be colored using that old tat..

7Round liner, 9Round shader, 7Flat shader and 13flatM1 were used to do this Irish stylish oldschool/Newschool tattoo..


Here we go!

Perhaps the hardest part was the eye area ‘cos it had to color so strange ways.. Shades and colors was made to top points of early pic..

Outlines and shades had to mark at the same time and colors later..

Coloring were hard thing to do and all those places where earlier pic we’re available to notice, was really a handful. For the first round it became pretty awesome, photo of course don’t look the same but this is how we go… Tattoo is still In progress but I have faith in this one!

This one I started for one guy who has the worlds worst pain limit… Two hours tattooing to this lad is impossible, he’s almost dead after that.. That’s also bit weird, normally ppl takes three to four hours without any problem but this one is something else. Anyhow, guy wants to get tatted and here we are…

Stencil of the Tiger

Simple stencil with outlines, nothing fancy because there is lots of coloring and shading action.

Making of

Truly hard customer like I said, 7Round liner and 7Flat shader are only things needed. I know this mate will give up after few hour, and surprise! That’s exactly what happens. Well even if you won’t stand the pain you have right to get ink like the rest of us… In his case it just takes way more time…

Outline and few shades, yup! He’s done, to the next time. Still this will be very fun thing to do and the area (lower leg) is really good place to keep tight. 


Perhaps in the future he will come back so we can finish this piece, but with that pain tolerance it takes two or three times.

He also asked would some kind “pain lotion” help? We’ll probably it would but I ain’t doing tattoos if you are using it… Why you ask. Once I tatted a person who used some kind shit like that and it made the healing process week longer… Don’t know why but I don’t wanna do it anymore. Healing is the key after all right?

To the next session creeps..!

Tigers & Seagulls