Playing Guitar on break!

Like seen, learning songs from YouTube is great way to have a break.

There is this guitar teacher from Marty Music Channel

He has great way of showing how to play songs and explaining about the theory of the music.

I have got sting of the guitar-bee and there ain’t no turning back anymore.

Funny story about how I got my first guitar.

Dear friend gave the guitar for me and said: you learn to play it… So I did.

Still I’m struggling with those notes and chords, but I’m inspired to learn.

Let’s move on to those caricatures of the day.
The Rock and Die Hart

“Odd-Couple Bromance”

For some reason I have seen this odd-couple in all over the internet.

Not sure is it scripted friendship or real thing, but they are doing many things together.

Still it’s bit weird that I have seen them together just in a handful of films.

Sure they have chemistry, but is it only scripted, well planned utopia for the audience?

In the movies: Jumanji and that Hobbs vs Shawn FF-spin-off, this buddy thing works like a charm.

Then there was that one central…something… don’t remember much about the film, but I did enjoy it.

What do you think?
Men In Black Is Back!

Is it Tommy Jones or Lee Jones?

Have a wild guess what movie saga I watched lately?
There is always place for Mr. Tommy Lee Jones wearing black sunglasses and firm suit.

Hell yeah, no crisis so big that Kay can’t handle it.
These movies are just filled with goofy characters and dialogues.

I just love the idea of MIB shadow organization taking care of business, while we are sipping café machiatto at local cafeteria.

So Matrix like vibes around this.
Perhaps Wachkowskis will direct next movie called MIB-Trix.

Let’s hope not and please let the Kay return.

Coming up, Standup!

First time he was introduced to myself in the Taskmaster UK

Oh my oh my… some comedians have it and GUZ is one of them.

He is so unique bloke!
I was watching the new season of the Taskmaster UK, when GUZ KHAN slided to my TV screen.

At first my thoughts was: Why he looks so angry all the time? Just like he started a day biting lemon.

Well no, that’s GUZ!! For some reason i find myself writing GUZ KHAN with bigger letters.

There is a reason for that…
If you say name GUZ KHAN! You’ll have to shout it for some weird reason, probably those facial expressions that he has or something…
He really is funny, trust me.

Now we move to the Pirate section… arr…
Captain Jack Sparrow

If you haven’t notice, next time you will…

He is carrying all kind of stuff in his hair.
Every movie my focus is on his hair… that hair…

It looks like you could hide everything in that mess and probably you can.

I sure hope that Disney finds a way to make things right and pay the man.

I totally get how Johnny feels about the Disney, but high hopes on the reunion for the one last adventure of the Jack.
In my opinion…

“If there is not Captain Jack Sparrow, there ain’t no reason to make a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie”

This is the truth!
If Johnny don’t want to do it, don’t do it…
What ever demands he has, just give it up.
He is Jack for the love of the God.

This Caricature round is finished, thanks for the interest.

Yours. Jay

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