Caricatur chaos (Actors)

Winter is giving up slowly and I have activated with my caricature art. 
So much time has passed by, when my mockery drawings has seen the daylight.
Perhaps now when this world is on the edge of the WW3 might be good to me as any.
Mr. Seagal
Yes sir, my equipments are piece of crap but you’ll get the picture. 
I have been trying to get fundings from many organizations without luck. Every time moneys go to the big artist.
”Don’t forget the little ones” pff..!

After few years applying, must say: money must feel funny from the rich man’s hand..

Making art without good tools is kinda hard, because you have no absolute zero change to make perfect colors or lines.
Paper is the cheapes copy paper and pencils meant for the kindergarten. Some day I will have real pencils, and also I’m going to be a real boy.

This next tribute is for the one by and only Michael Knight.
The Hoff
For some reason, these actors have been inside my head. 
Perhaps 80’s movie marathon has influenced my thoughts..

Moving on to the great mockery platform, the place where I have made most of my enemies. People just don’t get art.

Next one, of course because I have been watching so many Oscar-nominee movies lately, haven’t forgotten the last academy awards and all that drama.
So here it comes, the great clapper himself.
Will “the hand” Smith
That’s about it, enjoy..
I’m going to post my pencil art for some time now.
Perhaps these pieces will make a tiny expedition of art.
Don’t ever give up your dreams and keep pushing like I do.
Equipments are expensive but maybe some day I can buy new pencils and paper.
If you are struggling with same kinda problems like I, just keep pushing your chin up and go for it!

To the next time!

Yours. Diabo a.k.a Jay

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