DIY Project: “Drifting PS4-Controller”

There was a surprisingly common problem with my PS4 DualShock controller.
Left stick (L3) was drifting up all the time. Quick search from the YouTube and I did found “how to” video.

It’s great how many ch people do these instruction videos for the dummies like myself.
Timelapse of action

Just follow the instructions and it’s done, right?

Oh my sweet Jesus how much tiny parts controller has!
I had no idea how many things can go wrong in the process.

Tools used:
- Tiny Screwdriver
- Alcohol for cleaning (and for the cleaner)
- few cotton swabs
- device with YouTube app
- paper towels

“Just follow the steps”

Okay, that’s not true in my case.
I mean, I really tried hard. I did my best, but like everything in life, it’s not so easy as it looks.
Timelapse before mental breakdown
After three epic failure I was ready to give up.
I had ruined the whole controller, it’s not working at all.

Perhaps the strength that I used after the second attempt was too much.

I’m quite sure that in some point I was even using my teeth in anger.

Smashing the controller in to the corner of the table didn’t help at all.

Note to myself:
If you get aggravated in the process, it would be good idea to breathe and calm down. You know, do Yoga or something nerve calming.

Normally smashing objects during the fixing operation rarely helps, sure the remote control of TV is an exception. Smashing the shit out of remote always helps.
In the end of the video, there was missing the part where you have to walk in to your local game dealer and buy a new controller.
Don’t you worry, I did recycle the old controller, or what was left of it.

After a time when game dealer clerk stopped laughing hysterically, he sold me the new DualShock and gave me an advice:


Great advice, perhaps this controller stays in shape for a while and I can enjoy my gaming sessions.

Here is my “protip” for all you little DIY-project lovers out there:

“If you suck-ass in projects like this, don’t do it!”

Looks like I have a thumb in the middle of my hand in fixing like these.
Next time I will happily pay the game dealer, so his actual controller mechanic can fix my controller.

It ain’t cheap, it’s 19.90€ but that WAY cheaper than my way.

Yours. “Controller freak” Jay

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