Ahoy, y’all conspiracy lovers out there in the void..!

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Hear me out.
I have used Instagram for like “online” portfolio form my work.
Never have used by socializing like most of the people do, to me it’s like online portfolio playground, where I
Can easily access to the like minded artists around the globe.

Recently, around February run in to a news about the Meta offering “paid subscriptions” whatsoever.

End of the February I made this caricature and posted on my Instagram feed and tagged Mr. Zuckerberg…

That was the day when I stopped having likes of my posts.

Recent days only likes I get, are from those “horny Asian woman around your neighborhood”

I really don’t care about likes or stuff like that, but blogging from hashtag feed is just wrong man.
There is tons of artists who use hashtags to find right kind of feeds.

I have to admit, not my best work and might be little offensive, but hey!! It’s art dude, relax and live a little.

Although I’m quite proud if I got banned.
I’m happy with my Instagram feed, even if there is absolutely no likes or anything, it’s still running.
The mask


Think about that “Subscribe give me your money” system…
Almost every service uses the same.

“Do you want less adds on Spotify” or “continue watching your YouTube video” every company is using this way to rob our money.

I’m still using the “free YouTube” but I’m watching videos from the “pre watch” screen. (I’ll explain myself)

When you open the YouTube video, if you don’t click the video, it keeps running to the end.
You can even rewind video by using the slider.
Only bad thing in this method is, that you cannot hear a sound.

In my opinion, it f I have to choose video without a sound, or video SWARMING with adds, my choice is muted video.

The Jaws and….Jaws..
Let’s get back in to these drawings, hope her not offended anyway, because I ain’t saying sorry for the art.

Yesterday I watched OG-Jaws movie for a long time.

I’ve watched too many shark movies past years and I have a feeling, that there is some kind shark movie trend going on right now.
I’ve even watched a shark movie where Jason Statham karate kicked the big horrible face of Megalodon.

This first Jaws movie is weird to watch, it’s still after all these years, quite decent movie.

Only few weird moments with the original soundtrack.
The group were hunting killer shark and for some points the music was like from goofy comedy.
Almost every sound was perfect, but there is few exceptions.

Now when I have mentioned it, you will notice it.

At the caricature, if Jaws loves someone, it must be the other Jaws… ugh… this was maybe even too korny.
Pooh bear..?
Got excited about the Jaws, so next logical step was Winnie Pooh.

Definitely not the “OG” this was something else.
——> Winnie Pooh movie IMDb

My god this was something, never thought that Winnie and piglet could be so violent.

I really recommend this, even if you don’t like horror movies.

Setup of this old tale gets TWISTED big time.
I have no words, but it was entertaining.

Poor Christopher, but must say afterwards, I’m on the side of the hundred acre wood monsters.

They’re cute, in their own wicked way.

Funny thing is also that, at older age I’m finding myself cheering for the bad guys in the movies.

Suddenly all the logic of the Joker feels reasonable.
Spidey and Doc Oc
It’s like bringing old good actors from previous movies back to life.

MCU and DC did it with the multiverse and Silence of the lambs traveled back on the timeline.

Still there is one movie which haunts me.
Are you ready? Here it comes——-> MACE “motherfu*king” WINDU!!!!

Yes I know, hand was cut and he was thrown trough the window and he got shocked, but so was Luke and we never saw the body.

Perhaps he will return on the next movie franchise, I know I’m waiting for that.

Enough of this conspiracy theory, Zuck you keep blocking my feed, I’ll keep sending ‘ em crappy art on the void..

Yours. “Mentally blocked” Jay


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