Running up to the WALL!

Drawing, satire, politics
Murica!!! ROLF!

Hard pass on trending news of DeSantis, Trump or Biden.

Don’t know much about those guys but I’m quite sure that Biden should retire.

Elderly people needs to be in peace, feeding pigeons.
Should the senile take over again?
Sure, you can judge my caricatures but c’mon.. I’m just drawing what you don’t say out loud.

Difficult times need artists which gives you alternative way of thinking and seeing things.

Caricature and political satire has always been a thing, in the middle of WW2 the war obligation posters were quite radical and all those small matchboxes and cartoons with funny drawings.

All just for those sick worried people in home front.
F*uck the law!
It’s weird how business man like Trump gets always away from all those bad things and recently even breaking the law… I just don’t get it, he is like those old school mafiosos.

Seems weird but, if you have enough money and game face, you can do what ever you want.

That’s the home of freedom!
Homemade citrus mead
Hmm… all these politicians makes me want to get shit faced.

I’ve been drinking lots of Rum at winter time, so I could bottle the delicious Citrus Mead.
Seems reasonable thing to get hammered while following the news feed.

Stay happy, or happily drunk.
Just like the Romans did...SKÅL!

Yours. “MeadHead” Jay

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