Definitely Señor Trump..!


Who would you like to talk to soon?

There would be so many questions to ask…

I mean for real, after everything he has done, he’s still running up to be selected as the “world” leader.

That’s it, I would be baffled.

Yours. “Question marker” Jay

Running up to the WALL!

Drawing, politics, satire
Murica!!! ROLF!

Hard pass on trending news of DeSantis, Trump or Biden.

Don’t know much about those guys but I’m quite sure that Biden should retire.

Elderly people needs to be in peace, feeding pigeons.
Should the senile take over again?
Sure, you can judge my caricatures but c’mon.. I’m just drawing what you don’t say out loud.

Difficult times need artists which gives you alternative way of thinking and seeing things.

Caricature and political satire has always been a thing, in the middle of WW2 the war obligation posters were quite radical and all those small matchboxes and cartoons with funny drawings.

All just for those sick worried people in home front.
F*uck the law!
It’s weird how business man like Trump gets always away from all those bad things and recently even breaking the law… I just don’t get it, he is like those old school mafiosos.

Seems weird but, if you have enough money and game face, you can do what ever you want.

That’s the home of freedom!
Homemade citrus mead
Hmm… all these politicians makes me want to get shit faced.

I’ve been drinking lots of Rum at winter time, so I could bottle the delicious Citrus Mead.
Seems reasonable thing to get hammered while following the news feed.

Stay happy, or happily drunk.
Just like the Romans did...SKÅL!

Yours. “MeadHead” Jay

Nature —> photos—> perfection… (Repeat)

Drawing, photography, photos
Oh my oh my… how I always have loved taking pictures in the nature, especially at the summer time.
All the colors and reflections with sun, are just perfect spots to shoot.

Mostly my photo sessions are at sunny days in the middle of the summer.
Let’s face it, at the winter time there is many things to photograph, like aurora borealis, but sun makes everything look so warm.

I also like to take photos in city area, but it’s a different story.

These photos you’re about to see, is taken around summer to autumn.
Inside the heart of the river”
”Rainbow bridge”
”Railroad bridge”

“There is something mysterious about the river..”

Give me sun”
Reflection of the river”
Sometimes funny thing happens when you’re checking the camera roll after the photo shoot.

It’s weird when you have seen the photos trough the lens and you just know the photo is perfect, but when you watch the photo from the laptop, it blows me away.

I use three different cameras, Canon, GoPro and iPhone.
It depends on the spot which I use.

Some photos must be fixed but mostly they are just originals.

After good photo session I do have something like twenty good shots and the rest are average.

Sure my enthusiasm of the finding the perfect click, makes me destroy the most of the pictures.

These are great ones for the screen saver or for the postcards. Although, mostly I just keep them in my photo folders.

Perhaps when I’m ready to be judged, I’m going to throw a gallery somewhere, who knows…

Yours. “Perfect click seeker” Jay

Oh mother, what a day to show some art!

art, Drawing, sketching
Battletoads 8-bit
Hard to tell, how many of you do remember the game called battletoads.
When I first time played this game with my old faithful 8-bit NES.
Sure the game was a brand new and let’s be honest, the games at that time wasn’t so stunning as they are now, but MY GOD I was stunned about the goofiness and all the funny actions related stuff with this game was filled.

I have been waiting the remake from this game, but I’m still waiting..
Iron and man
Death of the iron man was HUGE deal to me.
I just love the character and it’s really hard to understand why the directors took him away from the big screen.

Of course Russo brothers will bring the character back, not with Robert but somehow.

It would be madness to ditch character that big from the movie screen.
Good ‘Ol batsy
There is a new Flash movie where they bring back OG-Batman.
How great is that.
Sadly We have lost the one and only Adam West, but perhaps there is a sneak peek for other version of bats.

This “multiverse” trend in movies is a great way to make movies.
I love the idea where you can bring back those lost characters from the past.

Still I’m quite sure that we will see movie with joker in some point. Only thing what I’m waiting is Joker / Quinn couple.
With some twist of Peacemaker would be nice.

Yours. “OG-gamer” Jay

Booyah! Let me introduce the Punkzine!

Drawing, fanzines, zines
I would like to think that, every punkzine has something really clever, but I must say… most of the times there just ain’t.

Scrapbooking and lettering without actual plan is quite fun. You just need pop culture magazines or something equal to that.
The scissor the shit out of those magazines and start using glue stick.

When you don’t plan your punkzine more than one page a time, the results are better.

What a great way to express your creativity with small effort.
Slaves to the zines
Ink and gods
Mega alpha
Face to face
Sometimes I have thought about the zine festivals.
We don’t have those in this country, probably because not so many has this hobby.
I’ve read many blogs or stories about the zine festivals around the world.

Closest thing here is art galleries where you have to pay for the exhibition.
I think that good way of setting up the zine fest would be a free “second hand” happening, you know like yard sale but bigger.

Maybe someday I find myself at the zine fest, remembering the time when I had to write a blog about it.

Yours. “Zine addict” Jay

Labor party time of the year..?

art, Drawing
Yesterday was party called “Vappu” in here. I’m quite sure, it’s some sort of Labor Day celebration.

I really don’t have place to celebrate this party.

I have three kids and 11 out of ten people of Finland gets shitfaced!

If you have kids and want to cook something with friends, this is the wrong day.

You have to get hammered, it’s the only way! It’s kind of sad, because I often find myself having a best time of my life with my family.
I really don’t have to be drunk to have fun, although I don’t need fun to get drunk.

That was deep man.
70’s look
Labor Day’s broad roots in the Labor movement are clear: President Grover Cleveland signed legislation on June 28, 1894, designating Labor Day a national holiday in the U.S. as a peace offering following a deadly railroad workers’ strike.

But exactly who should count as the “founder” of Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday in September, has been the subject of debate since the 1890s.

After reading this, I still don’t understand the reason why we celebrate.
I’m a working class, should I thank someone or what?

I’m so confused right now.
Evil dead rise
Perhaps these ”old” party dates just Would be better to take of the calendar.
I sure know How to have fun without some random day called Labor Day or whatsoever.

Have you ever thought, how many “special” days there is on the normal calendar?
There is plenty, I can tell you that.

Maybe someday would be time to update all the calendars, just saying.

There might be few outdated celebration days, which would be easily erased and no one would never missed them.

Yours. “Calendar eraser” Jay

Daily prompt!

Drawing, question

When do you feel most productive?

“Boho wagon”
I know the answer!!!

Every single time when I’m enjoying myself.

- If I’m just sitting on the bench, feet in the river just wondering.

- The moment when I’m hanging around with my “boho wagon”

- Magical hours when I should go to sleep.

-Those moments when you are canoeing in the river and there ain’t no escape.

All you fish cruelty Karen’s out there, in my world it’s food.
“Boho canoe”
It’s weird how you could be most productive, in the moments where you should not.

Perhaps my brains see the opening and activate creativity in me in those specific moments.

The absolute worst time for the inspiration is the golden moment before sleep. That is the main reason why I don’t sleep much. Normal night for me is 4-5 hours sleep, but I sleep so deep that I barely move. It’s like a coma when I’min the REM-stage.

Inspiration moves hand to hand with productivity in my case.

I’m like those nocturnal creatures. At the night time when everyone is sleeping, I’m doing many things.

This has always been the “normal” to me.
Of course M.D’s have their concerns, but I have lived like this for so long time. Perhaps on the older days I’m starting to have a naps, someone told me that’s what the elders do.

Hmm… Makes you thinking…

Yours. “Nocturnal ghoul” Jay