Life is a lesson, you’ll learn it when you’re trough..


Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

This one got me thinking and I wanted to answer something corny like, Mom, Grandma etc.. but when we talk about a teacher who is most influential, must say the brother who has shown me the way of making tattoos.

When I started tattooing, I’ve already had a lot of tattoos in my skin, so I was quite good of taking care of the tattoos.

I remember well the first things that I had to learn before even first tattoo.

He showed me the ways how to build machine and how to fix them, changing part and tuning techniques.
Simply how to change parts and what is the purpose of every small part.
I was struggling first, but mechanical stuff is something that I understand quite easily.

Sure, it took few months and some money to get in the point where you actually have a machine that works nicely for you.

Next step was to using different needles and tips..

After all this I started to learn what kind of medical things you have to know, when you’re working with blood and “open wounds”..
Cleaning and sterilization of the equipment was crucial in the process.

After these steps we moved into stencils and how to use those in tattooing.

I had to watch many hours tattooing videos and many times I sat behind listening and taking notes, when my teacher was making tattoos to clients.

After all this, I finally got to the point where I could test tattooing.

Many steps in the learning process and I’m still learning, no matter how small, simple or familiar the work is… I find myself learning a lot.

So this teacher has been the most influential teacher by mile.

Tattoos have changed my life for good and I’m so happy that our roads crossed years back.

All my love to my teacher and brother!

Yours. Jay

Playing Guitar on break!

Like seen, learning songs from YouTube is great way to have a break.

There is this guitar teacher from Marty Music Channel

He has great way of showing how to play songs and explaining about the theory of the music.

I have got sting of the guitar-bee and there ain’t no turning back anymore.

Funny story about how I got my first guitar.

Dear friend gave the guitar for me and said: you learn to play it… So I did.

Still I’m struggling with those notes and chords, but I’m inspired to learn.

Let’s move on to those caricatures of the day.
The Rock and Die Hart

“Odd-Couple Bromance”

For some reason I have seen this odd-couple in all over the internet.

Not sure is it scripted friendship or real thing, but they are doing many things together.

Still it’s bit weird that I have seen them together just in a handful of films.

Sure they have chemistry, but is it only scripted, well planned utopia for the audience?

In the movies: Jumanji and that Hobbs vs Shawn FF-spin-off, this buddy thing works like a charm.

Then there was that one central…something… don’t remember much about the film, but I did enjoy it.

What do you think?
Men In Black Is Back!

Is it Tommy Jones or Lee Jones?

Have a wild guess what movie saga I watched lately?
There is always place for Mr. Tommy Lee Jones wearing black sunglasses and firm suit.

Hell yeah, no crisis so big that Kay can’t handle it.
These movies are just filled with goofy characters and dialogues.

I just love the idea of MIB shadow organization taking care of business, while we are sipping café machiatto at local cafeteria.

So Matrix like vibes around this.
Perhaps Wachkowskis will direct next movie called MIB-Trix.

Let’s hope not and please let the Kay return.

Coming up, Standup!

First time he was introduced to myself in the Taskmaster UK

Oh my oh my… some comedians have it and GUZ is one of them.

He is so unique bloke!
I was watching the new season of the Taskmaster UK, when GUZ KHAN slided to my TV screen.

At first my thoughts was: Why he looks so angry all the time? Just like he started a day biting lemon.

Well no, that’s GUZ!! For some reason i find myself writing GUZ KHAN with bigger letters.

There is a reason for that…
If you say name GUZ KHAN! You’ll have to shout it for some weird reason, probably those facial expressions that he has or something…
He really is funny, trust me.

Now we move to the Pirate section… arr…
Captain Jack Sparrow

If you haven’t notice, next time you will…

He is carrying all kind of stuff in his hair.
Every movie my focus is on his hair… that hair…

It looks like you could hide everything in that mess and probably you can.

I sure hope that Disney finds a way to make things right and pay the man.

I totally get how Johnny feels about the Disney, but high hopes on the reunion for the one last adventure of the Jack.
In my opinion…

“If there is not Captain Jack Sparrow, there ain’t no reason to make a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie”

This is the truth!
If Johnny don’t want to do it, don’t do it…
What ever demands he has, just give it up.
He is Jack for the love of the God.

This Caricature round is finished, thanks for the interest.

Yours. Jay

Brainstorming “howto”

Ahoy! Sketching table on the starboard! More drawings abaft..Arr..

My sketching table is filled with everything I see, feel, hear, and watch.

Life turns to the sketches so easily, for example:

You watch your favorite TV-show”
Well in my case, I’m also sketching at the same time.

My head is filled with ideas and it’s mess up there, I’m living in the inspiration zone and that makes focusing to something specific hard sometimes.

If I’m multitasking, it gets easier.
Watching movie while drawing sketches is the most effective way to see the flick.

There is also minor problem with this behavior, meetings are kinda tricky, because if I don’t get my chance to draw, my imagination starts to flow like hell.

Sure there is also problem at the modern world, career focused bosses don’t understand this kind of behavior in the meetings. Also my kind of people who are visionary, get suffocated many times a day.
But it’s okay, career life needs to be boring and using imagination or creativity in work is super rare.

To my offense, I must say.. when I’m drawing at the meetings, Zooms, etc… I do remember everything because I can focus so much better.
This method must activate some areas from brains, that makes you almost superhuman.

Be sharp, here we go!
Brainstorm example 1.
This sheet is great example of bit everything..

Let me explain myself.

First I started to draw a Ninja, simple Ninja because I saw Batman Lego on the table.
Idea twisted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael with his blade.
Because Raphael is old name, David popped to my head and Jesus… so I must add Ninja-Jesus. (Makes sense?)

Some point kiddo started to watch SpongeBob.
(That cartoon is TURBOBOOST weirdness) Colors and small things just pops to the sides, like the fill up.

Easy task when you’re watching cartoon, where squirrel in space-suit in in the bottom of the sea, having a bonfire. (WTF?)

Then Scream movie trailer takes me to the skulls and moonshine. Don’t ask me why.

Cup of coffee makes me think about donuts and donut reminds me about: “mmm…donuts…
This is just an example about the brainstorming at the sketch table.

Moving on to the next sketch.
The little tentacles
I mean the mermaid of course.

This came from the soundtrack of the movie little mermaid.
(Yes I listen movie soundtrack music) again one great way to active your brains and memory.
Try it out, works unbelievable well.
Pretty much every movie has soundtrack and If you use playlists like I do, your movie memories makes you travel through the time..

Example playlist Hans Z works like a charm.

In some point there was a trailer on TV about the documentary “After Porn Ends” next one was Mandalorian or Boba Fett and so those influenced strongly to the sketch.

In my opinion these kind of sketching is like you add some spices to your paper from around you.

This works great in crowded areas, city centers, museums etc…

Moving on.
Dawn of the homer
There was an episode in Simpsons where good people of Springfield turned to Zombies.

Favorite part of the episode was where Homer shot Flanders in the face with shotgun…
The family voice their surprise that he killed the zombie Flanders, to which Homer responds, "He was a zombie?"

Great writing must say, stay creative.
Pocahontas what so ever.
This got influenced from the caricature I was planning to do.

I was testing the jawline, eyes and that pose for the Tomb raider caricature.

This is so called: “Test round” if you look close enough, you’ll see the hair, which already has Tomb Raider vibes.

Especially when I’m just thinking about the next caricature, these pops out many.
Sometimes these sketches are way cooler than final piece.

Brainstorming tips for you.

Don’t let paper block your imagination and no matter how stupid it feels, just keep goin.

It’s not meant be anything, so you can’t fail.

Listen relaxing music, let children play close to you, watch outside and TV.

TV-channel which has the most commercial, is the best.

TV feed and music feeds ideas to your subconsciousness and those small things turns easily to the great art.

That’s all for this day, try to be creative people and let the imagination take you to the places.

Yours. Jay

Movies, movies, movies..

(Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing)
Well hello peeps.

I have watched few movies in my life and time to time I get surprised at movies.
Definitely shocked I was when watched the Quantumania, where MCU proudly presented one of the most iconic and goofiest character ever.
M.O.D.O.K Was made just like in the comics, oversized head and tiny legs with small shiny butt.
Haven’t been so excited about any comic crossover for long long time.
Not surprised that the INTERNET divided for the haters and lovers, count me in to the lovers.
I have spend most of my life watching B-rated horror movies and it always gives me the tickles, when someone takes something goofy to the big screen.
It’s good thing that someone rattles the gages and don’t get me wrong, M.O.D.O.K was totally badass in the film…
Well, moving on..
“Ultimate catch”
Haw haw… YES!!! 

Newest Prey movie told us the story from the Predator origins, or something like that.

This film was almost good as Mr.Olympia’s epic battle in the jungle and mud.
Sure there was few things that made me think, is this from the time where that musket pistol came to the hand of Danny “I’m too old for this shit” Glover or was that earlier.
If I do remember right, there was one Predator story, where he fought against Pirate Captain?!? WOOOT?!?
Yup, that’s right, but not on the big screen yet.

Fingers crossed, maybe in the future Jack Sparrow vs Predator will air.

Of course after the Predator vs Tarzan
(who’s the real king of the jungle)

This takes me back, kiddo found original dvd of Disney’ Tarzan from the second hand shop, same evening I watched the Prey, so no need to explain myself right?

Moving on…
“Kevin a.k.a John Kramer a.k.a Jigsaw

I know, favorite childhood Christmas movie just like the movie Die Hard or Gremlins.
Well here is some facts about Kevin, that’s sweet angel.

1. Kevin liked to record his voice to the recorder.
Hmm… that reminds me: “Do you wanna play the game?”

2. Saw 2 basement looks like pretty much same basement what Kevin was afraid of in the Home Alone movie.
John and Kevin filled the basement with traps.

3. Home Alone neighbor (yeah, that scary old tard) was lured to fix his lost connection with his son, John did the same many times.. what a charmer, manipulative as hell..

4.Kevin lured the Wet-Bandits to his uncles house(Home Alone 2), which was full of surprises.. John did the same, but oh boy those traps were so much more effective.

5. As kid, Kevin loosed his temper many times and showed violent behavior, so many times.. and we laughed..

6. Jigsaw made his victims to walk on the glass. Hmm, why that sounds so familiar? THOSE CHRISTMAS DECOS!!

7. Once Jigsaw put the antidote to the oven, you had to crawl trough the oven and face your fears getting burned. Pointless to remind what glowing fire-monster was at the Kevin’s basement, which scared the shit out of him..

8. Kid did show violent behavior, his whole family terrorized him, especially Buzz and let’s not forget the guardian who abandoned him two times… That kinda childhood would traumatized anyone, but he found a way to build childhood fears in deadly traps as grow up.. Probably most effective way to deal with your fears is facing them, or at least let some poor bastard face them and give ‘em a lesson while doing it..

Or maybe it’s not related and it’s just my imagination, but I bet you that, next time when you watch Home Alone, it will be different…
Just saying..

Yours. Jay