Tattoos are story tellers


Day of the Dead tattoo


Why should we judge people for what’s on their skin?


Amen to that..


I absolutely despise the way our society has completely shunned the idea of being different. Expressing yourself, or your opinion has been set aside as “weird”. I have seen this evident in my very household. All of a sudden dying your hair, getting another ear piercing, or even the suggestion of getting a tattoo has become a huge NO. Now I will admit that I’ve been putting wild colors in my hair since middle school, and they’ve said okay with an eye-roll. But I have had people at church come up to me and practically (without literally verbalizing it) tell me that I was going to Hell because of the blue streaks in my hair. And I’ve read the Bible, and I’m a Christian, and I’m pretty sure that nowhere in there does it say that blue hair=damnation. I understand the point about the body being a temple for Christ, but…

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Tattoos and People’s Understanding


Amen to that…

Body Branding Tattoo Magazine

In this day and age Tattoos appear to be becoming increasingly more popular.

So what’s occurred and how have things changed over time? We appear to have proceeded from a society who judges the novel by its cover, to a society were we value self value and others thoughts.

Half Sleeve Tattoos

The various phases which you go through and the occasions which are generally memorable.
So what’s your understanding? Do you do you despise warriors or enjoy tattoos? Pretty much like marmite actually. But they’ll constantly be around and folks will constantly express their interests through them.

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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose


Indeed, rose it is. . .

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Ink and Candy


What an cool idea…

Because I restarted the blog on an honest note, I’ve decided to finally talk about my ink (tattoos) and my candy (piercings). I never really elaborated on them before for fear of what everyone might think of me. Living in the Philippines makes it especially difficult, since this is the land of, as I’d like to call them, the close-minded HypoChristians. Hypocrite Christians. Get it? Haha.

(Don’t get me wrong, though. I love and believe in my Creator. I just don’t agree with religion and most of its practices. Also, I am not saying that ALL religious people are hypocrites. Just saying before anybody reacts violently hehe.)

As I’ve said before, I am so done with hiding. And hellooo it’s 2015, people! Having tattoos and piercings doesn’t make a person bad. Just like how being religious doesn’t necessarily make a person good. And nope, we aren’t murderers. Nor are…

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My first Documentary!


Great one.. Nice set!

Dutchess Digital Arts

Yes! It’s finally here. My first Documentary! See the link below. It was a very long time before I decided to put it online. It did not make progress for a long time but I finally started editing and now it’s done.

Tattoo Ink Tattoo Ink

Sven RayenVinnie StonesTattoo Machinenaamloos-10

Take a look!

I hope you like it, please comment!

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