Bring me the funny stuff!

comedy, Drawing, humor

Humor is my fuel, my petrol, my benzine!

When I draw something and try to make it look beautiful or normal, it so hard for me.

Almost every time there is something goofy or insulting in the picture.

I have always enjoyed comedy and especially in the art.

When I was a kid, I made lots of those scrapbooking stylish posters, where famous cartoons characters did something disgusting or illegal, if it’s belittled, probably it works just fine.. not my motto on the time, but close enough.
Winter fun!
You can find so much funny things from internet, but it takes time, bit too much time I have to say.

Once I did have a Twitter account and boy oh boy, my feed was full of useless memes and pictures.
Followed everyone tweeting something goofy about anything.
Also art and movies were my interest.

By the end of the year, didn’t use it anymore, logged out for good.
Too much is enough.

Social services like Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok, tried to take my precious time.

This is the reason why I don’t use them, I do have Instagram but mostly for portfolio of my works.

All people around the world share so much.
They are good finders of those unbelievable funny memes and stuff.

They just keep “passing” the funniest shit and keep you entertained forever.
(Sounds like hell, but it’s funnier)

If you haven’t noticed, when wiping the screen down, it never reaches to the bottom. (Surprise)

I don’t like people that much, that I would tell about my day, or when I’m sick, or when I’m walking in the park.

I can show you my art and passion, that’s all. (Follow if you like)

It’s like writing this blog, there is a handful of people reading this mambo-jambo, sometimes I do ask for myself: “why?” maybe it is interesting, I do not know.

I’m also reading many blogs and it is entertaining to read, but that’s my reason, that’s my “why?”

After all, I’m writing because I like it and I can show off my art.
Sometimes it’s so hard to understand those who watch their multimedia devices all day.

If your screen time is more than 7 hours and you think it’s normal, I can tell you it’s not... or maybe it is, I don’t know which is normal anymore.

Maybe I’m old fashioned in that way, but I like to read books, make arts, handcrafts, jewelry, music, spend less time in socializing.
Sure I like to meet people and talk, but with devices? Nah..

I just don’t have the time for social media and let’s be honest, I really don’t care when you have a coffee, or cleaning day.

Still on the other hand, many people do have that time.

Like I said, maybe I am old fashioned.
Winnie the belzepooh
Can’t say anything about the youths, younger generations.

Kinda hard to understand what kind of world do they live.

Most of those 18 years old “adults” have lived their lives with media devices.

Many of them have been silenced as a kid with those machines.

Hard to judge, if your whole life has been around em.

When I was a kid, we had TV… guess what, I still have TV.
I’ve been playing games (board and TV) since I was preschool and guess what, I still play games.

Now I could just be guessing, but older generations did not use money, they had to save every dime.
Guess what, they still don’t buy anything.

Times change, better try to keep up.
Do art, read, enjoy your life.. it’s the only one you have!

Yours. “Life coaching hobo” Jay

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