Hashtag: “Amdrawing”


Hah hah haa…

Me doing tattoos  and also drawing..(Big surprise) Many of my sketches will be tatted but mostly ’em just go to the “drawbox” away from nosy people…

 Old school Coat Of Arms

This was for one dude who wanted to change his family coat of arms to tattoo. Not quite simple thing to do but im quite happy with the results… STRONG Outlines and simple colors, original was stuffed with details and it was hard job to make it look like old school picture..


Valentines day maddness!

Sure, this is the newest because i’m sitting in a bus right now and it came out. First it was going to be deer, it turned to Devil and woman… Who knows anymore! “Romance isn’t dead” Yeah, all you nerds out there know that it is Trevor’s mission in GTA5.. Drop dead Rockstar industry!



Lion and Skulls ALL BLACK!

Umm… I know, Rugby team of New Zeland is called all blacks, this sketch has nothing to do with it. Black lion for someone, this could be my new “training pic” one victim has already raised her hand and will be happy to take this. Gunna train whole new style to me. This is done like printer machine does from down to up and left to right without any outlines. Yeah, you heard me… I will be using only shaders and training my technique with this… Maybe it will be epic!


Flower Power bitches!!!!

Oh my god, like my daughter likes to say. Wooden coloring and few sharpies. This was meant to be for someone but it ended into the “Drawbox” watercolor stuff eh..? Perhaps but Nooo (says Consuela from Family Guy)… Tried to create Newschool/Oldschool crossing picture with that water color style, too much I say. Victim got different kinda rose and this ended to the PIT.. (Not Brad tho) No homo. Fun thing to draw anyway..



Weird small thing, sometimes it’s on and sometimes off. Have you ever thought about inspiration? If you are those ppl who says: “I Can’t draw shit” I have a newsflash. There is also different inspiration in the universe, have you ever wondered why is it that today was the day when I cleaned that closet from the bedroom? Same fucking closet you haven’t touched in years… Nor suddenly in Saturday morning you have that feeling: “I must clean my car..” Inspiration is always around us.. Artist like me or novelist has it… But also that soccer mom from Leeds.

That’s all for now, going to keep traveling and thinking this shit that keeps me awake at night.. 


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