Tattoos are story tellers

Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too

Tattoos, like scars, tell stories.  Maybe the story isn’t a happy one, maybe it’s not bad.  But with every tattoo, comes a story.  It’s not always some deep, revelation kind of story.  Sometimes it’s a simple as “I wanted a tattoo so this is what I got” and that’s okay.  Other times, it’s much more than that.  And it might make you squirm to hear it but listen anyway.
Just as some people’s scars aren’t remembered, or wanted to be remembered, the origin of our tattoos can sometimes fall into the very same categories.  But whether we remember or not, they tell stories.  They mark pit stops in our lives.   People and things both loved and lost. Places we’ve been, physically or otherwise.  Both good times and bad.  Happy and sad.  Hard and easy.
You might not be a person who understands the fascination of getting tattoos.  You could even…

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