“Long Friday” aka “Good Friday” aka “Friyay!

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I’ve learned something today, quite funny thing.

The name of the Easter Friday in Finland is called by name “pitkä perjantai” (long Friday) and it comes from the Swedish translation “långfredag”

Back in the days it has been called “Long Friday” in England, but over the years the name have adapted to the “Good Friday”

Many Romance languages, Neo-Latin and Latin languages it’s called “holy Friday” like in France “Vendredi saint” and in Germany “Karfreitag” this actually highlights the word “Kar” which is old Germany and means sorrow.

Slavic languages uses the “great Friday”
For example, in Estonia it’s “suur reede”

So many ways to say it, but “Good Friday” works for me.

Perhaps in the time the name will change to the “Perfect Friday” or maybe even to “AWESOME FRIDAY”

I prefer the “EPIC FRIYAY!” *woop woop

If I do remember right the meaning off this day has something to do with the one who died on the cross.
Even the church color today is BLACK.
In the church they use to assemble five roses to the altar, symbolizing the blood of the Christ.

After all it’s the day of joy, because all the sins are gone…

I’m not quite sure about that anymore, but hey… what do I know.

I just got stuck with name of the day.

Let’s move on to the caricatures of the day.
Hello America!
This got me laughing literally my ass off!

Mr. Bean though that giving the finger in the traffic is all American way to say hello.
That movie was so entertaining and fun.

If you stopped wondering about the clown on the featured image, it’s called “Nasse-Uncle”
When I was young, he was on TV, quite drunk, swearing and shouting to the kids.
He was saying: “Nasse-Uncle is very, very angry”
That imitating look and violent behavior felt funny when you were a kid, trying to understand the world of adults.

Clowns might be funny, but these days they are most likely on the killing spree, that’s why I added the knife and darker twist on this caricature.

Actor is no longer with us, Rest In Peace.
Renny Harlin
Next we have one of the best action directors of the time.
I remember when the Gliffhanger movie hit to the theater.

I’ve never felt so excited in the movies, watching someone just climbing on the mountain.

There was one big Gliffhanger-movie prop show, where you could see the plane they used in the movie, all kind of cool gadgets and stuff from the film.
There was even a painting which was in the movie and tour guy told that Mr. Stallone had paint it himself.
I never forget the moment where special effects guy showed how those bullet holes are made to the airplane.
I even touched the parachute they used at the film.

Renny has directed so many great movies and his way of making action movies is unique.
Hopefully he will get the next big movie noticed big time.
Slash from the Snakepit
He is the man who gets recognized just by the hat!

I’m listening Slash <——-Check it out!

I must say, I’m big fan of Slash.
I’ve just finished reading the autobiography of him and I highly recommend it to everyone who is interested about the rock ‘n’ roll.

Life of that man has been an epic roller coaster, with so many unbelievable turns.
He is the man who knows everyone and everyone knows him.

I watched one concert clip, where Slash were playing with B.B King and in some point Mr. King watched to the Slash like: “Wow, kid got skills”
I mean come on… B.B King himself.

There is also one video of Slash playing epic guitar solo with Michael Jackson.
If you haven’t seen that video, stop everything you are doing right now and open YouTube.

Write “Slash solo Michael Jackson” you won’t regret, I promise you that.

That’s all for the day, enjoy your Saturday and rock on!

Yours. “Wonderer Jay”

The day when the streaming killed the TV

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Have you noticed how much have changed?

No, I don’t mean the world, I mean the TV.

Not so long ago, TV was really important part of the peoples lives.

I remember that time, when we were playing outdoors and suddenly, from nowhere it struck like a lightning bolt!!!
Every kid knew it… New episode of MacGyver on TV!

Every kid from the street vanished in a blink.

I’m not saying that there ain’t no excitement anymore, but almost every TV-show has these “extra” shows and “inside episode” panels.
Have you heard: “For extra cost, you’ll get more” or “you can watch the next episode from somewhere.
Streaming and cloud services has ruined it from me, I know that for sure…

For example: “If you tell me about some cool TV-series, which I have never heard, in a week I’ve watched all 7 seasons!” DONT HAVE TO WAIT RERUNS NOMORE.

Sure, to all you nerds out there shouting: “he’s wrong, there is plenty of series airing only one episode at time”

Of course there is, almost every one of them, except those which air on streaming services and yeah, you’re not completely wrong, but we have internet. Hah! In your face!!

No more waiting.. I want all the seasons and I want ‘em now!!

Squid game is a perfect example.

Some friend of mine told about this cool “Korean TV-series”
I would skip it in a blink, but I have watched many great Korean horror flicks, so I was like: “let’s give it a try”

Very next week I’ve watched the whole season and found myself finding information from internet, about the season 2

The “New normal” is to wait the finale then watch the whole series in a few days.

I’m old fashioned with methods like this.
I love to wait the next episode and gossip about the upcoming twist turns.
Sadly, it is harder than it used to be…
I’m not a fan of those American “Midseason breaks” but understand how important is build up the hype.
Haven’t you heard about the new upcoming Beetlejuice?

Well I have and I’ve been waiting it for so long.
Only question to ask: “what kind of character will Johnny play in this movie?
Michael Keatons role we know and Winona but what about Depp?
I’m sure that Burton has speed-dial for Mr. Depp, when he is directing a new movie.

Few years after the movie there will be some kick ass spin-off like Wednesday.
E.T phones again
When the time is ready for another E.T movie?
Hopefully never, but I’m still 100 percent sure that this will happen some day.

It’s weird thing about TV series, that streaming services has made TV so much bigger.

Who remembers the Alf?
Could E.T be next Alf?

I remember the first Oscar awards, where someone was thanking Netflix on the price speech.

In that very moment I was blown away… Does this streaming thing really changed everything?

Well it has, these days if there is a Netflix logo on the beginning of the movie or series, it’s almost quarantined spot on!
Masters of the Universe
Heman MOTU had big influence in my life when I was in the kindergarten.

Many of those “life lessons” in the end of the episode teaches things about friendship and life.

Even Heman landed on the Netflix.

And yes, I watched first episode, didn’t like it, Skeletor won and no life lessons.
John Rambo early years
Just wait…

There will be a day when John Rambo will be on streaming services, with new epic adventures.

Of course some of those UFC fighters will take this project, where young John is in the army doing querilla missions in the jungle.

For some reason, all these nostalgic characters keeps coming back, just like your MacGyver.
Perhaps we see modern day Rambo.

But after all this, what’s on TV? I mean actually TV.

Every country has their own series but is there really something good on?

All movies have been watched many times and reruns of friends or two and a half man, been laughed so many times earlier.

Don’t get me started with every channel showing Simpsons and Family guy.

We have crossed the point, where it does not matter anymore which season is on.
It just doesn’t matter anymore.

If you want to watch some special season, it’s easier to go on streaming services.

If you don’t even watch the news from TV, what’s left?
Gaming shows, cooking shows, dating shows?

Let me tell you a secret.

I’m watching Taskmaster UK, but every saturday morning and yes, from streaming services.
Every TV-series is on some streaming service and extras.

There is only on question left to ask:
“What’s the point of TV channels anymore?”

You tell me, I don’t know anymore..

Yours. “TV-Streamer” Jay

Movie and TV-show caricatures.

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Tomb Raider is one of my favorite adventurist of all time.
I know, you’re yelling in chorus: INDIANA JONES!!! Still I must say Lara Croft is tougher.

She was totally badass in games and in that new movie, but when Lara was portrayed by Angelina Jolie… THAT WAS 10+

Next I’m going to introduce you to some of latest movie caricatures of mine.

I’ve made all these caricature drawings, meanwhile I was watching these movies and TV-Shows.

Let’s move on.
Sly in Tulsa King
Tulsa king TV-show was so good and entertaining series.
I just hope they will make more episodes for this.

Stallone is perfect choice for the role of Dwight Manfredi.

Following his release from prison, Mafia capo Dwight "The General" Manfredi is exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he builds a new criminal empire with a group of unlikely characters.

Everything in this TV series is working so nicely, all the characters are just perfect.

High recommendation for you all.

Moving to the next one!
It funny how Tom “Real life action hero” Cruise and Wagner has made this franchise working so well.
I remember the time when first Mission impossible TV-Show was on air somewhere around 80’s.

I was blown away, about how cool that series was.

There was an elite covert operations unit who carried out highly sensitive missions subject to official denial in the event of failure, death or capture..

IT WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE Tom Cruises adventures.

I hope that he will never stop making these action loaded movies!

I love to see his movies in cinema.

“Oldies the goldies..”

Recently I have watched old action films from Arnold.

This caricature I made when I watched the old legendary COMMANDO!

A retired Special Forces colonel tries to save his daughter, who was abducted by his former subordinate.

Oh my god.. John Matrix is tougher than the Terminator.

These “OG” action flicks are so much fun to watch.

Some of them I do remember, but some gives me those moments, when I jump from the bench and shout: GO ARNIE!!!

Trip to the memory lane is always fun and it gives nice inspiration boost, for drawing.
Especially for the caricatures, old movies works well.

Try it out, it’s fun.

Yours. “Caricaturist” Jay

Caricatur chaos (Actors)

Winter is giving up slowly and I have activated with my caricature art. 
So much time has passed by, when my mockery drawings has seen the daylight.
Perhaps now when this world is on the edge of the WW3 might be good to me as any.
Mr. Seagal
Yes sir, my equipments are piece of crap but you’ll get the picture. 
I have been trying to get fundings from many organizations without luck. Every time moneys go to the big artist.
”Don’t forget the little ones” pff..!

After few years applying, must say: money must feel funny from the rich man’s hand..

Making art without good tools is kinda hard, because you have no absolute zero change to make perfect colors or lines.
Paper is the cheapes copy paper and pencils meant for the kindergarten. Some day I will have real pencils, and also I’m going to be a real boy.

This next tribute is for the one by and only Michael Knight.
The Hoff
For some reason, these actors have been inside my head. 
Perhaps 80’s movie marathon has influenced my thoughts..

Moving on to the great mockery platform, the place where I have made most of my enemies. People just don’t get art.

Next one, of course because I have been watching so many Oscar-nominee movies lately, haven’t forgotten the last academy awards and all that drama.
So here it comes, the great clapper himself.
Will “the hand” Smith
That’s about it, enjoy..
I’m going to post my pencil art for some time now.
Perhaps these pieces will make a tiny expedition of art.
Don’t ever give up your dreams and keep pushing like I do.
Equipments are expensive but maybe some day I can buy new pencils and paper.
If you are struggling with same kinda problems like I, just keep pushing your chin up and go for it!

To the next time!

Yours. Diabo a.k.a Jay